Top 10 Desktops of 2022

Desk – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison

The desk is the basic tool for anyone who works in an office, for the student and for a wide range of jobs. Since it is essential to have a work environment adapted to our needs, it is important to spend time looking for the best desk we can find. A time that we will take advantage of later with the comfort that a good desk will give us. Among the most outstanding products on the market, we have the  Woltu TS65hei model, a desk made with a metal structure and a rotating top made of thick MDF wood, making it resistant and practical, either to place in a room or in a office, in order to keep objects organized. If you prefer a desk with drawers, you can use the model COMIFORT T04B, which includes three drawers, as well as a practical shelf where you can place everything you want.

The 10 Best Desks – Opinions 2022

If you want to work comfortably, you surely want to know which are the best desks of 2022. Having the best workspace is essential both for comfort and to be more productive when performing any task. So to save time when looking for the best desk of the moment, we leave you with our selection of featured products, with which to get to know the market and, perhaps, find that perfect product for you.

folding desk

1. Woltu TS65hei Computer Table Desk

To save space in the home or office, it is best to have a folding desk, and this alternative from the manufacturer Woltu has an innovative oak-colored design and a rotating table top, which allows you to rotate the angle of the table, depending on your convenience. of the user. 

In addition, this desk is suitable for supporting an estimated weight of 30 kilos, because its top has been made of thick MDF, which is favorable for placing the computer, whether desktop or laptop. It also has several shelves that allow you to keep objects organized and place everything from lamps to speakers.

The structure of this model has been made of stainless steel and weighs approximately 23.5 kilos, so it is resistant, and this material can be cleaned without difficulty. Its dimensions are 74 cm high, with a board 120 wide by 50 cm long, so they are favorable.

If the characteristics of this desk seemed interesting to you, just analyze its pros and cons.


Design: Its design is innovative and modern in oak color, with several spaces to store objects.

Folding: It has a rotating tabletop, so part of its structure is foldable.

Construction: It is built with resistant materials, with a steel frame and a thick MDF board.

Load: According to its manufacturer, it has a load capacity of 30 kilos.


Resistance: Despite being strong, for some it may seem flimsy, and it is not recommended to exceed 30 kilos.

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white desk

2. COMIFORT Work Table Sturdy and Spacious Desk

When it comes to choosing a desk, sometimes you have to choose between a desk with a chest of drawers and one with a bookcase. Well, with the COMIFORT T04B white desk you won’t have to choose, since this product includes both options. And it is that this practical white desk has traditional measurements, 120 centimeters long by 49 deep and 72 high, with a shelf that replaces the left leg and a drawer area on the right.

Therefore, you will have plenty of space to organize your space as you like and have everything at hand when working. All this in an elegant product, easy to assemble and with resistant materials that adequately withstand the passage of time without deteriorating.

If you don’t know which desk to buy and you prefer to have everything at hand, know everything that this model has so you can work more comfortably.


Drawer: This desk has three drawers with ample space, where you can store and have everything you need close at hand.

Bookshelf : Oddly enough, it also has a three-shelf bookcase for your books and other items.

Simple assembly: Assembly is very simple and, in addition, the product is accompanied by a video that explains everything clearly.


Shelf bottom: The shelf does not have a bottom, so you will have to be careful not to push too much what you place to prevent it from falling.

Drawer fit: According to some user, the drawer fit could be a little better, although it is not a serious problem either.

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computer desk

3. Comifort Wenge 115x55x76 cm

Made in Europe, this model has large measurements, making it a comfortable piece of furniture, with dimensions of 115 cm wide, 76 cm high and 55 cm deep, which has the characteristics to be used as a computer desk. for home or office. 

The design of this proposal is modern and elegant, as it is available in a sophisticated dark brown tone. In addition, it is a functional and practical desk because, despite providing a large work area, its style seeks to save space and maintain organization by incorporating two drawers with handles, a keyboard tray, a fixed tower shelf, as well as a fixed shelf above the drawers.

