ThermoPro TP60 Reviews

Main advantage:

This model has a compact and easy-to-install design, being able to easily place it anywhere in your home and also control these weather conditions remotely and without cables.

Main disadvantage:

We are dealing with a product of a basic nature and an economic price, so that it does not measure too many parameters of the climatological environment in which we find ourselves.

Verdict: 9.4/10

This model is ideal for measuring the basic climatic conditions of any environment with adequate efficiency and without having to spend too much on investment.

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Main Features Explained

Measurement parameters

The ThermoPro TP60 model is located within the initial range and basic weather stations, designed for simple uses and for users who do not want to measure too many things. For this reason, this product limits its measurements to the temperature and relative humidity percentage of the environment in which it is installed.

These data are measured both indoors and outdoors, either through the body of the weather station itself or through the additional unit included, which can be placed outdoors or in any specific area where you want to measure the temperature comfortably..

On the other hand, this product also incorporates operating parameters in line with the best weather stations that we can find on the market. Specifically, this model can measure indoor temperatures ranging from -20 to 70 degrees for the indoor unit, as well as -50 degrees to 70 degrees for the outdoor unit. 

Regarding humidity, the measurement range goes from 10 to 99%, for both measurements, both external and internal. As for its accuracy, the manufacturer declares an accuracy of ± 1.1 degrees for temperature and ±2% for ambient humidity.

Presentation of the data

Once we have the measured data, the product presents them to us on its LCD screen. This screen has a good size and a manufacturing in which it is easy to comfortably distinguish the different parameters measured, both for the interior and the exterior. An approach that helps the product to be efficient, according to the various opinions on the matter.

This screen has a main area, which occupies two thirds of it, in which we are shown the temperature and humidity data from the outside or from the area in which we place that external sensor. In the lower third, we will have the information corresponding to the temperature and humidity of the interior, measured by the unit itself. In both cases, the product has large numbers, to see everything clearly.

In addition to these measured data, the product has trend indication. This indication is responsible for evaluating the current and future situation, marking with an arrow if the humidity and temperature are going to rise or fall. As a last aspect, this data can be presented in both degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit, depending on what you need.

Installation and communication

As a final point of this model, it is time to talk about the installation system of this product. So simple that it will not take you more than five minutes to leave the equipment ready to start working according to the operating parameters that suit you best and without the need for anything more than a couple of batteries.

To proceed with this installation, you just have to place those batteries both inside the main unit and the additional measurement unit. Unit that, everything is said, can be assembled in triplicate, to measure several zones at the same time. However, you will need to purchase those units separately, since the kit only includes one measurement unit.

Regarding communication, the equipment has an estimated range of about 60 meters, for which it uses radio transmissions. So there is no need to pull cables, or complicate your life when connecting the device. Something that has the additional advantage that you can use this sensor, or the additional ones, to measure the temperature and humidity in any room of your home or in certain parts of it, such as the garage. Even the product can be used for gardening and other similar tasks, if you need it.

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