Thetford Porta Potti Qube 365 Reviews

Main advantage:

Thanks to the high quality of the manufacturing materials of this product, we are talking about a model that is easier to clean and lasts longer than other portable toilets of poorer quality.

Main disadvantage:

Although for a certain time a first kit of liquids was included with the product, currently those liquids do not come with the purchase, according to the opinions about the product. So you must purchase them separately to properly use the WC.

Verdict: 9.7/10

The new version of this classic product is everything you need to have a WC in any circumstance, which does not require much maintenance or cleaning. Especially thanks to the quality of its design and its materials, which are offered at a reasonable price.

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Main Features Explained

Main product design

As befits a product that strives to be the best portable toilet of the moment, this model offers us a traditional design. So much so that the original design of this WC has served as a reference for many other manufacturers on the market, who have used this product “as inspiration” for their own portable WCs.

Analyzing this design in detail, we have an upper bowl, with a ring and lid, as well as a tank located in the lower part, with which to achieve adequate comfort when using the WC and to place it wherever we want. Something that helps the design of circular shapes of the product, which avoids hitting us with a corner during the use of the product.

As for its measurements, this model is especially portable, measuring 41.4 centimeters long by 38.3 centimeters deep and approximately 42.7 centimeters high, with the lid closed. All this in a portable toilet weighing about 4 kilos, so moving it and placing it where it suits you is not a problem. Neither are odors or splashes a problem, since the product includes the necessary insulation to avoid problems during use.

operating system

The operation of this product follows the traditional approach of these models, with a double tank and tank system, both connected by a manual pump. So to use the WC we just have to lift the lid and use it in a conventional way, as if it were a lifelong toilet.

Once we have finished, we only have to activate the manual pump included, in order to proceed to eliminate the residues inside the WC and take them to the tank. For this, the WC has a cistern, which is the one that stores the water and the corresponding products until it is time to use them. This pump is so light that you will have no problem using it. Not even the smallest of the house will have them.

In this operation process you have some aids, such as the fill indicator. This indicator is located on the front of the tank, and makes it easy to see at a glance whether or not the tank needs to be emptied. A cover and a disc or ring for the seat are also included, thus giving you greater comfort when it comes to taking your moment of relaxation.

toilet maintenance

As the last main advantage of this product, we have to talk about its maintenance, which arouses very positive opinions among users. In the first place, we will talk about the process of preparing the WC in order to be used. A simple process and typical of high quality products like this.

For this use, we only have to fill the tank of the main tank and place it in its place. To do this, we must have the active treatment liquids for this type of portable WC, since they are not included with the product. This liquid is mixed with running water, serving that mixture to move the waste towards the tank, neutralizing bad odors and other problems in this regard.

This deposit is the other key element in this maintenance. It has a capacity of 21 liters for waste and water. Emptying this tank is also a simple process, as long as we have a latrine at hand. Just as easy as the cleaning process of the entire product, thanks to the high quality of the materials, which we have already mentioned above.

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