Top 10 restaurants with outdoor terrace in Madrid

If you are in the capital of Spain, the best option to taste a good wine or eat away from home are the popular restaurants in Madrid with a terrace, very popular spaces that are found in many of the streets of the city, as well as in the roofs of certain hotels that are now emblematic places.


If you are looking for a place to relax and eat after a pleasant day of walking around Madrid , then it is best that you visit this top 10 with the best restaurants with a terrace in Madrid.

1. The Gourmet Experience

The Gourmet Experience is one of the covered terraces in Madrid that can be visited by the whole family, since it is a place with a glass environment that allows you to view the city in a safe way. It is located in the upper part of the El Corte Inglés shopping center and has a large number of cafes and different spaces to eat, including wine bars and some trendy restaurants in Madrid. After ordering something, you can sit at one of the tables and enjoy the wide view of the city.

2. Room Mate Oscar Hotel

In the Chueca neighborhood, you will find the Oscar Terrace, an emblematic place that has become one of the most popular for the inhabitants of Madrid. It is a space that transmits peace and has one of the most impressive 360° views of the city . For this reason, it is the favorite place for many to watch the sunset. Regarding its design, the Room Mate Oscar was created by the famous interior designer Tomás Alía, who conceived this place as a relaxing environment, full of armchairs, Balinese beds and a large bar. On the other hand, among the most outstanding aspects of this terrace, are the breakfast and brunch services for an affordable price.

3. Dear Hotel Terrace

Hotel Dear is home to another of Madrid’s charming terraces, as it has a modern pool with a glass surround that can easily become a place to spend a romantic evening . Similarly, this is one of the most popular dining terraces in Madrid among young people, because at night they usually have a DJ, which creates a more festive atmosphere.

4. The Hat

This hotel has a terrace on the top floor that many think is one of the best in Madrid, as it not only offers an attractive view, but also a jovial and welcoming atmosphere. One of the curiosities of The Hat is that the waiters who attend are usually covered with tattoos. In addition, the cocktails are served in large jam jars. On the other hand, it is important to note that the prices of its services are quite affordable and the terrace is freely accessible to non-residents of the hotel.

5. Circle of Fine Arts

If you are looking for restaurants in Madrid in the cultural center of the city , then you should know that the Círculo de Bellas Artes is an emblematic place that has snack services at affordable prices. In the upper part of this cultural center it is possible to find a magnificent view of Madrid’s Gran Vía, as well as the Metropolis building. In addition, its structure has sculptures on the ceiling that surprise tourists. However, to go up to the terrace, you must pay €5 per person, which you should consider when making the visit.

6.Iberostar Hotel

Near the Gran Vía we can find another of the most elegant rooftop restaurants in Madrid. This is the terrace of the Iberostar hotel, which has wooden elements and creatively designed chairs. Similarly, its restaurant allows you to enjoy appetizers and delicious dishes accompanied by cocktails and pleasant music. Although this terrace is not as high as others on the list, it does offer a view of the Palacio de Cibeles and allows you to see the sun go down at the end of the day.

7. The secret garden of Salvador Bachiller

Salvador Bachiller’s secret garden is located on the top floor of the store of the same name located on Calle de la Montera. It is a small outdoor terrace that looks like something out of a fairy tale, as it provides a cozy atmosphere with plants around it, furniture and wooden tables. In this sense, this is one of the most romantic terraces to eat in Madrid in the city.

8. Sabatini Gardens Apartosuites

5 minutes from the Royal Palace are the Jardines de Sabatini Apartosuites, an open place that offers comfortable chairs, artificial grass and an incredible view of the Palace , which is why many tourists usually visit the place after a long day of walking.

9. The San Anton market

Many do not expect it, but in the San Antón market there is a modern terrace that has low chairs, comfortable armchairs, sofas and high tables, so it is an appropriate place to rest after finishing shopping for the home. In addition, it offers free access and allows you to eat for very reasonable prices.

10. Courtyard of Lions

El Patio de Leones on Calle Serrano has an elegant restaurant with a terrace, offering the best of Spanish cuisine at an affordable price. In addition, it allows you to taste croquettes, mojama, Iberian ham, tortillas and lamb stews, meatballs, oxtail, among others. For this reason, it is one of the top restaurants in Madrid to taste elegant dishes typical of Spanish cuisine in a fun atmosphere.

To conclude, we can highlight that the city of Madrid abounds in good places to relax and have fun outdoors. Therefore, whether you are a tourist or an inhabitant, you cannot go out for a walk through the streets of this city without having enjoyed a drink or tasted a good meal in one of its famous terraces.

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