Top 10 Pillow Cases of 2022

Pillowcase – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The covers are the essential complement of the pillows, since they extend their useful life. They also offer a comfortable surface that favors rest, while providing an aesthetic component to the room. For this reason, when choosing a model, look for reliable and high-quality products, such as the Ikea 501.455.43; a cover made of very soft cotton and designed to dress the pillows in your baby’s crib. Another model that is widely accepted is the Sabanalia f/alh150az, a large cover with XL measurements, made of polyester-cotton and available in various colors.

The 10 Best Pillow Covers – Opinions 2022

We know that selecting the right covers is not as easy as you think, especially given the wide variety of textures, colors and sizes that the market offers today. For this reason, in order to facilitate the task of selecting the best option, we present the 10 best pillow covers.

Ikea pillowcase

1. Ikea Kids Set of 2 100% cotton

We know that babies spend most of their time sleeping in their cribs, so it is essential to provide them with a safe environment from any accidental impact with the bars. Therefore, a solution could be to put large and comfortable pillows that do not represent any danger to the child.

In this sense, this could be the best pillowcase to provide security and comfort to your little one, since it adapts perfectly to this crib accessory; You should only consider its measurements of 55 x 35 cm. Likewise, it is made with natural fabrics, such as natural cotton; making it chemical-free, soft to the touch, breathable and lightweight.

That Ikea pillowcase also offers you easy washing as it supports machine cleaning. In addition, it is available in white and you can choose a set of 2 units or a single piece.

This crib bedding could be the best pillowcase of the moment, since the comfort and safety of your baby is the most important thing. Here are the pros and cons of it.


Materials: It is a cover made of 100% natural cotton, without chemical compounds and very soft.

Compatibility: Its size is compatible with Ikea Len pillows and also with any other pillow of the same format.

Units: The manufacturer allows you to choose from a unit or the set of 2 pieces, according to your needs.


Colors: A catalog that offers a greater variety of colors is missing.

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pillowcase 150

2. Sabanalia Combines Pillowcase Bed 150

Among the best pillowcases of 2022, this product made in Spain under high quality standards stands out. These are the covers belonging to the Sabanalia Combina collection, a accessory designed to dress your pillows with style and keep your place of rest organized and hygienic.

Thanks to the wide range of solid colors available, you can choose the shades you prefer and combine them with duvets, sheet sets or duvet bags.

As for their textile composition, they are covers made of 50% cotton and 50% high-quality polyester, so they resist intensive use and washing without losing their color and without shrinking. Likewise, the brand offers a wide variety of sizes, among which the 150 pillowcase stands out; an extra large size that favors pillows with these dimensions. In addition, to facilitate the task of putting on and taking off the accessory, it offers an open design at its ends.

In addition to its benefits, it is also one of the cheapest covers on the market. Next, the advantages and disadvantages of this product.


Colors: The brand offers solid and permanent colors, available in a wide range of options for all tastes.

Sizes: You can choose the cover that suits you best among eight sizes according to their availability.

Materials: They are covers made of 50/50 cotton and polyester and their fabric offers up to 145 threads per inch; which gives you softness and resistance to use.


Bleach: When washing, the manufacturer advises avoiding the use of bleach, but it may not be such a relevant inconvenience.

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silk pillowcase

3. ElleSilk 100% 22 Momme Silk Pillowcase

If you are looking for the best pillowcase with healthy properties to take care of your skin and your hair, this silk pillowcase could be your best option.

It is a product made of natural materials of the highest quality, for which it has 22 Momme; a figure that is only reached by bedding with a higher content of silk in its fibers.

Its design is designed for the maximum comfort of the sleeper, since it has an envelope-type closure; no zippers or buttons. Likewise, because it is made of silk, it offers a high protein content; the one that keeps your hair shiny and since it does not absorb moisture, it respects the hydration of your skin and prevents wrinkles.

Additionally, it is hypoallergenic and certified by Oeko-Tex as free of harmful chemicals. In addition, its available colors are easily combinable neutral tones.

When it’s a comforting sleep experience you’re after, this silk pillowcase might just give you the rest you’re looking for. Read their pros and cons.


Soft and healthy: Because it is made of 22 Momme silk, it offers great softness to the touch; while taking care of your skin and hair.

Reliable: It has the support of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 that gives you confidence; since it is a product free of additives and toxic chemicals.

Closure: For greater comfort when sleeping, it offers you an envelope-type closure without a zipper and without uncomfortable buttons.


Available sizes: Greater availability is missing in terms of cover sizes.

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pillowcase 135

4. Ntbay Smooth Microfiber Body Pillow Cases

The rest market offers body pillows as an alternative that covers different needs, they are used especially to naturally align the spine and extremities. For this reason, in order to keep them clean and in perfect condition, what better than to have the covers that adapt perfectly to these sizes.

