The most common advantages and disadvantages of oil radiators

So that you can have the ideal temperature in your home during cold nights and winter seasons, perhaps an oil radiator can be a good option, but before any purchase, we recommend that you evaluate the advantages and disadvantages that we will mention in this guide so that you you can buy what is possibly the best oil radiator.

What is an oil radiator?

Oil radiators are thermal emitting products that work from the heating of the oil that they carry inside and, this spreads throughout its structure internally, heating it so that it can then be expelled evenly in the area in which it is installed.

Oil radiators and problems due to poor management

In order for oil coolers to work properly, they need to be individually connected to a power source. That is, they have to be plugged into an electrical system so that they can emit heat correctly, since, if these devices are connected simultaneously with other products that consume energy or through an extension cable, there could be an electrical failure that could cause problems in your home. Given that, according to data provided by the MAPFRE foundation during 2015, 20.3% of the Spanish population was seriously affected by fires caused by heat-generating equipment and 11.2% by poor management of electronic equipment.

Advantages of an oil heater:

Main advantages :

1. You can enjoy comfortable climates during winter seasons and cold nights.

2. These products are able to store enough heat even after they have been turned off or unplugged, where the time may vary from 45 minutes to 4 hours after completing their cycle.

3. They are not noisy. That is, they will not emit any type of sound that can disturb during their operation.

4. Some models include a thermostat or a manual control that will allow you to adjust the temperature to the one you most want; being a useful feature when mild weather is present.

5. You can move them anywhere. Since most of the current models on the market have handles and wheels, which will facilitate their transport to any part of your home.

6. They do not need you to carry out in-depth maintenance, so it will be much cheaper compared to other radiators, since you only have to disconnect them and wipe them with a wet cloth to remove dust and dirt.

7. They are accessible. In other words, if you make a small comparison with other heat emitting systems and portable heating systems, the price is relatively much lower, so you can buy a useful, good quality product and save a few euros.

8. These products are non-toxic and do not emit waste into the environment, since they only need electricity and oil, it will heat up but not burn, so you will not need to replenish it for a long period.

9. Some models incorporate a security system that will help keep the equipment and your home safe from overheating or high voltage. In addition, this factor will depend on the manufacturer, since not all models have it.

10. They have a medium power that will heat small areas very easily; being practical products to place them in small rooms and living rooms.

Main disadvantages:

1. It is not recommended that it be used as the only heating system for large homes, since it can affect your utility bill if you decide to heat each of the areas.

2. Greater consumption, since, depending on the power of the selected model, the energy consumption and the time it will take to heat up will not be immediate, so we recommend that you take into account the thermal inertia of each product.

3. Its structure becomes excessively hot, which can cause people who come into contact with it to suffer burns, so it is recommended to use it without children being present.

What characteristics must be taken into account to acquire an oil heater of a good quality standard?

First, we advise you to take into account the power of the model you are going to select, since, depending on this factor, the heat it will provide may be little or enough.

In addition, areas that have dimensions of 10 to 20 meters can be easily heated with oil heaters that have a power of 400W to 500W. Therefore, if the space in which you intend to reduce the cold is a little larger, we advise you to choose one with more power, but that also implies that you raise the total amount to invest.

Second, the security options of the product is an important feature that you should not overlook. 

Oil heaters that have an anti-tip system turn off automatically when it is dropped or moved from one place to another, which will help prevent fires and power surges that could affect your other electrical equipment and your home.

In addition to this, there are also other products that have a protection system against overheating, which will prevent the product from exceeding its permitted thermal levels, so it will turn off and protect the equipment so that its life time is not seen affected. Likewise, it will also help avoid two of the most common accidents in Spain that are caused by electrical appliances and heat-generating devices.

Third, consider getting an oil heater that has ergonomic handles and wheels. Since, this will allow you to move it from one place to another so that you add the necessary heat to those areas in which you are going to be.

Fourth, so that you can prolong the useful life of your heater, we recommend that you avoid placing damp or wet clothing on its structure. Since, although this can get you out of trouble when using a garment that has not completely dried, most of this equipment does not have IP-65 protection or higher, so it will not be protected against water or humidity and its Oxidation and corrosion levels could rise when placing wet garments.

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