Tips for cleaning sliding windows Simplely and easy

When it comes to cleaning windows, sometimes the task gets complicated. The presence of nooks and crannies that are difficult to access makes it difficult to remove all the dirt. Something that is even more common when it comes to cleaning sliding windows, due to the particularities that they have.

Looking out our window and enjoying the scenery is easy, as long as our glass and windows are in good condition. If these are not clean, then the only thing we will see will be stains and dirt. Fortunately, this cleanup doesn’t take too long. Above all, if we resort to solutions such as a window cleaner with a dirt-repellent effect or a quality window cleaning robot.

However, it is true that the process is complicated with some types of windows, as is the case with sliding windows. The particular format of this type of window leaves certain areas difficult to access, which requires resorting to some specific solutions. Among them, we have the way of how to clean sliding windows without removing them, due to the considerable weight that these usually have. So that you can enjoy impeccable views, we leave you some information on how to proceed when leaving any sliding window pristine.

Assembled or disassembled cleaning

When it comes to cleaning sliding windows, we have two options. The easiest is to remove the windows from their track, which makes it easy to both clean the window tracks and clean the windows inside and out with ease. 

However, when the windows are very large, this is not always possible, especially for people of a certain age or who lack the strength to remove it. In addition, we are always afraid that the window will end up falling onto the street, although if we close the blinds, this problem disappears. Anyway, we will cover how to perform both cleanings, to cover all cases.

How to remove sliding windows

If you have never done it, it is key to know that sliding windows can be removed from their rail, which makes cleaning easier. To execute this process, simply open the window, hold it on both sides and pull it up. We will notice how the lower part of the window is freed from the rail that holds it, which allows it to be extracted and completely separated from the frame. It is key that this process is always carried out with the shutters closed, for security reasons.

Once the cleaning is finished, it would be time to mount the windows back in place. In this case, the process is reversed, so, holding the window with both hands, we would have to insert the upper rail first and then raise the window until we feel how the lower rail fits. It is important to correctly adjust the weatherstrips during assembly, so that they stay in place.

How to clean sliding windows with disassembly

If you can eventually disassemble the window, the cleaning process is pretty straightforward. We will start by removing the dust from the frame with a cloth dampened with water and some suitable cleaning solution. Once clean, we pass a second cloth with water to remove the remains of the detergent, leaving it dry. We will repeat the same process for the crystals, using a suitable glass cleaner for this. Again, it is important that this part of the process is completed by drying the glass with paper, in order to avoid water stains on it.

Regarding the rails, you can use a kitchen scrubber type nail saver to clean them, cut the shape of said rails in the area of ​​the foam. You also have specific solutions for this purpose on the market, with the corresponding form. In both cases, we have the advantage that these systems penetrate to the bottom of the rail and achieve a deep cleaning of it. 

By the way, if you clean the rails at the top, it is essential to be careful, it is better to use a product with an extension cord than to climb a ladder in front of a window without glass, for obvious safety reasons.

How to clean sliding windows without disassembly

In case you cannot unmount the windows, for whatever reason, it is still possible to clean them effectively, although the task is somewhat complex. The process begins on the outside, for which we will use a glass cleaning sponge with a handle, which will facilitate access to the entire length of the window. As an alternative, we can resort to magnetic glass cleaners, which hold part of the product inside and another part outside the glass, facilitating this cleaning.

This range is limited to the window that runs through the inner lane, although with some skill we can complete its cleaning without problems. The same goes for the lanes, to which we will not have full access. However, there is not much difference in how to clean window rails without dismantling them, since in this case the trick of the sponge or the scourer type nail saver still works.

The easiest part of this process is the interior cleaning, for which a simple ladder and the cleaning products that we prefer are enough. In this case, it is to execute that process that we have commented on in the previous section, first cleaning the frame and then the glass and then drying each part with paper, so as not to leave water marks.

glass cleaning products

We did not want to end our tips for cleaning windows without talking about the products that can be used for this task. Many people are in favor of classic window cleaners, generally based on alcohol and which, in addition to leaving a good shine, sometimes do not even require drying the glass. Something that is achieved thanks to its volatile approach. As an alternative, you can use household products, such as mixing water with vinegar, ammonia or even lemon juice. 

By the way, do not forget that the best times to clean the crystals are those in which the sun does not shine much on them. The reason is that if it is very hot or the direct radiation is intense, then the liquid will dry quickly and leave marks on the window.

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