It has been manufactured with robust materials, with composite woods, which provide stability and resistance to the structure, as well as melamine finishes and a non-slip base that protects the floor.

Knowing the pros and cons of this desk could help you make a purchasing decision. 


Base: To protect the floor and prevent slipping, it has a base of rubber feet, four on each side of the structure.

Compartments: In order to maintain organization, it has two removable drawers and 3 other compartments.

Design: It has a wide and elegant design, dark brown, suitable for any home or office.

Construction: Its robust construction, made with composite woods, provides stability and impermeability. 


Assembly: Its assembly can be complex because the instructions are not precise and the screws seem not very robust.

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corner desk

4. Homcom 836-073WT Computer Desk Corner Desk 

It is an appropriate computer table to place in an office, bedroom or study, since it offers a large storage capacity. In this sense, in the right area it has 1 drawer, 4 shelves and 1 cupboard with a door to store objects of greater value.

On the other hand, the table top can rotate 180° to place the desk in a straight line or install it as an L-shaped corner, in this way, you can adapt it to your tastes and the dimensions of the space.

The structure of this desk is made of MDF and covered with melamine, making it robust and stable. It also offers an easy-to-clean surface that is resistant to water and constant use. As if that were not enough, it has a completely white design, which allows you to combine the desktop with any type of decoration.

If you are looking for a versatile desk that you can adapt to the space, then it is recommended that you analyze the pros and cons of this model.


Versatility: The left area features an L-shaped table, which you can rotate and lay out in a straight line for added versatility.

Capacity: The board can support 70 kg, while the shelf has a capacity of 40 kg distributed through its compartments.

Design: It has a white design that you can combine with different types of decorations.


Resistance: The structure of the desk may not provide enough resistance against strong shocks, so it is recommended to use it with due care.

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gaming desk

5. Trust Gaming GXT 711 Dominus

When enjoying entertainment with a computer, it is necessary to be equipped with a gaming desk that is ergonomic and facilitates gaming time. For this reason, this Trust Gaming model is positioned among the best, since it has a PU coating, as well as an angled front edge, for greater comfort when posing the wrists and forearms. 

This table has a spacious structure, with capacity for two monitors, since its width is 116 cm. It also has a fine textured surface and a steel frame on an 18mm thick MDF board and is height adjustable. 

As additional properties, this desk has been enabled with an area to pass the cables and group them discreetly. In addition, its structure has support for glasses and headphones. Its weight is 19 kilos and it has been made of plywood.  

If this model is of interest to you, you cannot ignore the pros and cons that we have reviewed below.


Construction: It has a solid and stable structure, made of MDF, with a steel frame and adjustable in height. 

Ergonomics: It has a PU coating, as well as a textured coating and an ergonomically angled front edge for the wrists. 

Capacity: Its width of 116 cm allows you to place up to two monitors on its surface. 

Cables: It has a system for cable management, which allows them to be grouped discreetly. 


Installation: Its installation takes time to complete, and if it is not used carefully, its structure could be easily scratched.

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folding desk

6. Comifort Hanging Desk Folding Wall Table 

This desk has an extendable table that you can use to work, study, do crafts, among other activities. Therefore, it is a versatile model that allows you to maximize space but without sacrificing comfort and practicality.

As for the materials, it is made of waterproof melamine that gives you strength and durability. Likewise, during manufacturing, chipboard was used, which is robust, stable and at the same time offers a soft texture to the touch. On the other hand, the design is minimalist and simple, with 7 shelves to place all kinds of objects, such as books, photo frames, among others.

For greater practicality, it is an easy-to-assemble desk, as it includes an instruction manual with the steps you must follow to assemble it in a few minutes. 

A modern, extendable desk can be a good option for working or organizing your study tools. Let’s get to know this model in more detail.


Use: It is suitable for placing it in offices, bedrooms or in rooms that do not have much space.

Materials: It is a waterproof desk, made of chipboard and melamine, which favors a long useful life.