In this sense, the 135 x 50 cm pillowcase is a bedding accessory that offers you the ideal measurements to adapt to body pillows that have these dimensions. It is made of breathable microfiber, resistant to wrinkles, stains and discoloration.

Likewise, it offers a soft-touch surface that favors restful sleep and its design designed for rest gives you an envelope closure. For all this and because it is one of the cheapest, it could be considered the best value for money pillowcase.

If you usually use a body pillow to improve your rest, this large cover could interest you. Analyze its pros and cons.


Use: It is a cover that protects your pillow from dirt, while promoting sleep and adding a decorative touch to your bedroom.

Dimensions: Intended for body pillows, this cover measures 135 x 50 cm; although you can also choose other available sizes.

Solid colors: Because it is made of microfiber, it resists washing and does not fade easily.


Static: Microfiber can become charged with static energy, which some people may find uncomfortable. However, with a product to neutralize it, it can be resolved.

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pillowcase 90

5. Ntbay Soft Anti-Wrinkle and Resistant Cases

The covers play a leading role in bedding, they not only take care of the pillows, but also promote rest and provide decoration to the environment. These virtues are present in the covers offered by Ntbay, a brand that manufactures its products taking into account functionality and aesthetics; hence, it offers a wide catalog of colors to dress your pillows with their own style.

Likewise, in order to cover the demand for sizes, the manufacturer offers several measures; so you will be able to find the 90 x 50 pillowcase that you are looking for. They are covers presented in a set containing two units; which is why it is recommended for those who sleep in a couple.

They are made entirely of polyester, a synthetic fabric that stands out for its elasticity, resistance to stains due to its low absorption and breathability; so you can use them in any season.

If you have a double bed and you don’t know which pillowcase to buy, this model could meet all your expectations. Read on to learn more about these covers.


Comfort: They are soft-touch covers with an envelope closure, for greater comfort during sleep.

Coloring: For the dyeing of colors, ecological technology friendly to your skin has been used, which copes with discoloration.

Pack and colors: You will receive a pack containing 2 covers, in the color you choose from a range of 24 shades.


Dryer: To preserve the quality of the covers, it is advisable to use a dryer at low temperature.

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satin pillowcase

6. Bedsure Cover 2 Pieces 100% Microfiber without Zipper

If you are one of those people who has fragile hair that breaks easily or your hair is vulnerable as a result of dyes and discolorations; using a satin pillowcase could be the solution to keep your hair in optimal condition. Also, a satin slipcover could bring a touch of sophistication and glamor to your bed.

In this sense, we present this cover made of satin polyester that provides excellent adaptability to changes in temperature; so you can use it all year round. Likewise, it provides a healthy treatment for your hair and skin while you sleep, since it improves friction, prevents moisture absorption and tangled hair.

It uses an envelope closure design, which improves the wearing experience. In addition, it is a cover that you can select between two available sizes and several colors to choose from, depending on the decoration of your bedroom.

Sleeping on a satin pillowcase could be a pleasant experience that also gives you a beauty treatment. Learn more about this bedding.


Adaptability: The satin polyester provides adaptability to cold and heat, so you can use the cover at any time of the year.

Sizes: The manufacturer offers you two sizes to choose from: 50 x 75 cm and 40 x 80 cm; so you will have the cover adapted for different pillows.

Decorative and functional: Thanks to the qualities of satin, you will have a decorative and healthy cover for your hair and skin.


Slide: Given the texture of satin, the pillow tends to slide if you put it on another or on a cushion.

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Pillowcase 50×60

7. DecoKing 2 Modern cotton sateen covers Mako

We all know that for hygiene reasons, pillows need to be changed frequently. For this reason, if you want to preserve your state of health, protect your pillows from dirt and at the same time make them the protagonists of your decoration; these attractive and trendy covers could be what you are looking for.

It is a 50 x 60 cm pillowcase, which you will receive in a practical set of two units; You can also choose the size 40 x 40 cm. Given these available sizes, they are especially recommended covers for use on cushions or pillows that fit these measurements.

The covers are made of Mako-Saten, one of the best fabrics derived from cotton; so they are hypoallergenic, soft to the touch and free of harmful chemicals. In addition, they have a practical zipper closure and their design combines a different print on both sides of the cover.

Dressing your cushions or small pillows in harmony with the rest of the bedding is possible with this set of two covers. Here is an analysis of its pros and cons.


Print: You can choose the print of your choice, which offers you a different design on each side of the cover.

Textile: They are made of high quality Mako-Satin, a hypoallergenic, resistant and chemical-free material.

Uses: Given their dimensions and designs, they are ideal covers for decorative cushions or small pillows.


