Top 5 DVR Recorders of 2022

DVR Recorder – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A DVR recorder is a device capable of capturing the images sent by surveillance cameras, both live and recorded, since it has a programmable memory that allows the recorded images to be stored. It is a video surveillance equipment, which works for both domestic and professional use. So if you want to buy one of these devices, it is important that you make sure that it has a good internal memory to store images or videos or, well, that it offers support to integrate an external memory. Also that it is easy to attach to the TV and has a good image resolution. A device that meets these premises is the Sannce DVR TVI model., to which you can connect five different types of cameras, incorporates a 1 TB hard drive and includes an email alert system. Another notable device is the Zosi 8 channels, which allows you to optimize storage space, thanks to its H.265+ compression format, in addition to receiving alerts and transmitting in real time to your mobile.

Top 5 DVR Recorders – Opinions 2022

The protection of our assets and the safety of our family are important if we need to verify that everything is going well. Capturing minute by minute what is happening around us is only possible if we have cutting-edge technology to help us do so. Whether it is to take care of our home or a commercial premises, having a DVR recorder means security and protection, for this reason we have created this practical list so that you know which are the best DVR recorders of 2022 and acquire the most appropriate

1. Sannce 4 Channel DVR TVI 720P Video Recorder

Main advantage:

It is a versatile model, compatible with both conventional analog cameras and modern IP cameras, so that its assembly is easier in all types of installations.

Main disadvantage:

As with some of these devices, the instructions are presented only in English, although the device interface can be configured in Spanish, which makes the process of using it easier.

Verdict: 9.7/10

An outstanding model among DVR recorders, offering wide compatibility with all types of cameras, a hard drive with one tera capacity to record what you need and modern email alert options in case the camera is activated.

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Camera Compatibility

One of the advantages for which the SANNCE TVI 720P model stands out is its wide compatibility with all types of cameras, both current and older. Specifically, this product is compatible with traditional analog cameras, which we can connect directly to the back using the four inputs or connectors for this purpose. Something that makes it suitable to take advantage of your old installation without difficulties.

The best thing is that this system is also compatible with modern technology thanks to its IP connectivity, so if you have cameras of this type, you can also use them thanks to the included Ethernet port. Therefore the problems of future expansion of your surveillance network are also solved.

recording capacity

Within any comparison of DVR recorders, one of the data that is valued is the storage capacity. This model incorporates a 1 tera capacity hard drive, so you won’t have any problems saving all the videos you need and accessing them either directly or remotely. By the way, if you need it, the manufacturer has equipment with up to 4 terabytes of hard drive.

The recording can also reach a 1080N or 720P resolution depending on the quality of the cameras used, since the equipment is compatible with these resolutions. Therefore, the quality of the images you take will not be a problem either.

Installation and assembly

One of the advantages of the high compatibility of the equipment is that this also facilitates its installation. As we have mentioned, if you have old cameras you will only have to connect them to the computer to start using them immediately. And regarding the IP cameras that you have or want to mount, the process is just as simple.

On the other hand, the visualization of the images is also simple, since the model incorporates an HDMI port that considerably simplifies connecting the equipment to any television. In fact, the product incorporates a mouse that also makes the installation process and subsequent access to the recorded images and the rest of the available options easier.

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2. Zosi 8 Channel 1080P H.265+ DVR Video Recorder for CCTV

The flexibility of use offered by this device is one of its best qualities, since you can adapt it to record only in case of movement, continuously or by setting the schedule in which it will remain active. In this way, you can optimize resources and record only what you want. In addition, it supports 8 channels and you can connect up to 4 types of cameras (CVI, TVI, AHD and analog), making it very versatile.

Delving a little deeper into the topic of optimization, you should know that it has an H.265+ compression format, which translates into a greater capacity to record, taking up less space.

On the other hand, you will be able to comfortably visualize the registration of the device through its HDMI and VGA outputs, to transmit them to your television or to the computer. Likewise, it is possible to connect the mobile phone remotely and view what is happening at all times.

Before making your purchase decision, you should take a look at the summary of qualities that we have prepared.