Compartments: Offers 7 shelves that allow you to organize objects of different sizes.


Color: The closing system is black, which could clash with the surface of the desk, whether you choose the presentation of wood or white.

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vintage desk

7. Ts-ideen 7203 Book Form

With an estimated weight of 18 kilos, this model stands out as the best vintage desk, because it has an original design, with aged finishes that simulate stacked books, making it a functional and decorative piece.

The cabinet is made of spruce wood and features a large work surface, so it can be placed in an office, bedroom or living room and will add a touch of attractive style to the decor of the space.

According to its manufacturer’s specifications, the MDF board is medium density and has been varnished black. In addition, it includes a total of five spacious drawers, covered in synthetic leather.

Its approximate measurements are 100 cm wide, 90 cm high and 41 cm deep. Meanwhile, the drawers have dimensions ranging from 24 cm wide for the small ones, to 40 cm wide for the large one. This size makes it adaptable to various areas.

As much as this proposal has interested you, you need to know its pros and cons, next. 


Drawers: The structure is made up of a total of 5 drawers, four of them small and one larger.

Construction: It has a robust construction made of wood, with MDF board, so it is resistant. 

Design: It has an original vintage-style design, which gives the impression of being a series of stacked books.

Weight: Its weight is 18 kilos, in addition to including applications in synthetic leather. 


Stability: If not assembled properly, the desk may lose stability at the base.

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glass desk

8. bonVivo Massimo Modern with Crystal

For those who prefer a glass desk, just take a look at the bonVivo Massimo model. This handsome desk features an open-plan design on top that is accompanied by a wooden base below, leaving convenient storage space.

Something that is reflected in its measurements, 110 centimeters wide and 55 deep, as well as a height of 75 centimeters from the ground, therefore, you will not miss the space of conventional products.

As for the legs, these have been made of natural wood with a nice touch that fits very well with the white finish of the lower shelf. The product is finished off with a simple assembly, which will not take you more than 30 minutes to get ready, also including all the necessary elements for this purpose.

If you prefer glass to wood when it comes to showing off your desk, this product is very suitable for you.


Space: The desk measures 110 centimeters wide by 55 centimeters deep, in line with other models on the market.

Lower shelf: The lower shelf offers ample space to store everything you need.

Assembly: The assembly will only take you about 30 minutes, including everything you need to run it.


Rigidity: The table is somewhat rigid, so any small bump moves its entire surface.

Stable: If the floor is not firm, the table can wobble, making it necessary to support it properly.

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wooden desk

9. Samblo S-9906B Desk with Drawer

The Samblo S-9906B model is an interesting solution for those looking for a small wooden desk. This product has measures of 90 centimeters wide by 50 deep and 74 high, so it offers adequate space to work. A product that also has an extra on the right side, where we have a drawer and a small shelf where we can place what we need.

A simple product, which is among the cheapest that we have analyzed, although it offers the user the necessary quality so that the product is durable and resistant. In addition, it has been manufactured entirely in Spain. So with so many quality options, it’s no wonder this model comes close to being the best value for money desk in our selection.

If you prefer to search among cheap desks, but without sacrificing quality, discover the main features of this model and everything it offers you.


Simplicity: This desk is very suitable for those who do not need a large product or loaded with extras.

Drawer and shelf: The drawer and the small side shelf give you an extra when it comes to organizing your things during work.

Easy assembly: As it corresponds to a simple model, the assembly process of this desk is quite simple and will not take you much time.


Interior space: The interior space of the desk to place a chair is 58 centimeters, which can be somewhat scarce for users of a certain size.

Handle: Although the handle may seem metallic, it is actually made of plastic, which detracts from its quality. However, it is easy to change it for a metal one if you prefer.

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Other products

10. DlandHome Desks Dining Room Conference Table

It is a desk with a simple and resistant design, pressed with wood particles, structured with metallic steel and painted with epoxy spray, so it offers waterproofing and favors a longer useful life.