Zipper: A zipper closure that is more resistant to use is missing.

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Pillowcase 70 x 40

8. Pikolin Home Cutí cover 100% cotton satin

This protective pillowcase could be the most recommended option to take care of this important part of your bed and keep it hygienically clean, since it prevents fluids, dead skin, hair and dust from reaching its interior.

To do this, it has a functional zipper closure that favors a perfect fit; Likewise, it is easy to put on and take off, so you can machine wash it whenever necessary.

It is a 70 x 40 pillowcase, a recommended size for pillows with these dimensions. It is made of striped satin cotton, which has undergone a sanforized treatment to prevent the cover from shrinking when washed; it also offers breathable qualities and great softness to the touch.

In addition to the size presented, you can also choose other available measures, according to the dimensions of your pillow. Likewise, you can select a cover or a pack of two, according to your needs.

The best pillowcase brand might be Pikolin Home, a manufacturer that designs high-quality bedding. Keep reading and you will know the pros and cons of this model.


Sanforized: The sanforized treatment that this protective cover has is designed to prevent shrinkage of the fabric, maintaining its size despite frequent use and maintenance processes.

Zipper: The design offers a zipper closure on one of its sides, which provides a better fit on the pillow.

Units: The manufacturer allows you to choose from a case or a set of two units to meet your needs.


Colours: As it is a protective pillowcase, the only color available is white.

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Pillowcase 50 x 70

9. Dreamzie Set of 2 Hypoallergenic Cushion Covers

The covers made of microfiber are high-quality bedding that is distinguished by its long-lasting colors and resistance to washing. In this sense, this cover model is made of 85 gsm polyester, a synthetic microfiber that also resists deformation and offers excellent softness for a peaceful sleep.

It comes presented in different sizes, the 50 x 70 pillowcase being one of those sold by its standard measurements. However, if you have cushions or pillows with other dimensions, you can also find the one you need, since the manufacturer offers a wide variety to choose from. Likewise, you have at your disposal a range of elegant and modern tones.

Each cover has an internal flap that favors both easy placement and removal, while providing maximum comfort at bedtime. In addition, given the elastic property of microfiber, it is a cover that fits perfectly without leaving folds.

Because they are durable, soft, decorative covers and because they offer a practical 2-piece set, this product is one of the most recommended and best-selling on the net. Analyze its qualities and disadvantages.


Hypoallergenic: They are recommended covers for people with allergic problems, as it prevents the proliferation of mites and dust accumulation.

Permanent colors: The high quality of the colors remains unchanged over time, so you will have covers with a long useful life.

Softness: Its texture is softer than that of cotton, given the properties of microfiber.


Dryer: According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, you must be careful when choosing the appropriate temperature for machine drying.

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waterproof pillowcase

10. Dreamzie Set of 2 Oeko-Tex Protector 100% Cotton

This waterproof pillowcase is a great option when it comes to preventing any accidental spills from reaching your pillow. Likewise, it could be the most indicated to form a protective barrier against humidity, dirt and fluids; such as saliva, sweat, sneezes, tears, etc. By this, you will be able to keep your pillow as new and always protected from any type of stains.

It is a set of two protective covers made of soft and breathable cotton, which gives you a peaceful and restful sleep. They are also certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, since it is a reliable textile and free of harmful chemicals.

In addition, it is a hypoallergenic product that has antibacterial and anti-mite protection; which favors people with asthma or respiratory problems. To make correct use of this accessory, it is advisable to put the protections directly on the pillow and on them you can use the decorative cover of your choice.

If you are looking for quality rest and at the same time maximum protection for your pillows, these protectors could be a wise purchase. Next, know its pros and cons.


Bi-Ome treatment: Thanks to this treatment, the covers offer great protection against bacteria, pollen, mites, mould, etc.

Cleaning: You can easily machine wash them and even tumble dry at low temperature.

Waterproof: Its waterproof quality copes with moisture, body fluids and any accidental spills.


Large pillows: The manufacturer does not have availability for pillows larger than 80 cm.

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Shopping guide

In this guide to buying the best pillowcase, you will learn the most relevant aspects to consider when choosing a specific model. The idea is that you find the perfect cover that not only protects you against bacteria and gives you a good night’s sleep, but also prolongs the life of your pillow.

Functionality and design

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so it is inevitable that the pillow will accumulate dirt. Luckily, we have a perfect complement that promotes hygiene and protects it: the covers.

The covers are designed to provide a longer useful life to the pillows, efficiently protecting them from dust, fluids, humidity and sweat. However, beyond this function, a good cover also promotes comfort and a healthy environment at bedtime; since it prevents the penetration of mites that cause allergies and respiratory problems.

