Top 5 Gas Detectors of 2022

Gas Detector – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The gas detector is a device that keeps you alert to any gas leak, to avoid accidents due to its accumulation, as it provides extra security. However, to achieve maximum protection, it is important to assess different characteristics such as its ability to locate gases and smoke, the types of substances it can detect, and the design. Among the outstanding models on the market is the Airthings 222 detector, which has been designed with an LCD screen, in which you will have the possibility of visualizing the average values ​​of radon gas accumulation during certain periods of time and detecting if any irregularity occurs. Likewise, it is a versatile model that you can use to take measurements at home or at work. It also highlights the modelElro RM400, which has a detection range of 40 square meters. In addition, it detects a wide variety of gases and has a compact and discreet design.

The 5 Best Gas Detectors – Opinions 2022

To maintain the security of your home you can install burglar alarms and the like, but it is also advisable to install alarms that control the quality of the air in your home. With our selection of some of the best gas detectors of 2022, you will discover which models are most in demand by consumers and how they can help you keep your home safe.

1. AirThings Corentium Home Radon Gas Detector

Main advantage:

Due to its functionality, this model is suitable for carrying out real estate inspections and supervising that the radon gas reduction system is working properly. Also, you can use it in your office, home or place of study.

Main disadvantage:

The basic capacity of this model is to detect radon gases, therefore, it will not indicate the presence of other substances.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It manages to maintain a good level of accuracy when taking radon gas measurements and, according to the manufacturer, the accuracy increases over time. This is ±5% so you can trust the detections made.

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It is very difficult for human beings to detect the presence of radon gas within the spaces in which they live, since this substance of natural origin has no smell or taste. However, it is very important to have devices that can alert you to its presence, since continuous exposure to it is the cause of lung cancer.

In this sense, with the aim of helping you locate this substance, this model manages to measure gas levels in the long and short term and allows you to verify if the systems you have used to reduce it are working.

By completing 24 hours from its installation, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the first levels. Later, the team will produce measurements referring to the first 7 days, in addition, you will be able to keep track of the radon variations that were recorded for a period of one year and so on.


One of the main aspects that the manufacturer highlights in the specifications of this product is the possibility of using it without complications. Also, thanks to its simple operation, you will be able to easily carry out radon measurements and you will not have to resort to laboratory tests to detect the presence of this substance.

According to the manufacturer, during the manufacture of this meter special attention has been paid to the quality and protection of its internal components, for which it is possible to use sophisticated signal analysis algorithms, so that the device can quickly adapt to any environment where you install it.

In addition, it allows you to eliminate external disturbances that can affect accuracy. As if that were not enough, the equipment will not require you to carry out the annual calibration process if you use it in domestic environments.


Apart from offering reliable measurements, it has been developed to maintain a good level of durability, which is why you will be able to use it for a long period of time.

Its useful life is estimated at more than 10 years. Likewise, you will have a one-year warranty and during this time you will be able to communicate with the brand in case of any irregularity with the equipment.

The device is supplied with the three AAA batteries that it requires to work and whose useful life is estimated at two years, according to its specifications. For this reason, you will not have to worry about acquiring them continuously. This model is made in Europe and has been tested in different countries, such as Germany, France, the United States and Japan.

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2.Elro RM400 Gas Detector

Within the domestic sector, the Elro RM400 model is an easy-to-install product that only requires a couple of plugs and a couple of screws for assembly.

This model works by means of batteries, having an LED that indicates the activity of the equipment and when it is necessary to change the battery. Among the gases it detects are all domestic gases such as butane, propane or methane.

The product is suitable for areas of 20 to 40 meters of surface, having a considerable sensitivity to the referred gases.

And when the alarm occurs, its 85 decibels of loudness will let you know that there is more gas than there should be in the atmosphere. With all these functions and thanks to its adjusted price, this product is considered the best gas detector for value for money according to consumers.

Among these teams, it is not so easy to determine the best brand of gas detectors, however, you can get an idea of ​​​​their performance based on the reviews published by their buyers:


Design: Elro’s RM400 gas detector stands out for presenting a fairly discreet and compact design that will allow you to install it in any corner of your home without major inconveniences, in addition, it will not attract too much attention.

