Thermomix refrigerator or blender which is best to prepare ice cream

Preparing homemade ice cream is a simple task that requires specific ingredients and tools, which help us create a soft and dense cream like those of industrial origin, but with a significant percentage of vitamins and nutrients, given the combination of fruits and components. dairy products.

Ice creams are one of the favorite preparations of the little ones in the house. However, in general, this type of frozen food has a considerable load of additives, preservatives and sugars, which could be harmful to children. In this sense, the preparation of homemade ice cream is a good alternative, which will help you encourage your children to consume any type of fruit.

Let us remember that, whatever the fruit selected, it will provide the preparation with an important percentage of vitamins such as E, D, B12, B6, C and A, as well as phosphorus, iron and calcium. 

For its part, lactose has essential fats and proteins. This means that a properly prepared ice cream, far from harming children’s health, will be benefiting them. Of course, it is not a food that should be consumed daily, since the concentration of natural sugars in fruits could produce a spike in blood glucose.

Homemade ice cream recipes are usually quite varied, as are the preparation instruments. For this reason, when reviewing the sites specialized in this type of refreshing food, you will find that many ice creams are made with an ice cream machine, others with a Thermomix and those who do not have any of these appliances simply go to their traditional blender.

Main differences between ice cream makers, Thermomix and blenders

Ice cream makers, Thermomix and mixers are highly efficient equipment when making the mixtures for our homemade ice cream. However, each device has different technologies, which allow us to evaluate them according to their practicality of use, despite the fact that they all fulfill the same task: to prepare a creamy mixture with a large volume.

ice cream machine

The ice cream maker is an intuitive-to-use appliance, consisting of a mechanism for mixing and beating mainly liquid ingredients, which during this process reduces the temperature of the mixture until it cools completely.

With respect to this type of product, we can specify its favorable points and some not so beneficial, which will depend on the type of refrigerator. In this sense, it is important to clarify that there are traditional refrigerators, whose motors have low energy consumption and that require ice with salt, to keep the collection bucket cold during the mixing process.

For their part, domestic machines are among the favorites of users due to their competitive price, which is why they are the answer for many when they ask themselves what refrigerator to buy. In addition, its structure is usually compact and light, which will allow you to place it on any surface, either for use or storage, without taking up much space. Similarly, it is important to highlight the low power consumption and the result obtained after mixing the ingredients, which is nothing more than a creamy ice cream in a few minutes.

Also, you will find refrigerators with a compressor that, thanks to the function of the refrigerant, keeps the container containing the ingredients cold for an indefinite period of time. Thus, you will not have to leave said tank in the refrigerator for 24 hours to cool down before using it, as is the case with domestic designs. 

In contrast, we can say that refrigerators with compressors have a high purchase price, as does the consumption of alternating current generated after their start-up.

Last but not least, there are the express refrigerators, with a much more attractive and robust design than the previous models. With this equipment, you will only have to pour the mixture and in a few minutes you will be able to serve the ice cream in the cone or glass, by means of a dispenser. Thanks to its integrated compressor, the equipment cools the mixture immediately and allows the consecutive preparation of several portions.


The Thermomix is ​​the well-known food processor that you have surely heard of many times. A kitchen assistant that promises to make your preparations much easier, helping you save time. Best of all, you can program the device to turn off automatically. Thus, you will not have to be attentive next to the Thermomix during the entire preparation process.

Regarding the preparation of the ice cream mix, the results are optimal, since it provides varied textures with a dense and creamy body. However, it is an expensive product and if you are not going to get the most out of it for chopping, grinding, kneading, beating, mixing, cooking, heating, stirring, emulsifying and kneading sweet and savory ingredients, then it is not worth the investment., only to prepare ice cream.


Cup blenders are a fairly viable option for preparing homemade ice cream, since it is an appliance that we usually have at home, whose use is intuitive and its energy consumption is not significant at all.

In a first phase of preparation, the blender will help us to crush the previously frozen fruits. Likewise, it will allow us to correctly mix the respective ingredients that make up the base of the ice cream, to finish the process by integrating both preparations. To do this, it is necessary to beat them for about 15 minutes, until a smooth consistency is achieved. 

Afterwards, you will have to take the mixture to the refrigerator for a minimum of three hours, but you will have to continue beating the preparation every 30 minutes until the scheduled time is completed. Thus, you will avoid the generation of granita and you will maintain the creaminess of the ice cream initially acquired.

The results obtained will have nothing to envy to any type of refrigerator or Thermomix. Of course, everything will depend on how respectful you are with following the steps explained above, as well as the time of exposure to the consecutive beating processes.

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