Top 5 Commode Chairs of 2022

Commode Chair – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Commode chairs are a suitable technical aid for people who have mobility problems and do not have the ability to reach the bathroom when necessary. These chairs offer all the necessary comfort and safety, so you don’t have to worry about anything when using them. However, it is important to bet on quality models within this search that offer the necessary resistance and security. Among them we find the Aidapt Essex VR161G model, which has been made of high quality steel capable of supporting up to 154 kilos of weight, offering an elegant design that we can place almost anywhere. Also interesting is the Prim Steel model, which offers a more thoughtful design for the bathroom, with a conventional design lid, as well as a robust structure with non-stick bars or a folding armrest.

The 5 Best Chairs with Commode – Opinions 2022

When the toilet is too far away, knowing which is the best chair with a toilet that we can find is an efficient solution. A lifesaver with which to avoid uncomfortable situations in those people who have mobility problems and other inconveniences that affect their ability to go directly to the year. So that you can help these people, we offer you our selection of the best commode chairs of 2022, with different designs that can be adapted to almost any user.

1. Aidapt Essex Commode Chair 6.3 kg

Main advantage:

Its solid structure, thanks to its steel construction, makes it a highly resistant chair, being able to support up to a person weighing 150 kilos, it is also very comfortable, it can be adjusted in height and it is easy to clean.

Main disadvantage:

It is not recommended to use this chair for the shower, since it has padded parts and others with holes that, when water enters it, can rust and damage the chair.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is an effective solution for people with difficulty moving to the bathroom, made of highly resistant materials, with a good capacity and a suitable size for use in the bathroom or in the bedroom.

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Manufacturing materials

In the case of the Aidapt Essex chair, you have a practical piece with a stackable and vinyl welded steel structure, a solid padded backrest and a seat that is also padded and removable to facilitate hygiene, which is folding, which provides the possibility of having access to the toilet-shaped part quickly and easily.

In appearance it looks like a conventional chair, but it has this toilet-shaped device that makes it very useful for people with limited mobility, which is a plastic container, which in turn has a thermosetting rotating system.

For its part, the finishes of this model have a welded vinyl upholstery, which offers comfort to this piece of furniture. In addition, it has rubber on the legs that properly fix the chair, preventing slipping when using it, and it is adjustable in height for greater comfort.

Uses and capacity

As for the use that you can give to this chair with toilet, as we have already reviewed, you will see that it is very useful for people who have limited mobility, either because they are very old, or because they suffer from some physical disability that makes it difficult for them to move. with autonomy to meet their physiological needs.

In this sense, you can use this chair both in the bedroom and in the bathroom, as it is a piece of furniture that occupies a small space, is discreet, and also has armrests that serve as a support to help the person get up.

In relation to capacity, this particular model has a container that covers a maximum capacity of 5 liters, which is enough to spend the night in case the person who needs it suffers from incontinence or something similar.

Likewise, we can highlight that this model supports a maximum weight of 154 kg, so it is very good in case the person has obesity problems or is very corpulent.


In the case of the Aidapt Essex, it comes completely unassembled and you have to assemble it before you can use it. But this assembly process is very simple, since it has all the necessary tools and a fairly practical and understandable instruction manual. You just have to assemble the bars together to form the structure of the furniture and secure with the included screws. Also, when it is no longer needed, you can disassemble it and store it in a safe place.


As for cleaning the chair, it is important to note that the container that serves as a toilet is removable and this facilitates the cleaning process. In the same way, the materials allow cleaning, because the upholstery is waterproof and you can wipe it with a cloth with soap and water to prevent the penetration of dirt or bacteria, which can generate unpleasant odours.

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2. Prim Commode Chair with Armrests

Designed for those users with mobility problems or who cannot easily sit on a conventional toilet, this Prim model is an interesting alternative.

This product has a resistant structure made of steel with a holding capacity of about 100 kilos, offering ample stability according to users.