Detection: the system included in this model allows you to detect various types of gas emissions such as methane gas, butane gas and propane gas, making it ideal for installation in kitchens to prevent accidents.

Range: It has a gas detection range of 40 square meters, which allows you to install it in large kitchens and will even serve to control the presence of gases throughout the home.

Alarm: it has a special alarm that will turn on and sound at the moment an unusual presence of some of the mentioned gases is detected.


Power: one of the clients indicated in his evaluation that this model must be connected to the current even though it also works with batteries because otherwise a small alarm signal will be activated.

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3. D Modun Gas Detector 

It is a gas detector with an LED screen, so it constantly shows a 0 to indicate that the environment is free of gas, but when detecting a leak it goes from 1 to 9, depending on the level of contamination in the air. Similarly, it flashes red and activates an audible alarm when the gas concentration exceeds 3%.

It is capable of detecting methane gas as well as propane and butane, adding to its versatility. In terms of design, it has a compact structure and incorporates a European plug on the back with Plug and Play technology. In this way, you can install it easily and quickly.

As if that were not enough, it includes a user manual with detailed information on how the device works and how to configure it correctly.

It is normal to wonder which gas detector to buy when comparing the models available on the market. To help you, we invite you to learn more about this model.


Alarm: It is capable of emitting an audible alarm in case the volume of gas in the air reaches 3%.

Efficiency: It only works with 2 W of electricity, which provides great energy savings.

Certificate: It has been certified with RoHS and CE, which guarantees the safety of the product.


Lighting: The control panel lighting is quite visible in the dark, which could be annoying in break rooms.

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4. Honeywell ZPFL1 Gas Detector

Compared to the detectors that we have been talking about, which are designed to be fixed in one place, the Honeywell ZPFL1 gas detector is a practical portable model that can help you search for domestic gas leaks, such as butane, propane, LPGs or methane.

The main advantage of this product is that it has a high sensitivity, so it is very useful in detecting leaks in pipes, as well as in the evaluation of confined or closed environments as a preliminary safety measure before working in them.

Its design is just 20 centimeters long with a pencil-like shape and weighs about 110 grams, so it does not take up space in your toolbox.

The detector has three lights, one for operation and two for detection, which establish the level of gas detected, if it is high.

In order to determine which gas detector to buy, it is important that you take into account the type of performance you need since its functions may be focused on analyzing certain areas:


Portable: This option among gas detectors is portable, so it will be ideal if you work with repairs at home.

Detection: it is capable of detecting the presence of natural gas, propane gas, butane gas and LPG gas, which will allow you to be safe and covered in terms of presences.

Batteries: In addition, it does not require electricity to work since it uses two 1.5 V AA batteries.


Leaks – Due to its size, it is mostly for detecting small leaks near pipes.

Manual – Also, you will need to apply it where you suspect the leak is in order to get a reliable detection.

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5. Beeper DET-GN101 Natural Gas Detector

The Beeper DET-GN101 model is the main answer when you want to know which is the best gas detector of the moment. An easy-to-install product that helps you maintain complete control over the atmosphere in your home or even your vehicle.

In fact, although this product is designed to be installed in trucks or motorhomes, with a small transformer it can be adapted for domestic use. It has a direct connection to electricity that offers continuous operation with low power consumption.

It is capable of detecting all kinds of gases, from natural gases such as methane, propane or LPGs to soporific gases such as anesthetic gases and other analogs.

At the moment an excessive concentration is detected, the equipment activates its clearly audible alarm so that we can take the appropriate measures in this regard.

The best gas detector of the moment should allow you to effectively analyze the area of ​​your interest in order to give you security and confidence in its results:


Gases: Gas detectors are basic elements to offer a certain level of security inside the vehicle. Cars are capable of producing various gas emissions that, concentrated, can be harmful. Beeper’s DET – GN101 gas detector is capable of detecting emissions of methane gas, propane gas, butane gas, LPG gas and hydrocarbon derivatives so that you can keep the levels controlled in time.

