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A few months ago, Lidl placed one of its flagship products in stock: the Silvercrest bread maker. Currently, there are many who are attached to the brand that are attentive to the next launch in order to acquire this multifunction equipment that, according to critics, has nothing to envy to a kitchen robot.

The supermarket chain Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG or, as it is known worldwide, Lidl, originated in 1973 in the city of Neckarsulm – Germany, where its headquarters are currently located. Lidl is part of the Schwarz group, a powerful trading conglomerate that distributes its products throughout Europe. 

After 46 years of experience, Lidl is present in 29 countries and has around 10,000 commercial establishments. Its position in the market has been eminent, making products for food, perfumery, pharmacy and accessories available to users. Thus, we will find its white line of bread makers, which is one of the best-selling products in recent years.

Said high sales rate is due, first of all, to the high level of quality of the appliance and the incorporation of a series of working modes, which according to users mean that the equipment has nothing to envy a kitchen robot. 

But in addition, Lidl has been in charge of playing with marketing strategies, creating expectations in users by putting the product up for sale and withdrawing it as soon as the stock has run out. 

This technique is applied up to three times a year by chance, generating quite interesting feedback from buyers, who remain attentive to the next announcement of the sale of said bakery. The result? Long lines at the headquarters of the supermarkets of this chain when the sale of the product is announced, which usually runs out in less than two days.

What makes the Lidl Silvercrest bread maker so special?

The first thing you should know about this breadmaker is that it belongs to the white line of the Lidl supermarket chain, but it is registered under the Silvercrest brand, which also belongs to said multinational. Next, we will emphasize a little on the structure, operation and main attributes of what for many is one of the best bakeries of 2022.

Design and manufacturing

This bread maker has an aesthetically attractive design, thanks to its white structure and body with rounded contours that soften the cut of the design, giving it a romantic touch. In the same way, a series of well-cared finishes stands out in each of the joints. 

For its part, the control buttons are distributed on the front next to a small LED screen, thus complementing the design, without visually overloading it. In short, it is a team that combines elegance and minimalism.

Regarding the manufacturing, we have the incorporation of stainless steel with non-stick coating in the area of ​​the molds, as well as galvanized aluminum with professional painting and details in polymer with thermal resistance. In addition, non-slip rubber is attached to the bases of the structure for greater stability and safety.


Despite being a small bread maker, its power is considered high-end, thus being able to enjoy a motor with a 100-watt work force for the mixing and kneading functions. For its part, you will have a maximum of 850 adjustable watts for heat generation, when baking preparations.

Operation and working modes

The operation of this bread maker is characterized by being quite simple, which is due to the incorporation of a completely intuitive control panel. Each one of the buttons is duly identified, so that you can enjoy the 16 preparation programs and three toasting levels, improving the finishes of the recipes. 

In this way, you can make any type of bread, including the one that does not have gluten. Likewise, it is possible to prepare a wide variety of doughs, biscuits, pizzas, cakes, tortillas, croquettes, yogurt and even jams. Best of all, the programs are sequential, making it possible for ingredients to be mixed, kneaded, fermented and baked automatically. 

In addition, among the working modes of this bread maker we must mention the programming of the weight for the preparation of the bread, which you can choose between 1250, 1000 and 750 grams. Likewise, there is the 60-minute maintenance program, 80-minute express and an adjustable timer for up to 15 hours.


By acquiring this bread maker, you will also be taking home a series of elements that will allow you to improve your user experience in the preparation of the different recipes. It is a spoon and measuring cup for flour or any other ingredient. Likewise, a practical extractor for the mixer rod and a very successful recipe book, so that you learn to make various preparations, making the most of the working methods of the appliance.

Everything you need to know about stock

The word “Stock” comes from the English language and could be translated into Spanish as any type of merchandise, being used to indicate the amount of goods owned by a certain company or individual. We could say that it is a kind of inventory, in which manufacturers evaluate the merchandise or raw material they have available to continue producing or marketing a product.

In fact, how many times have we not heard phrases like “We are sorry dear customer, at this time the product is not available because it is in stock” or “We have few items left in stock”. This means that the company has exhausted the existence of a certain product.

However, many times this concept is used as a very effective marketing tactic to which large conglomerates resort, thus calling the attention of users to measure the interest in a specific article. Thus, they can launch it and withdraw it from the market several times in the same year, strengthening the brand identity and positioning it above the competition.

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