The bidet will no longer be mandatory in your bathroom

Until now, the bidet continues to be an accessory that must be available in the bathroom of homes, or so it happens in the city of Zamora. However, the city council of the same has considered changing the regulations that oblige people to install this service in their homes.

First of all, it is important that you know that bidets are an accessory that is aimed at the general public to carry out the cleaning of the perineal area of ​​each person, it is even a product that is usually used to wash people who suffer from some discomfort. or disease such as hemorrhoids.

These are generally made of earthenware or porcelain and usually have a similar resemblance to the toilet, only that it is a low container that supplies water and has its drain. For many years, specifically three decades ago, the bidet has been a mandatory element in all homes in Zamora, however today it could be that said element has its days numbered as a mandatory product in the bathrooms of homes. of this city, since the municipal managers of Zamora intend to change the norm that obliges to install it, since it is considered an obsolete requirement.

It should be noted that when a developer presented the special plans to build a building, the existence of a bidet in each bathroom should be present in them, since we are talking about a complete one with a toilet, sink, bathtub and bidet but now, the Laws can change leaving this artifact as an optional one, that is, it will depend on each person if they decide to place it or not.

The bidet as an essential requirement 

The bidet was born in Europe from the eighteenth century taking into account that these were previously installed in bedrooms and were originally designed for washing the intimate areas of each person, today it is often used even to wash feet and is part of the essential requirements to obtain what is known as the first occupation license in Zamora since 1986.

It should be noted that the first occupation license is very important, since it deals with a document issued by the administration after verifying that some housing construction will be carried out just as the technical construction project has been presented to the city council of a city. This same purpose is to certify that the work carried out complies with the construction conditions without altering compliance with any urban regulations. It may even be ideal to legalize some modifications that you decide to make, always in compliance with the regulations that are in force.

In this way, the architect María Ángeles Marcos, who has been working for the municipality of Zamora for more than 25 years, explains that she has always applied this regulation of bidets in homes and that it continues to be included both in the General Urban Planning Plan since 1986 as in the current one that has been approved in 2011. However, the Efe usually contradicts this regulation stating that it is a somewhat obsolete requirement.

New times, new regulations

Today the municipal regulations of some cities have stopped requiring the bidet as a mandatory element at home, however in Zamora this regulation has persisted forcing people to include it even when it is only a product that serves more as a decorative method that as something else, since they do not usually use it frequently, that is why it is on the list as the first candidate to be expelled from the special reforms for bathrooms.

obsolete regulations

According to the opinion of the Councilor for Urbanism Zamora, Romualdo Fernández, he himself has declared before Efe that it is not about the use that each person could give to the bidet available at home, but rather about carrying out a study that could demonstrate whether it is socially necessary to demand that there is one in the bathroom of every home.

In his opinion, it seems to him that this regulation is quite obsolete, although he considers that the need to demand the immediate change of this requirement is not of great importance or an issue that should be dealt with more quickly. It is for this reason that the next modification of the PGOU still has no date.

It is important to consider that by the time the review of the regulatory framework is carried out, which is necessary to review in order to issue certain regulations, the technicians of the municipal Urban Planning Service will have already written down a series of ideas, among which the fact of requiring for what least one bidet in a home bathroom and not in each one of them as is currently the case.

But for now, while the possibility of modifying these regulations continues to be evaluated, it is a fact that the technicians of the Zamora city council will continue to demand the implementation of the bidet in all the bathrooms of all the homes in that city in order to be able to opt for the license of first occupation.

What advantages could provide the elimination of this regulation in the city of Zamora?

With the elimination of this regulation in the municipality of the city of Zamora, many people could opt for the possibility of building smaller houses, precisely because the bathrooms will be able to have smaller dimensions. Therefore, they will no longer be forced to search for the best bidet available to assemble at home.

In addition, they would no longer have an element that would only occupy unnecessary space after being considered more as a decoration method than anything else. Well, in these times, a bidet is only seen as a luxury product to which many people do not pay attention.

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