Top 10 Brunch in Madrid

Those looking for the best brunch in Madrid will have different options to compare and, finally, decide which one suits their expectations, since the city offers many quality places, where you can satisfy your palate, while enjoying a pleasant atmosphere., with good attention and reasonable prices. 

Madrid is the headquarters of many national and international companies. In addition, it is an almost mandatory stop for those who visit Spain. All this has a direct effect on the possibilities it offers to try international dishes and choose a very special brunch. In this sense, we have prepared a list with the 10 best brunch places in the capital.

1. Marietta

To enjoy a delicious brunch, Marieta is defined as one of the main options in Madrid. It is a versatile place, with very good taste decoration and a flavor that has made many palates fall in love.

Pancakes with maple syrup, blueberries and cream are just some of their specialties, but you can also order eggs in different presentations and rye toast, accompanied by thin slices of avocado and fried egg, to mention something. So now you know, if you don’t know where to have brunch in Madrid, and you’re looking for something traditional and delicious, Marieta may be the best option.

2. Zenith Brunch & Cocktails

A Malasaña brunch that you cannot miss is Zenith Brunch, where you can savor their delicious “Dulce de leche” pancakes. This international chain specializes in offering healthy food with a presentation that you will surely want to share on your networks.

On the other hand, its menu is very extensive and allows you to enjoy everything from coffee to eggs Benedict, prepared with avocado, hollandaise sauce and crispy bacon, to give them an even more delicious touch.

3. Sweden House

If you prefer a brunch on the terrace in Madrid, to enjoy the weather and have a wonderful 360-degree view, you can choose this option. It is one of the most privileged places in the city, where you can choose one of its many specialties “between breads” or, also, some preparation with seafood, cuts of veal, chicken and skewers. 

4. Chinese Crown

The show is part of the experience of visiting China Crown, as it allows customers to watch the final process in the preparation of some foods.

The place is in the center of Barrio Salamanca and will be the best option if you are looking for something elegant, sophisticated and you like to explore different flavors. In addition, another of its attractions is the possibility of tasting flavors that come from original recipes from imperial China.

5. Cloud

With a terrace that can boast of having one of the best views of the sculpture “La Pincelada”, Nubel is defined as a must-see if hunger attacks you before or after visiting the Reina Sofía museum.

On the menu of the place you will find options such as salmon, a Benedictine-style brunch or an exquisite ranchero portobello. In addition, they offer pastries, smoothies and cocktails.

As you can see, it may be the best place for brunch in Madrid on the terrace, if you want to combine art with a delicious dish.

6. Mimi´s Creperie

Enjoying a delicious brunch in Madrid, in the center of the city, will be possible if you visit Mimi’s. The French style is something that is perceived from the moment you set foot in the place, but it is the taste of their pancakes and crepes that will keep you coming back . You can decide between savory and sweet alternatives, all prepared with great care and with fresh ingredients. Also, it could be a good choice if you are looking to enjoy a delicious brunch with children in Madrid.

It should be noted that the size of the portions is large, so you will not leave hungry and the place can be well recommended when looking for a cheap and delicious brunch in Madrid.

7. Seventh Terrace

In the center of Madrid, in front of the Puerta de Atocha train station, you can find the Only You hotel, which has among its attractions a quiet terrace that you will not want to come down from, because here they serve one of the best brunches in Madrid.

Here you are pampered with a wide variety of artisan breads, appetizers, eggs Benedict, hamburgers and many other specialties, so you may have to return soon, so as not to want to try everything.

8. Commercial Coffee

Café Comercial is a place that you will find in Glorieta de Bilbao, where they specialize in preparing eggs in various ways: with bacon, potatoes, mushrooms and, of course, Benedictine. Other traditional local preparations are pancakes and ice cream, so there will be options for all tastes.

As far as the place is concerned, the beautiful lamps that hang from the ceiling create a very cozy and sophisticated atmosphere. In addition, you can sit comfortably on their sofas, while listening to pleasant music and enjoying the taste of their dishes. 

9. Cafe of the Nuncio

If you like freshly baked bread, you have to give Café del Nuncio a chance, since, in addition to preparing delicious dishes, an aromatic coffee prepared in an espresso machine and a traditional-style brunch, it also offers homemade pastries.

Its menu is adapted according to the season, to offer a fresh flavor and prepare everything with high quality ingredients. While, on the other hand, you should know that it is one of the most typical cafes , where you can go with your partner to experience a romantic and bohemian moment.

10. Avocado Love

If burgers are your thing, try the specialties at Avocado Love, a place where vegans and those intolerant to gluten can enjoy a delicious brunch, accompanied by a fresh smoothie. Without a doubt, it is a very special restaurant, with a different and delicious proposal, where the avocado is the king.

We hope that this selection has seemed interesting to you and encourages you to try some of these options, sharing later what your experience was.

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