The chair has the traditional design of a toilet, including the corresponding lid on the potty, which gives it extra comfort compared to other models on the market that only have an open design.

A product that has other improvements such as the possibility of using it on the toilet bowl or using the bucket as a conventional urinal, as well as having elements such as folding arms that make it easier to sit down and get up from the chair when sitting down. need.

If you still don’t know which chair with commode to buy, this product could be the one, thanks to its design and quality. In this sense, we show you in detail the following pros and cons:


Dimensions: It has dimensions of 55 x 46 cm and an adjustable height between 36 and 46 cm, which you can adjust according to your comfort.

Design: It has a traditional toilet design, which includes a cover to provide greater hygiene and discretion.

Use: It is indicated for people with reduced mobility or difficulties to use the toilet normally. Also, you can use it on the toilet bowl or the traditional urinal bucket.

Material: It is made of steel material and offers safety tips, non-slip handles and folding armrests, which provide stability and comfort.


Weight: It only supports a maximum weight of 100 kg, so it is at a disadvantage when compared to other chairs in this selection.

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3. Write down toilet chair with wheels and toilet

As we have mentioned before, it is also possible to find a wheelchair with a toilet on the market that facilitates both mobility and comfort for its user.

Something that the Anota SC8015C chair helps in a remarkable way. This product has the usual design of these chairs in a compact format with a side of 43 centimeters on the seat and a total width of 49 centimeters that facilitates passage through doors.

This does not prevent the product from having a resistance for 120 kilos of weight, being suitable for users of a certain size. A quality product that improves the functionality and comfort of almost any user, making their daily life easier.

Something that is also helped by other details such as its assembly without the need for tools or the front footrests included in the structure of the product.

Fulfilling physiological needs is part of our daily life. In this sense, it could be of great help to have the best brand of chairs with a toilet, which is why we will detail the most outstanding characteristics of this product:


Material: This chair is made of steel, a type of resistant material, it also has footrests and wheels with brakes, for greater user safety.

Dimensions: Its seat measures 43 x 43 cm and 22 cm in diameter at the urinal hole. In addition, the toilet and armrests are removable.

Capacity: It is capable of supporting up to 120 kg of weight and does not require tools for assembly.


Height: The height of the seat is not adjustable. However, it has a standard measurement of 52 cm from the ground to the seat, for greater comfort.

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4. Queraltó WC Chair Toilet for room

The Queralto 300323 chair with commode is one of those models that, unless you look at them from below, it will surely be difficult for you to see that it really has a commode. Something that helps its design, typical of a conventional chair.

This structure is welded, which simplifies the assembly process of the chair to the maximum and gives it a resistance that reaches up to 130 kilos of weight. As for the toilet area, this is accessible by removing the upper part of the seat, giving way to a very comfortable and pleasant foam area that takes care of the user’s skin.

An area that is easy to clean, like the rest of the chair, given the waterproof treatment of its fabrics. A quality product with a special touch of elegance that makes the difference compared to other models on the market.

Something that combined with an attractive price could well make it the best commode chair for value for money that we have analyzed.

If you want to have a comfortable and practical commode chair, then we present the main characteristics of the Queralto 300323, which could be considered one of the cheapest compared to similar products:


Design: It offers a discreet and attractive design, made of dark gray painted steel. In addition, it has padded armrests and backrests, which provide greater comfort.

Use: It is indicated for people with physical disabilities or older adults. In addition, it can support a weight of 130 kg.

Maintenance: This chair can be easily cleaned, since it is made of waterproof material. On the other hand, the seat has a cover that gives you better hygiene.


Dimensions: Compared to other similar products, this chair has larger measurements with a total height of 86 cm, so it can be difficult to use by people of short stature.

Removable: Compared to other similar products, this one does not have the possibility of extracting the forearms and backrests.