Alerts via e-mail: In the event of suspicious movements, you can instantly receive an alert on your mobile, which will allow you to act accordingly.

Instruction manual: The installation and use guide is explained in Spanish, for your greater comfort.

Remote monitor: From your mobile, you can see what the cameras capture at any time, thanks to its application.


Recording modes: The configuration to adapt this function could be more intuitive. If you need to change it, you may have to study the manual in detail.

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3.Annke 8CH Security DVR 5MP Lite 

If what you need is a device that does not limit your connectivity, because you have several different cameras mounted, this may be the model you are looking for. It has 8 channels and can support cameras with resolution from 720p up to 5 MP.

It has HDMI and VGA video output, to display the image on various devices and, to optimize storage space, it has H.265+ compression technology.

As far as access to recorded images is concerned, it is attractive to know that with an internet connection you can use your computer or your mobile to know what is happening in real time or access the stored file.

Another advantage of the device is that it allows private areas to be masked, to prevent them from being recorded. On the other hand, you might be interested to know that it is compatible with the adaptation of disks of up to 6TB, so that you can record 24 hours a day without problems.

So that you are sure to acquire the device that best meets your expectations, review the summary of pros and cons that we present to you.


Immediate alert: It is capable of issuing email alerts when suspicious movements are detected.

Remote playback: You can access your recorded file via the internet and view the content on your mobile or your computer.

Functions: Its configuration is convenient to record in different ways, either continuously, by activation based on movement or at specific times.


Hard drive: Only a 1TB hard drive is included with the purchase, so if you need more capacity, you will have to purchase another on your own.

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4. KKmoon 4CH Channels AHD DVR/HVR Digital Video Recorder

This model is one of the cheapest in the market when it comes to DVR recorders and it not only has that function but it is also an HVR and NVR with pre-alarm support.

In its video input it has four black and white channels as well as high resolution color channels since they are HDMI and VGA for better visibility.

In turn, the quality of its audio is optimal, making it an economical and efficient product if we are looking for the best DVR recorder in its value for money. It allows you to record 264 hours of video and also has digital zoom.

It has a multiple recording so as not to lose any digital file that is needed, that is, it creates backup copies to support everything. Its resolution in pixels is 1920×1080 pixels for HDMI and 1024×768 pixels for VGA. Trigger recording by motion detection with P2P cloud function.

So that you do not have such an excessive expense, we describe the positive and negative aspects of one of the cheapest models, but with high quality and functionality that you will surely appreciate and enjoy.


Connection: It has a VGA port, 1 HDMI port, 2 USB ports, 1 network port, 1 audio output and 4 video inputs for great versatility in use.

Channel: It has video inputs for 4 channels in which you can easily install the 4 cameras of your choice.

Programming: You can make the programming to view all the records from the internet access, from the processor or monitor and from the application of your Smartphone.

Resolution: It has a resolution that will allow you to watch the videos with great quality while programming the recording of all the images.


Memory: You must include a memory card to be able to record the number of hours you want or need.

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5. Dahua DVR 8 Channel XVR 

This is an 8 channel DVR recorder so you can connect various formats of cameras, for example, HD-CVI, TVCC AHD, HD-TVI, NTSC and PAL. All connections are made via coaxial, so you won’t have a problem with most security camera cables.

Likewise, we highlight its recording quality, which is 720 pixels, that is, HD, reaching up to 1080 N, that is, 1080 x 960 pixels, to be able to clearly review the videos stored on the hard drive. Also, the recording can vary between 15 and 25 fps, depending on the camera you connect.

And, if you want to connect from your phone when you are away from home or business, with this DVR recorder you can do it in real time, thanks to its Cloud P2P technology.

Next, we present the most important advantages and disadvantages of this recorder model. Carefully review each quality, so that you acquire the product that best suits your requirements.


Channels: With its 8 channels you can install various security cameras in any area, for example, garage, living room, kitchen, garden, terrace, etc.

Resolution: You can record videos in HD and 1080 N resolution, so you can see what happened in your business or home more clearly.

Compression: The Smart H.265+ recording codec will allow you to watch in real time and save the images without compressing them too much.