Alarm: if at any time the Beeper DET – GN 101 gas detector receives readings of a high presence of gas concentrations, it will emit an 85 dB audible alarm so that you can check where the leak is coming from and avoid accidents. weather.

Dimensions: this equipment has dimensions of 51 x 8 x 31 centimeters, so you can easily place it in any corner of your vehicle to keep it running permanently and thus ensure a healthy and hazard-free environment.

Type: Due to the design and dimensions of the DET – GN 101 Beeper, the manufacturer recommends that it be used in large vehicles such as caravans, buses, trucks, vans, among others.

Power: Although it does not require batteries to work, you will not have any problems getting the Beeper DET – GN 101 gas detector to work as it only requires a 9V – 16V electrical connection that you can easily locate in the vehicle.

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Buying Guide – What is the best gas detector on the market?

Both to control the safety of the environment when using fireplaces or stoves and to prevent gas leak problems, a gas detector is an excellent aid that improves the tranquility of your home and your family. So that you do not have to resort to the canary or like the old miners, we present our guide to buying the best gas detector on the market with which to have the peace of mind that you and your loved ones deserve.

Measurement capacity

When buying a gas detector, it is necessary to take into account what we are going to need to measure. In the market we find from models that simply measure the concentration of carbon monoxide in the environment, perfect for where we have fireplaces or stoves, to more advanced models that measure the concentration of all types of gases such as butane, propane and the like.

Models that only measure CO are cheaper, and it is advisable to extend their installation range with several pieces of equipment in the room. The more parameters we need to measure, the more complex the device will be, so the more important its installation will be.

In any case, most of the equipment on the market has sufficient capacity to launch the alarm message when the gas concentration exceeds 3%, above what is reasonable, or when smoke is detected in the room, enough to prevent the normalized operation of optical-type equipment, which is a reduced concentration of that smoke.


In any gas detector comparison, the power options for these products make a significant difference to how they work. The two main lines are focused on products powered by batteries or similar, compared to products directly connected to the network.

In products that work with batteries we find the inconvenience that they can run out without us being aware of it and therefore we are left unprotected unexpectedly.

For this reason, it is convenient to look for models that warn of such a circumstance, maintaining its adequate activity. As for the models connected to the network, they have the advantage that they are always active, even when the power goes out, since many models have an internal rechargeable battery that keeps the equipment active in the event of a power failure.

warning system

In order to be aware of the activation of the alarm, the gas detector has two types of warnings: sound and light. The detector and its warning system must comply with the EN54 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems certificate, so if the equipment you are evaluating to buy does not comply with said standard, you should not buy it.

In fact, there is not much difference in how much equipment that meets the standard costs over one that does not. In any case, it is advisable to especially evaluate the intensity of the sound signals, since in the event of a fire or a complex atmosphere they are the ones that you will best perceive, even serving as a guide in the dark. In the case of light signals, the included LEDs or similar must have a high power that guarantees greater vision even in these complex conditions.

How to use a gas detector

In order to protect your home, workplace or other place where gas cylinders are used, it is necessary to protect them from the dangers of fire or domestic explosions, you have decided to buy a gas detector. Therefore, we have prepared this article with the purpose of informing you about how to use a gas detector in a safe and efficient way and that yours always stay safe.

Read the instructions for use and assembly

Before using your product, it is very important to review the instructions for mounting, depending on the model, since some work just by placing them in specific places. You also need to review the user guide to know its functions and features.

Locate the respective power supply of your product

Gas detectors vary in how they are powered and installed. Depending on the product model, proceed to place the respective power supply. Some models are very simple in this aspect, since they work only with AA or AAA alkaline batteries, these devices being wireless gas detectors.

Simply locate the compartment and insert the batteries as indicated in the user manual. Other models work with the electrical network, where they can be directly connected to a power outlet or require a more complex installation, depending on where you are going to place it, whether it is on the ceiling or on a special shelf for it.

Locate a strategic place to place your gas detector

Gas detectors are highly sensitive devices, therefore they must be placed depending on the type of gas they are going to detect. To detect heavy gases, butane or propane, the device must be placed 3 to 5 meters from the possible gas source and about 30 cm from the ground. In case of detecting a source of natural gas or methane, it should be placed at a distance of 30 cm from the ceiling.