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5. Invacare Room Commode Chair

The 1542903 commode chair is a product designed as a room chair or bathroom chair suitable for different users. A model with a modern and functional design that offers adequate comfort, supporting a weight of up to 140 kilos in its structure and also having height adjustment.

Something that is helped by the manufacture of high-resistance steel, as well as the quality of its upholstery, which adequately withstands use while facilitating cleaning. A chair that has a square bowl that is different from the usual ones, with a central part that reduces discomfort and splashes when using the chair.

A model that is finished off with a central circular cover that changes the image of raised seat products, thus giving the user a little more comfort and autonomy both when using the toilet and when using it as a seat.

If you are looking for a chair that does not cost a lot of money, then you might be interested in the Invacare, which could be the best chair with a toilet for 100 euros according to some users, so we present its pros and cons in detail:


Dimensions: The width of the seat is 45 cm and its height can be adjusted between 40.5 and 58.5 cm. In addition, it can support a weight of 140 kg.

Design: It offers a modern structure made of steel, therefore it provides rigidity and firmness. In addition, it has a bucket with a lid, backrest and padded seat.

Use: It is a chair indicated for people with reduced mobility or with difficulty moving to the bathroom. In addition, the seat is completed with the container lid for added functionality.


Armrests: A user thinks that the armrests could be very wide, however, they are padded for greater comfort.

Bucket: The bucket could be difficult to clean, based on one user’s opinion. However, it features a removable design for convenience.

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Aidapt Essex Toilet Chair 6.3 kg

The Aidapt Essex VR161G commode chair with armrest is a quality piece that could very well be the best commode chair of the moment. A very complete product that has a solid structure made of highly resistant steel, even being able to support up to 154 kilos on its surface.

Something that is also present in its seat and in the rest of the product elements, which facilitate access to the toilet area located in the lower part.

An area of ​​five liters of capacity and with adequate cleaning to always have it in good condition. The model is finished with a welded vinyl upholstery that gives the product good comfort, as well as a simple assembly system that does not require more than ten minutes to leave the chair ready for use.

If you are looking for the best commode chair of the moment, then the Aidapt Essex VR161G might interest you. However, we present its positive and negative characteristics for you to take into account before making a decision:


Materials: This product has padded upholstery and is made of steel, with vinyl welding, for greater strength and durability.

Capacity: It offers a container with a maximum capacity of 5 liters, which has a lid in its standard version. In addition, it is capable of supporting a weight of up to 154 kg.

Usage: This chair is suitable for use in the bathroom or bedroom, as it takes up little space and serves as a support.

Assembly: The legs, armrests and back of the chair can be easily assembled without professional help and disassembled for convenient storage.


Seat: Some users think that the plastic of the seat could be not very rigid. However, it supports enough weight and can be removed for convenient cleaning.

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Buying Guide – What is the best commode chair on the market?

When it comes to heeding the call of the wild, mobility issues can make it hard to get there on time. A situation with undesirable consequences and that we can solve by having a commode chair that we can place near the user to make their life easier. If you do not know these products, we offer you the advice of our guide to buying the best chair with a toilet, where we evaluate the important aspects of this type of technical aid.


Commode chair type

When we take a look at a comparison of commode chairs, we can find three main products. Two of them are designed to be placed in the home, while the third would be the wheelchair with toilet, which has a double function as we will see below. Let’s learn more about these options.

Within fixed installation chairs, the most common is the conventional chair with toilet. In this case, we are talking about a chair with a folding or mobile seat that allows access to the lower part.

Visually, they look like a normal chair, but they add this extra at the bottom. The other model is made up of pure bathroom chairs, which change the seat for a toilet lid and, although they are just as efficient, they are not as visually attractive or easy to fit.

Regarding wheelchairs with a toilet, these have the traditional design of one of these chairs, with the mobile seat that we have already mentioned. Once this seat has been removed, the toilet area can be accessed so that the user can use it.

