This is the new pyrolithic oven IOVEN P of Teka

Speaking of pyrolytic ovens, there is one that is hardly rivaled in the market. Teka’s iOVEN P model stands out for having such advanced features as the kitchen assistant, the dual cleaning system or the MultiCook tray, an accessory that allows steam cooking.

Pyrolytic ovens have landed with the aim of making the kitchen a friendlier and much simpler environment. No more spending a lot of time preparing your favorite dishes. Another good news is that you can also say goodbye to cleaning tasks, since these appliances make this hard work much easier. Precisely what distinguishes a pyrolytic oven is that it is self-cleaning, so it will always be in optimal conditions.

In this context, what is considered one of the best pyrolytic ovens of 2022 lands. We are referring to the Teka iOVEN P model, which has many interesting features. Would you like to meet them?

Broadly speaking, we can say that it is a multifunction pyrolytic oven that offers a dual cleaning system, an intuitive mode of use and, in addition, has an A+ energy rating. This quality translates into savings of around 20% on the electricity bill compared to those models classified only as A.

It is also striking that it incorporates a door with four panes, so you can monitor the food cooking process at all times. Similarly, it has a Soft close opening and closing mechanism, a system that prevents shocks. The opening of the door also includes safety disconnection.

A pyrolytic oven with kitchen assistant

One of the most interesting features of this Teka pyrolytic oven is its kitchen assistant function. To do this, it has a 5” color touch screen that acts as an intelligent recipe book. The kitchen assistant includes a total of 50 pre-programmed recipes of international dishes for all tastes. This means you won’t have to waste time searching your shelf or the internet for a recipe book, since it’s in the oven itself.

The fact that it works as a kitchen assistant greatly facilitates the preparation of dishes, making it a most intuitive process. You just have to follow the steps to cook the food.

Given the considerable size of the oven’s touch screen, you will have the opportunity not only to follow the recipe to the letter, but also to see photos of the process. Thus, the preparation will be much easier.

Many more cooking functions

The multifunctional character of this pyrolytic oven is evident when discovering that it offers a total of 18 cooking functions. Here is an appliance that will undoubtedly be a fundamental tool in your kitchen.

In this sense, we cannot forget to mention the SurroundTemp function, which guarantees a homogeneous distribution of heat inside the oven. It does not matter what food you are cooking, whether it is a first course or a dessert, because you will be sure that the result will be uniform and delicious.

You cannot ignore its 2 Full Extension guide system, so that you can remove the tray from the oven with absolute precision and comfort. At any time during cooking, you can also access the food to season it if necessary in a very simple way. The five cooking heights that this Teka pyrolytic oven accommodates ensure optimal preparation of any dish.

Other functions of this model that are worth highlighting are the Slow cook mode, which, as you may have guessed, refers to the ability to cook over low heat, ideal for those dishes that require it. The automatic rapid heating function will allow you to start cooking without any time to waste, while the keep-warm function is ideal for keeping food warm once it is cooked and thus serving it at the table at its point.

You will be pleased to know that this pyrolytic oven includes additional features to prepare specific foods such as bread.

Did you know that it also incorporates a Multicook tray? Thanks to this accessory, you can easily transform your oven into a steam oven to cook your favorite dishes in this way. This plugin is included in the set, so you can use it from the moment you buy it. Surely you already know the benefits of steaming, so there is no time to lose! Without a doubt, it is a much healthier formula that does not compromise the taste of food.

A much easier dual cleaning

One of the features that make this model stand out as one of the best pyrolytic ovens of the moment (in this link you can find various products to analyze) is that it has an intelligent dual cleaning system. The best thing about cooking food in the oven is undoubtedly the convenience, since this appliance takes care of everything. However, the worst part is when you have to clean the embedded residue. The good news is that with this oven, this will not be a problem.

On a day-to-day basis, the Hydroclean system means you don’t have to worry about a thing, as it promises super-efficient cleaning and, best of all, with minimal consumption. In the case of more complex preparations, you can choose between three pyrolysis modes. A single gesture will be enough for the remains of the weekend family barbecue to turn into ashes that are very easy to remove.

With this model, oven cleaning and maintenance will never be a headache again. And all this with the guarantee of an internationally recognized brand such as Teka, a manufacturer of German origin considered an all-rounder in the sector. After around a century of experience in the market, its products stand out as some of the most reliable to keep the kitchen always at the forefront.

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