These are the best brands of sanitary ceramic pieces

There is a wide market in relation to the brands and manufacturers that are responsible for making bathroom pieces. However, there are few that appear and are recognized as quality due to their attributes, materials, finishes and durability. Among them, Roca, Fossil Natura and Gala stand out with elegant designs that are worth knowing.

For those who want to renovate the bathroom or make new toilet installations, it is recommended that they select pieces that are of quality and that are manufactured with high standards, so that their durability is long, while their design is consistent, elegant and fit the new aesthetic styles of these modern sanitary rooms.

In the market you can get many alternative models and brands, from some with modern and elegant styles, to others with classic, traditional touches and that could fall into the vintage category. 

Before making a purchase decision, it is convenient to study some options and select the one that best suits the tastes and preferences of users, so that it goes in an aesthetic relationship with the rest of the bathroom pieces and decoration..

Among all the available brands, some manufacturers such as Fossil Natura, Roca and Gala, are the ones with the longest history and have the support of a large number of users. For this reason, below we will review the main models of toilets that stand out from each of these manufacturers in relation to design, cost and other elements, which will help to facilitate the choice for the renovation of the bathroom. 

The most notable brands


Selecting a toilet is not an easy task, but if it is selected from the catalog of a brand with experience and quality, then half the work is already done. This is the case of Roca, a manufacturer that has become a benchmark. This brand of Spanish origin endows its sanitary ceramic pieces with quality, details, good taste and perfection in each of its designs.

Within its catalog you can get from modern to classic toilet models. In relation to the forms, they present varied alternatives to adjust to the different demands and aesthetic tastes. In addition, they stand out for having a system that economizes on the use of water in order to save money and contribute to the environment.

According to the manufacturer, its pieces are designed to optimize small spaces through functional toilets. For this reason, some of its models compete for the title of the best value for money toilet.

meridian rock

One of the most requested models from the company is the Meridian. This toilet is equipped with a low tank and wall-mounted design, which is often recognized as one of the best because it has a dual flush system. Thanks to this mechanism, it is suitable for installation with discharge towards the wall or towards the ground. In addition, it has a compact design, with measurements of 36 cm wide, 60 cm deep and 79 cm high.

On the other hand, this is a piece that has a cost-saving manufacture, since it has been designed so that the user selects, through two buttons, the discharge of 3 liters or 4.5 liters of water, according to the requirements. In addition, within its attributes, it has a cover with a cushioned fall.


For those looking for a design with modern touches, the Roca brand presents the In-Tank alternative. It is a wall-hung toilet, with the innovation that it does not require the installation of a cistern, since the water tank is included in the toilet. It works with an injection system that is responsible for pushing the water from the tank, towards the top to provide an efficient discharge. 

Natural Fossil

From Roca we moved on to another brand with high quality standards such as Fossil Natura. This manufacturer has focused its designs on high quality, at an affordable price to create sophisticated environments in the bathroom. Among its advantages, the toilets and other pieces of sanitary ceramics from this manufacturer have a five-year guarantee.

Fossil Natura has a wide range of pieces, but toilets are its flagship. In relation to the designs, it seeks to create exclusive pieces, of a compact size. In its catalog you can get from compact toilets to some suspended, with a low tank and some specific alternatives for people with reduced mobility, children, among others.

Fossil Nature Verona

Fossil Natura has the Verona model that stands out for being modern. Through this piece of sanitary ceramics, a sophisticated and minimalist atmosphere will be achieved. In addition, the Verona toilet adapts to different aesthetic styles, from Nordic to contemporary. Among its attributes, it has a cushioned lid, dual output and a five-year warranty. 

Fossil Nature Duomo

Considered by many to be the best modern toilet available on the market, the Duomo model fits into different designs, because its style is dynamic and renewed. The dimensions of this toilet are 52 cm long by 40 cm high and 35.5 cm wide. It is easy to install, with a horizontal water outlet for built-in cisterns and its cover is cushioned. 


Accompanying the quality of the Roca and Fossil Natura brands, Gala is another one that stands out as a quality alternative. Unlike the other two manufacturers, Gala opts for more conventional designs, but with some avant-garde designs and versatile collections for bathrooms. In addition to quality, this brand provides its models with careful details. 

Toilet Gala Emma

One of the most representative models in the Gala firm’s catalog is the Emma toilet, a traditional and classic toilet that can be adjusted and successfully integrated into different styles, without breaking with the decorative aesthetic.

Any of these three brands has alternatives that can be adapted to the demands of users in relation to quality, durability, elegance, price and design, so we suggest you select the one that offers a suitable model for your requirements.

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