Some devices include a hole in the back to place them on the wall, others have tilting legs to place them on a shelf or counter. If your gas detector works connected to the network, you can place it in a place close to the power outlet. In case your home has more than one floor, the ideal is to place a gas detector on each floor so that the place is safe and protected.

Use your gas detector

Once the gas detector is installed and the power supply is attached, the next thing is to press the test button, usually identified as TEST to show how the alarm sounds and the LED light changes.

Some models, when powered, do not need to be turned on, because they are automatically activated and the LED light is solid green. In the event that the device detects the presence of gas, the device’s sensor is activated, producing an audible alarm, usually loud, and displays an intermittent LED light, almost always red.

The most popular brands

The security of our home and especially our family is something we take very seriously; therefore, gas detectors deserve to have a space in our home. This is how after checking the characteristics and specifications of some products, it is necessary to take a look at your brand. Only in this way can we confirm which product will be the most suitable for our demands; Accordingly, the brands that stand out are: ElectroDH, Eray, Honeywall.

With extensive experience, this brand was forged 125 years ago with the firm objectives of innovating for the safety of its customers and thus surrounding themselves with clean and more efficient environments. No one would have thought that by patenting a simple oven regulator and alarm, Albert Butz would give rise to other devices for the safety of the individual.

A simple device baptized with the name “damping flap” would pioneer the modern thermostat years later. Honeywell is a company that has been operating in Spain since 1885 to provide control technologies and security systems for homes, businesses or buildings. Always aiming to make the individual’s life safer, easier and more efficient.

This brand, with more than a century serving its customers, focuses on the manufacture of both traditional and digital thermostats and with the possibility of connection via Wi-Fi, as well as gas detectors to prevent leaks that can cause irreparable damage both at the of home infrastructure as a family.

To stay one step ahead of highly dangerous situations, gas detectors feature technology that works to keep you safe. Not only in terms of performance, products of this type have resistant materials that converge in an appropriate performance of the article in question.

Electro DH is a brand that is essentially dedicated to the production and distribution of items from the electronic range, as well as electricity, telephony and lighting, to meet the needs of users.

With qualified personnel for the manufacture of its products, the ElectroHD brand manages to position itself in the market due to the modernity of its products. The sensors to determine the correct functioning of your products work with versatility.

This is a range of products from the Electro DH brand, including a full range of components and products for electronics, both at an industrial and professional level. This field also includes the manufacture of electronic materials, as well as telephones and lighting, as well as gas detectors.

The gas detectors of this brand are characterized by having a double system, which will not only detect the presence of a gas that is highly harmful to the body, but also others. This is thanks to the systems developed by the company that seeks to work based on the avant-garde in terms of security for the user’s well-being.

It is a company that is characterized by developing high degrees of sensitivity in its products, especially in what is imperceptible to the eye and that is sometimes overlooked by our sense of smell, gas.

Eray seeks to be efficient, stable and have a wide field sensitivity to the events that could be generated while we carry out some daily activity and observe an irregularity at home. They develop state-of-the-art technology, to join the technological forefront and thus meet the demands of users with specific needs.

This brand has a remarkable variety of products for the protection of users who trust their brand. Among the items offered are: outdoor alarms, security systems, doorbells, decibel meters, motion detectors, laser distance meter, gas detectors, among other products.

As for its gas detectors, the brand’s dedication to using materials that not only fulfill a traditional function, but also essential for any home, is appreciated. The timely detection of gases harmful to health is already a victory that can be obtained by purchasing products that advocate proper performance.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Beeper DET-GN101

Main advantage:

One point that its customers highlight is the possibility of immediate detection of gases in the air. Users who enjoy the Beeper DET-GN101 are surprised by the immediate detection of gases in the air, such as deodorant spray. This artifact detects an excessive concentration of gases such as propane, methane, soporifics, anesthetics and the like.