Disk: It is missing that it comes with an internal storage hard drive. However, this can be solved by buying an external hard drive.

Cooling: It does not have an internal fan, so you will have to buy an external one if you want better protection for the recorder in terms of cooling.

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Buying Guide – What is the best DVR recorder on the market?

When it comes to security, we spare no expense or electronic devices that contribute to the safety of our loved ones and the protection of our material assets. Taking into account these important reasons regarding the physical and material protection of what is ours, we have prepared this writing with the purpose of serving you as a guide to buy the best DVR recorder and thus follow minute by minute what is happening around us.

Why buy a DVR recorder?

Because it represents the maximum sign of security that we can have with our own. A compelling reason that convinces us to acquire a DVR recorder is the fact of safeguarding the goods that we have obtained with so much effort and sacrifice. Being able to follow minute by minute and have support that everything is kept in order is something that gives us confidence that things will continue to go well.

It also allows us to monitor if there is any alteration in normality that we come to see disturbed from one moment to another. A recorder allows us to store a backup of what happens both day and night in the surrounding areas of our home or our work and thus be certain of who could cause damage to both our objects and ourselves.

recording hours

When making a comparison of DVR recorders, it is important that the device can perform continuous recording. Measured in hours of recording, it is necessary not to miss the moment in which we are capturing the moments. In order to give an effective sequence to the irregularities that occur at some point, the hours must remain active.

For this reason, we will find DVR recorders on the market with up to 950 hours of uninterrupted recording, which translates into maximum efficiency, since for a long time we will not have the hassle of downloading videos or paralyzing their continuity. For almost 40 days maximum and minimum 11 days, a recorder must guarantee a period of recording hours.

memory capacity

The storage of the information is peremptory because it is there where we will be able to locate past recordings to make comparisons if at any time this becomes required. DVR recorders vary in terms of the storage of the video that is recorded. What we must take into account is the weight of the format of the videos that are being taken, in order to know if it is necessary to buy an external memory so as not to have limitations with the recordings.

It is also necessary that the DVR recorder has the possibility of downloading the files through a USB cable or through a memory card. For this reason, it is important to know the resolution and the formats in which the videos will be saved so that we can make forecasts and buy a memory with enough space.

Simultaneous display

Along with technology, DVR recorders allow us to see in real time and through our cell phone the events that are taking place in the space where we have assigned the cameras. To go or be anywhere and without worrying about what could happen, this advance guarantees us first-hand that we will have absolute control and care of our assets.

Being protected in this way provides confidence and security. DVR recorders can be accompanied by a practical Closed Circuit Security System ideal to provide the necessary protection to our home or business. They also incorporate security cameras that vary their operation depending on their characteristics. Perhaps this could scare us away from the idea of ​​obtaining a cheap device, but it is a matter of focusing on some qualities at an affordable price.


We might think that resolution matters in how much a DVR costs. It may be true, but in the face of competition from various markets that want to be the focus of attention for this device, each time the expert industries in the field are perfecting the details of the resolution in order to give the customer better visibility of what it unfolds around where the cameras are located and where the DVR is serving its purpose.

A resolution that we will find the same in several devices is that of 1920 × 1080 pixels, since they are mostly digital and lend themselves to better visibility of what is being protected. It should be noted that the inputs and outputs of the channels are generally 4, although some are 8. Everything varies according to the product and the characteristics that are already specified and that guide us in the purchase of a DVR recorder.

How to use a DVR recorder

In order to transmit and record images from a CCTV security system, it is necessary to have the appropriate device that basically allows you to store them on a memory card or any other external storage device. If you have already purchased a recorder, but you have no idea how to connect it, in this small guide you will have guidance on how to use a DVR recorder so that you can connect your CCTV system properly.

Check the user manual of your DVR recorder

In order for you to familiarize yourself with your DVR recorder, you need to review the user manual to know the connections, number of channels and image output ports with which the recorder is compatible. In this way, you will be clearer with the parts and functions that your device includes.