Likewise, along with the bedding, the covers also have an aesthetic component that decorates the rooms; thanks to the wide variety of designs, sizes, colors and textures offered by today’s models. For this reason, the best brands offer products for all tastes, needs and budgets. In this sense, you can always find a good and cheap cover that meets your expectations.


When reviewing your pillowcase comparison, it is essential that you look at the size of the product. Although it may seem like a no-brainer, many people invest in covers that happen to be larger than their pillow needs. Being large or loose, the covers may not optimally fulfill their main purpose, that of protecting the pillow.

For this reason, before betting on a particular model, take the measurements of your pillow; With this in mind, you will be able to hit the size of the cover that best covers it. The idea is that the pillow is perfectly dressed, with a cover that is neither too big nor too small.


The quality of the materials used generally defines how much a cover costs; and selecting the most suitable textile is essential for your rest and health. In this sense, a bad choice could cause allergies, acne breakouts and even premature wrinkles; It could also cost you sleepless nights if you don’t get optimal rest.

For this reason, among the fabrics most used by manufacturers we have cotton. An absorbent and very soft textile, since it is mainly composed of cellulose; so it is capable of absorbing up to 27 times its weight in water. This quality makes it the quintessential fabric for bedding, since it not only regulates your perspiration and body temperature; it also offers comfort and softness when sleeping.

You can also find covers made of polyester or microfiber, a synthetic fabric made of polymers. This fabric offers greater resistance to washing than other textiles, it does not fade easily in the sun and unlike cotton or other blends, microfiber does not wrinkle easily. In addition, it copes with stains due to its low absorption.

Next we have silk, a fabric recommended for the benefits it brings to the human body. Silk is composed of animal protein fiber (silkworm) and contains about 18 kinds of amino acids. Because of this, it could improve vitality, sleep quality, prevent mites, allergies, and is kind to skin and hair. It is a non-absorbent fabric that adapts to the body heat of the sleeper and its only disadvantage could be its cost; a little high compared to other covers.

Likewise, the quality of silk is determined by the Mommes. These Mommes are the unit of weight that measures the density of this fabric and when it comes to bedding, 19 is the standard measure and 22 would be the excellence; since in these cases, the cover would have up to 20% more silk in its fibers.

special properties

Each textile is a world and is made exclusively, according to the origin of the fibers and the functionality it provides. In this sense, we have that some covers have been chemically treated to provide protection against insects and mites, which favors people with respiratory pathologies.

There are also others made of natural fiber that have hypoallergenic properties by themselves. Likewise, you can find covers made with waterproof properties; specially designed to provide greater protection to pillows against moisture.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to put a cover on the pillow?

To avoid wasting time putting on your pillowcase, start by taking the cover from the side opposite the open end. Then, grab the seam in the center using the palm of your hand and without letting go of the fabric, turn the cover inside out on your arm.

Now, hold the pillow at one end with the same hand; that is, the seam of the cover you are holding and the seam of the pillow must be in the same hand. Next, you can unroll the cover over the body of the pillow, stretch and adjust the ends so that the seams are even.

Q2: How to whiten the pillowcase?

To whiten your pillowcases and remove those nasty sweat stains, you can use white vinegar and baking soda. This natural mixture whitens and softens tissues; while providing its antibacterial properties.

Use for this, 80 g of baking soda and 125 ml of white vinegar. Prepare the washing machine and insert the covers, when they are covered with water, add the mixture and let the machine finish its washing cycle. Once finished, place them in the sun to dry.

Q3: How to cut a pillowcase in two?

If you have an extra large cover and you want to cut it and get two individual covers, you just have to find where the center is located, so that the cut is made in half; For this, use a flexible tape measure. Then, mark with a pencil and using scissors proceed to cut. You will need a sewing machine to finish the seams and make the corresponding hems, leaving one side of the cover open and the other closed.

Q4: How to sew a pillowcase?

First of all, choose a soft, breathable and easily washable fabric; cut it according to the size of the pillow, always leaving a few centimeters for the seam and the hem. Then, lay the fabric right sides together and proceed to machine sew the two long sides and one of the short sides.

Next, make a 1.5 cm hem on the open side, you can pass the iron to firm the fold and then sew in a straight line. Fold the fabric again, iron its base and sew a 10 cm hem; you could decorate with a bow and hide the line of this seam.

Q5: Which is better, cotton or silk pillowcase?

First of all, the advantages of a cotton cover point to that of a static-free textile, with an economical price (compared to silk) and good breathability. Cotton also offers heat preservation, which favors cold weather and is resistant to washing.

With regard to silk covers, they are ideal for sleep and rest, they also slow down aging; since silk is composed of beneficial amino acids for the body. Likewise, it maintains a constant temperature, offering freshness on hot days and reducing heat loss during the winter. Therefore, depending on your needs, you can choose the cover that best suits you.

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