Main disadvantage:

Users point out that this model of gas detectors does not have an off switch. This means that we will not be able to stop using it at home and it will have to be completely uninstalled. The off switches work to the extent that you want to use it or not, all this so as not to consume the battery of the batteries that are placed on it.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is a very functional product that fulfills its primary function in a way that satisfies the needs of customers. This is an advantage that guarantees the safety of those who put it into operation. All this in order to prevent unfortunate situations from being generated as a result of any gas leak that may occur. The Beeper DET-GN101 model will notify with an alarm when there are concentrations of toxic gases in the air.

gas detection

This model has a high sensitivity to the concentration of gases in the air. It is a functional product since it even detects the gas from the deodorant spray. It is specifically intended for operation inside motorhomes and trucks. However, it can also be adapted for domestic use by means of a transformer.

For a level of safety inside our vehicle, the DET-GN101 Beeper is an advantage against gas leaks that could affect the physical health of those who move in it. In order to maintain the levels of gas emissions inside the vehicle, this model detects leaks of methane gas, propane gas, butane gas, LPG gas.


It has dimensions of 51 x 8 x 31cm, it is a device worthy of being located in any space where it is destined with a light weight of 150 grams. To take care of the aesthetics of our vehicle, it will not cause a hindrance or any kind of distraction, but rather it will go unnoticed. It can also be placed in trucks and motorhomes, vans, so it will not be unnecessary either, on the contrary it will be functional.

It has a sober and neat white color, in addition to three buttons that will illuminate when its operation starts. They also announce when there are concentrations of gases through their practical alarm that will put us on alert when it happens to avoid respiratory accidents.


It has a nominal power supply of 12 volts with a consumption of 90mA in standby mode, while its consumption is 150mA when the alarm is working. Its preheating takes about 180 seconds added to a sound power of 85 decibels.

The temperature while the Beeper DET-GN101 is operating ranges between 10 and 50ºC. In addition, it has a relative humidity of 95% with a sensor compatible with the standard whose number responds to GB15322.2. All this focused on satisfying the most important needs of users.

Floureon 0401E

If what you want is to keep the CO2 level in your home under control, you can find cheap gas detectors such as the Floureon 0401E model.

This product is specially designed for its location in places where combustion occurs such as boiler rooms, heaters or chimneys and it really does not have much to envy to the best gas detector that we have already talked about.

Compared to other models, this product has a human voice alarm system, so you do not receive loud noises but specific readings of gas levels when the system is activated.

Additionally, it has an LCD screen where the current concentration of gases and the maximum peak obtained are reflected. It does not require installation and can even be placed on a table or shelf easily thanks to its support, so you can place it wherever you want as well as move it between rooms if necessary.

Among the cheapest models of gas detectors we have this option that offers you certain advantages that make it worthy of your consideration:


Screen : the gas detector that Floureon offers you has a practical LCD screen that will allow you to check the gas emission data as well as the levels presented in the last alarm.

Dimensions : it is a fairly compact device with dimensions of 12.5 x 3.3 x 7.5 centimeters that you can place in any corner of your home.

Security : It has a security system that warns if at any time the gas detection sensor stops working so you can replace it and maintain safety.


Batteries : it was learned that this model works with a 9V battery which, according to one of the users, must be replaced from time to time since it wears out quickly.

Instructions : In addition, it also does not have an instruction manual that allows you to handle it easily if you do not have previous experience with a device of this type.

ElectroDH 50.603

The ElectroDH 50.603 model has a double sensor system, with which you can keep under control both the concentration of CO2 and the presence of domestic gases such as butane or propane in the environment.

This dual-sensor system therefore allows you to fully control the environment, activating a powerful 85-decibel alarm accompanied by a visual alarm, which is activated when the concentration of any of these elements exceeds reasonable operating limits.

The power supply of this detector is direct to the network through a traditional plug, which facilitates its installation anywhere. It also has a test activation button, so you can always check that the alarm actually works normally.

This model from Electro DH is considered by many to be the best gas detector for 30 euros that you could find, so we invite you to learn more about it below:


Simple : the positive aspect of this model is that it is quite simple so you can place it near any plug and it will not attract atte

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