Locate the security cameras in the space to be monitored

Install security cameras in each of the corners and spaces intended to monitor. For this, there must be a kind of plan to locate the installation of the cameras and have available a connection with coaxial cable and a connection for the power supply of each camera through a voltage distributor.

Connect the cameras to the DVR recorder

Connect the first CCTV camera to the coaxial cable that is installed in one of the places or corners, along with the power connection of the security camera. Connect the other end of the same coaxial cable to one of the channels of the DVR equipment located in the back. If you are going to connect more security cameras, you must carry out the same procedure for each of them, depending on the number of channels of the equipment or the number of security cameras to be installed. Make the necessary adjustments, fixing the security cameras with a screwdriver on the wall.

Connect the power supply of the DVR recorder

Connect the computer’s power cable to the back of the DVR and plug it into a nearby power outlet. You can also use the voltage distributor with which you have connected the power of the cameras, as long as it has a connector available.

Connect the screen to the DVR recorder

Most DVR equipment has the option of connecting a computer monitor to view the images that come from the security cameras or a television. If you are going to use a monitor, take the VGA cable and plug it into the port on the DVR recorder. In case you want to see the images with HD technology, you must make sure that the recorder and monitor have an HDMI port and connect the respective cable. In the case of the television, it is the same procedure. Locate the HDMI port on the TV and proceed to connect the cable to the TV and the recorder or simply connect the TV to the coaxial or analog port, depending on which one the TV supports.

Connect the display power supply and turn on

Locate the monitor’s power cord and plug it into a wall outlet or voltage regulator. After verifying that all the components are properly connected to the DVR equipment and to the power supply, proceed to turn on each of them, starting with the cameras, continuing with the DVR recorder and finally the monitor or television.

Graduate the vision of the security cameras

Look at the monitor and verify that the cameras take the images properly. To do this, it moves the cameras in different positions until the vision of the desired space is obtained.  

Connect a flash drive or hard drive and start recording

Locate the USB port and connect an external storage device. Locate the function to record the images and start recording. Check each of the functions of the DVR recorder, guided by the user manual.

The most popular brands

Enjoying movies at home can be achieved through different media such as tablets, computers, DVD and Blu-Ray players, and even through an internet connection. However, if you are interested in having your movies in physical format, take a look at these three brands of DVR recorders:

KKmoon is a company that specializes in consumer electronics marketing. It is a modestly recognized brand that explores the latest innovations to adapt them to its devices, thus creating a bridge between the user and modernity.

On the official website of the company you can have access to its complete catalog of products, among which you can choose the one that meets your needs.

KKmoon has various production lines including tablets, computers and phones, testing and computing equipment, tools and accessories for vehicles and home improvement. Thanks to the versatility and variety that you can find in the brand, it is likely that you will find what you need with relative ease.

Their offerings are so extensive that they can range from padlocks to security cameras, decoders and wireless mice, voltmeters and endoscopes, audio players and radars, infrared sensors and motion detectors, among many others.

If you want to buy some of their products, they have a presence on online shopping pages so you can place the orders you want and thus not even have to leave your home to equip your day to day life with the latest technology devices.

Neewer is a brand owned by Shenzhen Xing Ying Da Industry Co., Ltd, a Chinese company dealing in various accessories trading lines. It started its operations in 2010 after carrying out several evaluations about the general experience of the clients regarding consumer products. Based on the results, Newer began to develop equipment that could meet the needs of each person, obtaining quite good results.

The Neewer brand is found within the world of photography, film and music. Their equipment is designed to be used by beginners as well as by amateurs in the field. If you are interested in knowing what it has for you, you can access its official website and take a look at its catalog.

Neewer’s development specialists have created products that cover various areas and, most strikingly, they offer equipment at very competitive prices for the most thrifty customers without neglecting the quality or performance they deserve.

Today they have more than 20 authorized distributors around the world to be able to deliver their offer to every possible corner.

Sumvision is a brand name and online store that offers various accessories and components for electronic equipment.

The company stands out for offering its buyers a wide variety of products so that they can acquire exactly what they need. One of the highlights of the Sumvision catalog is the design of its products. They present direct and simple lines that make the unit a compact whole. With intuitive dashboards and hassle-free operation, Sumvision offers you the opportunity to have everything you want at your fingertips.