To respect sustainability, it has been made with high-quality E1 ecological wood and does not use industrial glues, so it has SGS certification, which guarantees compliance with quality standards during the manufacturing process.

In terms of practicality, this desk is easy to install, as it only requires placing the 4 legs in their respective positions and tightening the 8 screws included in the package. In this sense, it has the double screw system to offer stability and increase its resistance to weight. Consequently, it is capable of supporting up to 100 kg.

If you need a large and simple desk to place in your home or office, then we invite you to know the characteristics of this model.


Materials: This desk is made up of a metal steel frame and a board made of E1 grade ecological wood, which favors its strength and durability.

Design: It offers a simple and elegant design with a white surface.

Installation: For installation you only need to position the legs and adjust the corresponding screws.


Compartments: This table does not have additional compartments or areas to place objects, so it may be at a disadvantage compared to other models on the list.

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Shopping guide

The desk is a fundamental piece when it comes to organizing any work environment. A key element on which to place our computer, papers, writing utensils and the rest of the elements that we need throughout our working day. If you are not sure what you should consider when looking for one of these products, all you have to do is take a look at our guide to buying the best desk and know what you should pay attention to in order to make the most of your purchase.

desktop type

Currently, in any desk comparison we can find a good number of products with a considerable variety. This allows us to make better use of the available space in the area where we are going to install the desk, as well as having more space when working.

In any case, if we are looking for the traditional desk, this is easy to find. A product with the usual measurements of 120 centimeters wide by 60 long, without further elements. This type of desk can be completed with other elements, as we will see later. In this segment there is a variation that is called the gaming table. This table usually has metal legs and a diaphanous design, to offer a good playing surface.

Another desk that is gaining fame is the one with an L design. In this case, we will have two desks joined by a corner, thus expanding the space available when working and organizing our work environment. And if space is scarce, you can always resort to folding desks, which you can assemble and disassemble when you need it, or folding desks, which are installed on any wall and can be stored on it without taking up space. It all depends on what you need.

Extras on the desktop

Once we have decided on the type of desk we want, it is necessary to see what extras we can find. And it is that except in the folding models and, in part, in the folding ones, all the others are compatible with the storage and organization elements that we are going to analyze below.

Among these elements, one of the most appreciated are the drawers. These drawers can be located just below the desk board, users of a certain height should be careful in this regard, or in a side drawer that can be placed on the space of one of the legs. In the most modern models, it is also possible to find desks with a shelf located on one of the legs.

Additionally, some desks include complete spaces to organize our PC, with support for the monitor, the tower, the keyboard and the rest of the necessary elements. And to finish off the design, in some models we can even have shelves and other spaces in which to better organize our things and have everything at hand. Something that influences a little how much the desk costs, but in the end it is worth it once we make the investment.

Materials and assembly

We have left for the end everything that has to do with the manufacturing materials and the assembly of the product. Starting with the materials, most of the current desks are made of MDF wood with a melamine finish, especially the economical models. Something that “forces” us to have to review the quality of the product finishes, in order to verify that they support the use that we are going to give them.

Outside of these models, some products have metal structures on the support part, which translates into steel legs and other metals, present in gaming models or folding models. They have greater resistance and suppose a little more weight. Finally, if you prefer a glass desk, it is also possible to find it, changing the upper wooden plank for a safety glass plate.

Regarding installation and assembly, this often depends on the complexity of the desk and its design. Thus, in the models that are nothing more than a pair of legs and the tabletop, the assembly process is simple. But if we talk about an L-shaped desk or one that has all kinds of spaces, it is obvious that things will get complicated. That is why it is convenient to take a look at that assembly process and see that it is simple to execute.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How long is a desk?

Currently, there is no definitive standard for how tall a desk is. And we have the proof in the market, where we find desks of all kinds of dimensions. But as a reference, the typical desk usually has measurements of 120 centimeters wide by 60 deep and about 75 centimeters high.