Being wheelchairs, they are also used to move around the house, although most of these models have small wheels designed for domestic use that partially limit autonomy.

chair safety

Due to the type of product we are talking about, when looking for a good and cheap commode chair, we cannot ignore everything that has to do with safety. A problem that can lead to an accident and cause injury to the user, although in general the models currently on sale have undergone controls that avoid part of these risks.

This does not prevent us from fulfilling our duties when looking for a quality product with good resistance. A task that must be even more diligent when looking for quality chairs if the user is a corpulent person. Each chair has a certain resistance, which ranges from 100 kilos for the lightest to more than 150 for the most resistant. Therefore, there are possibilities for all needs.

Other elements that make the chair more secure without affecting how much it costs are non-stick fasteners. Virtually all chairs include rubber armrests or suitable upholstery that facilitate the user’s movement on the chair. And if we add rubber elements to this that properly seat the chair on the ground. We will also avoid slipping when the user sits down, gets up or uses the toilet area.

Assembly and cleaning of the chair

As usual in this type of product, we close our advice by taking a look at both the assembly and cleaning system of the chair. Two important aspects with which to keep the chair in good condition and see if it will cost us a lot of effort to get it ready to be used.

Starting with the assembly, due to the tubular structure of this type of product, this is usually nothing more than mounting bars one on top of the other until the structure is formed. These bars are usually held by screws or clamps, although in other models the product is shipped directly assembled so that you save yourself all these inconveniences. Everything also depends on the type of chair we have in hand.

Regarding the maintenance and cleaning of the product, due to its nature, it is another important aspect. It is important to check that the bucket included with the chair can be removed since it is something that facilitates this cleaning considerably.

It is also important that the manufacturing materials facilitate this cleaning, especially with regard to the upholstery. This prevents dirt from getting inside causing pain and other discomfort.

How to use a commode chair

If there is a sick relative in your family and going to the bathroom is a bit complicated since walking is not your best option in certain situations, then having a suitable tool to make your days a little easier would be the solution. In this sense, a chair with a toilet could be a great candidate, since it is a safe and stable method of being able to relieve oneself comfortably and without having to walk long distances.

In addition, the risk of possible falls that may affect the person physically is reduced. Thus, in this article we will show you some information regarding the proper use of said product so that you can correctly help those who need it most at home.

Assemble the chair

First of all, after receiving the commode chair at home, what you should do is carry out a proper assembly of it. Well, depending on the model you have purchased, it may be supplied to you already assembled or, on the contrary, completely disassembled.

In this sense, it will take a few minutes to mount it as long as you have the right tool for this action and on this occasion we are referring to a screwdriver. Well, some models have a tubular structure that you would have to join with the screws that are included in the package until the chair is formed as such.

After joining all the pieces that make up said chair, you should not overlook making sure that everything is fully secured and in the correct position. This in order to avoid any type of inconvenience or accident when putting it into operation.

Do not exceed the weight allowed on the chair

Depending on the person who is going to use the commode chair, you must take into account certain details such as the total weight that it can support. Well, there are models with different capacities or weight support. In this sense, it is not advisable to exceed it, since you would be prolonging the wear of the chair. In addition, this could cause the product to break, leaving it irreparable and without any use.

Have the necessary items for use

Before each use of the commode chair, it will be essential to have certain essential items on hand, such as disposable gloves, soap, a towel, a container with warm water and toilet paper. Well, these previously named products will allow you to help the person who needs to relieve himself in said chair.

Consider some guidelines before using the chair

Before putting the chair into operation, make sure that the container is located under the seat, right where it belongs. Likewise, to enjoy a much more comfortable and effective cleaning, it is ideal that you add a little water in said container before using it.

On the other hand, depending on the person’s level of illness and ability, if possible help them to get out of bed and, therefore, sit properly in the chair. On the other hand, if it is within your means to stay with the person, it would be ideal just as a precaution or in case they need some help.

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