Taking a walk through the company’s official website, which also works as an online store, it was noted that they have several specific production lines, mainly aimed at the world of electronics. One of its most famous products is the Cyclone Micro, a fairly compact media player that can fit in the palm of your hand.

They have the advantage that the categories of their catalog offer options that can cover many user needs in the area of ​​electronics, always trying to maintain affordable prices.

Sumvision has more than 10 years of experience in the market and has distributors in Europe, China, South Africa and Australia.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available


This model is a modern professional video-surveillance equipment both for domestic use to protect the security of our material objects and the protection of our loved ones, as well as at a professional level, since we can locate it in the surroundings of our company and take care of our assets.

It has 950 hours of recording allowing you to view images captured by surveillance cameras live or delayed, as long as you purchase a separate hard drive that allows you to save the images recorded on the HD-Line HD-DVR-16HQ.

It is a 230-watt powered DVR recorder, with a remote control, a mouse, a CD and its respective instruction manual. The HD-Line HD-DVR-16HQ is an intelligent system that can be attached to a mobile phone to monitor without limitations in real or deferred time.

Getting a high-quality DVR recorder that fits your needs has not been easy due to the wide variety of existing models, in this case we want to help you by summarizing the characteristics of the best DVR recorder of the moment so that you can take it into consideration.


Resolution : It has a high resolution that you must accompany with good cameras to enjoy a very clear, sharp and high-definition image.

Channels : It has access to 16 channels, which will be very valuable for use in very large houses, businesses and companies.

Connection : It has an HDMI, VGA and USB port connection so you can establish great connectivity with different equipment and devices.

Accessories : This kit includes a mouse, a remote controller, a power cable, an English manual and a CD.

RJ45 : Allows the use of an RJ45 connector so that you can access the internet and be able to view the images from the cameras from different advanced technology devices.


Main advantage:

Its most important features are marked by the high resolution that this device can offer and the possibility of enjoying 16 channels, so that you can surround your entire home, office and company with surveillance cameras.

Main disadvantage:

We can conclude that we are in the presence of a very high quality product, because in our research work we have not found negative aspects that overshadow the benefits of this DVR recorder.

Verdict: 9.8/10

With its good capacity to install a good number of security cameras, which can reach up to 16, added to the resolution levels it has, this DVD recorder becomes a favorite option for customers, who promote its use from a good experience using it.


It is not enough to have a simple DVR recorder or the best surveillance cameras. It is essential to have a good resolution, which allows a clear and informative observation as possible.

This model that we present to you, has a very high resolution, so that you can perceive each one of the details in all the images and all the videos that can be stored and that at some point contain relevant information.

One of the most outstanding contributions of this model of DVR recorder is that it will be very useful not only at home, but it will also provide security to companies and facilities with quite large dimensions. The quality of the image that we will be able to achieve with the DVR recorder and the security cameras is very important, as this will help us to clearly visualize all the images and video sequences that are captured daily to provide security.


The accessories always give you great versatility, because in some way they contribute to making the operation, installation and handling of the articles much more practical and simple, to fulfill the task of the equipment to be used.

The HD-Line HD-DVR-16HQ DVR recorder incorporates a power adapter to supply power to the equipment, a mouse and a remote control that will facilitate the management and control of all the functions offered by the device.

It also includes the user’s manual that will help you clarify doubts and better understand the different functions of the DVR recorder, especially if you are a beginner and do not have enough experience and knowledge.

Channels and connectivity

So that you can have a total monitoring of your entire house and its surroundings, or of your entire company, this model has capacity for 16 channels, which will allow you to stay informed about what is happening in a large number of rooms where you locate the security cameras.

On the other hand, we want to indicate that this model has extensive connectivity to make the transmission of information and the playback of videos on computers or televisions much easier.

Within that connection that you will have available, it should be noted that it incorporates a USB port, an HDMI port and a connection for VGA. In other words, you won’t have limitations to take the information to other devices.

PA Shop Mini Size DVR Digital Video Recorder

With this equipment you can pr

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