From here, we will find smaller models and a few larger ones. What you should keep in mind is not to bet on a model that is too small, because you run the risk that you will not have space to organize yourself.

Q2: How to restore an old desktop?

If you want to restore a desktop, it all depends on its condition and its value. And it is that if the desk has a high value, it will always be better to order it from a professional, to avoid damaging it. If this is not the case, the restoration process begins with the application of paint stripper, which removes the existing paint. Spread it all over the piece and let it act as indicated in the instructions. Later, it will be necessary to use steel wool soaked in alcohol to remove the stripper.

Next, it is advisable to remove stains from the wood with a bleach and possible parasites with an insecticide, both in the termite or woodworm outbreaks that may be present and in the entire piece of furniture. Subsequently, it will be necessary to fill the holes with wood paste to smooth the surface. As a last step, just sand the furniture and varnish or paint it, as you prefer.

Q3: How to make wooden desk?

The manufacture of a wooden desk is something relatively simple or not, depending on what we want to obtain. And it is that we can create a simple desk with only a wooden plank of the size we want, as well as the corresponding legs. These legs are already sold ready to assemble in different stores in the industry, which facilitates the process, so you only have to mount them on the plank.

If you are looking for something more complex, you can add chests of drawers, like the ones in wardrobe interiors, which can be fixed to the plank with a couple of holes. On the net there are all kinds of tips and plans to achieve what you want adjusted to your needs.

Q4: How does a desk that turns into a bed work?

The desk that transforms into a bed is generally nothing more than a folding bed in a wardrobe format, in whose front the desk area is located. So once it’s time to sleep, we just have to pull out the desk and unfold the bed, as we would any folding bed.

Another model is that of the desks that have the bed at the bottom, so that we only have to turn the desk around to access the bed part. It all depends on the model we are looking for and the available space.

Q5: Where to put the desktop?

When placing the desk, it is necessary to take into account some important aspects. One of them is to have enough space around the desk to be able to move comfortably. In fact, you should have at least a meter of space on each side of the chair and desk to move around.

It is also important that this place has good lighting, preferably natural, although if not, then artificial. In this case, it is always good to have a window nearby, as it adds more joy to the work environment.

Q6: How to organize the desktop?

In the organization of the desk there are two elements that we must always take into account. The first is to prioritize space, so that the fewer things we have in it, the better.

The other aspect is to organize things properly, so that we start by putting the big things first, then the medium ones, and then the small ones. These little things can be placed in boxes or similar items, while papers should be in trays or similar storage spaces.

Q7: Who invented the office desk?

The office desk has an uncertain origin, which some authors place in the Middle Ages. At that time, the copyist monks and calligraphers used a piece of furniture to carry out their work in the form of a table and with spaces to place the different elements. Some furniture that would evolve over time, including space for ink, blotter and powder in the Renaissance period.

However, the current desk arose back in the 18th century, while computer desks have been an evolution of the drawing tables created at the end of the 19th century, as they required more space.

Q8: How to fix a stuck up and down desk?

If we are talking about a secretary or a desk with a “curtain” that goes up and down, the fact that this element gets stuck has an easy solution, since it will be enough to put that closure back in the guides to recover mobility.

If we are talking about one of the modern desks that we can adjust in height, we will have to verify if the product is connected to the current, if it is electric, and if it works well for adjustment. If this is not the case, it will be a good idea to check that the fastening elements are free and that the gas pumps that move the desk work correctly.

How to use a desk

The desk is one of those products that does not require a specific user guide, beyond knowing how to organize our things. And since the installation process varies considerably depending on the type of desktop that we have chosen, we are going to leave you with a few tips so that you can get more out of the desktop and work with greater comfort.

Location Matters

One of the aspects that we often leave aside when installing a desk is the space where we are going to place it. Something that later translates into a notable discomfort when working. For this reason, it is important that we find a place with enough space to place the desk but also to move comfortably while we do it.

In addition, it is convenient that the space has a good amount of natural light or at least that we can supply it with quality artificial light.

Assembly, with pati

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