Top 5 IP Surveillance Kits of 2022

IP Surveillance Kit – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When it comes to controlling your house, your second residence, your business or anything else, the usual option was to resort to a security company. Fortunately, modern IP surveillance kits have evolved and reduced their cost to be more accessible to the general public. Something that, together with the IP system, offers you the advantage of being the watchman yourself, without having to worry about whether the company warns you or controls you properly. In order for you to keep an eye on everything that interests you, the Annke SE-DM81ZA100 model offers you a system of eight cameras and a central unit, which allow you to maintain adequate control with image recording and remote access through the network. Another product with good performance is the TMEZON HM-WF8413BA-01/EU. This kit works with multiple security cameras and offers access to download a mobile app that allows you to review them remotely.

Top 5 IP Surveillance Kits – Opinions 2022

Today it is no longer necessary to resort to expensive private surveillance services to control what interests you, thanks to the good and cheap video surveillance kits that we find on the market. Due to the wide variety of products it is difficult to know which is the best IP surveillance kit that you can find. The good news is that, although we don’t know what you need, we do offer you some ideas from our selection of the best IP surveillance kits, with models suitable for all kinds of uses.

1. Annke SE-DM81ZA100 8 Surveillance Camera Kit

Main advantage:

This kit works together with eight individual cameras, as well as allowing connection with two other units, offering wide viewing angles for surveillance in all types of environments.

Main disadvantage:

Although some users indicate that the installation is quite simple, others consider that the configuration is a bit complicated for those who are not very good with the computer.

Verdict: 9.9/10

The SE-DM81ZA100 is a practical option, with quite good performance and a relatively easy level of installation, so it could be one of the best IP surveillance kits on the market.

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IP surveillance kits are devices capable of sending reports to other mobile devices, such as phones, computers and tablets, so they are very useful for keeping up with everything that happens in your business or at home. If you want to cover as much space as possible, you need to know how many cameras the kit supports.

This Annke model is very useful for businesses and public areas. It can be linked with a total of eight independent cameras to get multi-angle view at the same time, and if you want, you can add two extra cameras.

Each of the cameras is 1 megapixel and can offer 720p video, thus facilitating face detection if necessary. In addition, the purchase includes a money-back guarantee within the first 30 days after purchase and a 12-month warranty against factory defects.


The surveillance needs of each individual may be different depending on the area where their residence or business is located and also the hours of greatest activity during the day or night. For this reason, we advise you to take a look at the extra functions that the kit you are interested in may include.

The SE-DM81ZA100 includes a 1TB hard drive designed especially for surveillance recording. It will allow you to store a total of 800 hours of recording so you don’t miss a thing.

If you want to prevent the disk from filling up with hours of empty content, you can choose to make use of the motion detection function, whereby the cameras will only activate when there is something to record.

And if you’re not at home or at your business, you can receive alerts directly to your email and through the Annke app so you can take action if necessary.

resistance and capacity

Another of the main characteristics that you should evaluate before choosing the right surveillance kit is its resistance. On many occasions, cameras need to be placed outside, whether it is to monitor the perimeter, the entrance or the parking lot. Therefore, it is important to evaluate their strength and design.

With this Annke model you should have no problem doing so. The cameras have a robust and reliable construction that will allow you to install them outdoors if you need to. You won’t have to worry about the rain either because they are waterproof.

A very striking detail is that the cameras are equipped with 24 LEDs to obtain night vision, which reaches a coverage length of up to 20 meters from where the camera is located, as well as an automatic function change when detecting the darkness.

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2. TMEZON Audio Recording Security Camera System

In this opportunity, we present you the TMEZON HM-WF8413BA-01/EU; an IP surveillance kit with which you can see from various angles, since it works with a total of 4 cameras. These, in addition, can transmit at a resolution of 1080p, so you do not miss a single detail.

They can be linked wirelessly to the receiver/player, making it much easier to set up the kit at home or in the office. Added to this, the cameras have a special case that makes them waterproof, so you can put them outside if you need to.

As for the video transmission, it is possible to monitor it through the mobile application, which, in turn, has a real-time notification system, in case the camera sensors detect movement in its range of vision.

In order for you to be able to choose a good IP surveillance kit for your home, we will now review the advantages and disadvantages of this TMEZON model:


Resistance: The cameras can be installed both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the fact that they are resistant to water.

Alerts: Internet access allows the system to send real-time notifications to your mobile phone or tablet if it detects something.

Design: The IP surveillance kit is made up of several cameras and an NVR player to which the image is transmitted. Its manufacturing finishes are good and, aesthetically, the kit is nice and discreet.

Installation: It is said that the assembly complexity is low and can be done almost intuitively, so that you have your kit ready in no time.



Connection: Before purchasing this kit, please note that it is not recommended to install where there are obstacles between the cameras to prevent them from being disconnected.

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3. Arlo VMS3330 Intelligent Security System

The Netgear Arlo VMS3330-100EUS IP video surveillance kit is a product derived from the experience of one of the main brands of network access. A product that has three surveillance cameras, light and easy to mount, accompanied by a central control unit to view all the images easily.

These images are accessible over the network with any device. The model incorporates image recording functions, a night vision system and other elements that make the use and installation of the equipment easier.

And although it is not the best IP surveillance kit for value for money on the market, it is true that the quality is worth it for coming from a first-rate and recognized brand, without forgetting the possibilities of expansion offered by the model as needed.

Netgear could become the best brand of IP surveillance kits, thanks to the practicality of its products and its general performance:


Design: the Netgear team is made up of a total of three very discreet cameras that you can place where you see fit to monitor small-sized rooms.

Wireless: they are completely wireless and communicate through the internet with the main panel, thus avoiding the presence of cables that could interfere with the decoration.

Sensor: they have a motion sensor that activates as soon as it detects the slightest gap, saving energy and offering information of interest.


Units: As mentioned, you only get a total of three cameras, too few to cover large spaces.

Batteries – One of the buyers indicated that the batteries in his cameras died in as little as six hours, although this appears to be an isolated case.

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4. Zosi 960P NVR 8CH 8 Camera 1TB Hard Drive

If you are looking for a practical surveillance system that includes 8 IP cameras for CCTV video surveillance with a resolution of up to 960p, we recommend this model. On the other hand, the cameras that make up this equipment have an image processing system that guarantees the best colors and most natural and sharp images, of approximately 1 megapixels.

Thanks to its manufacture with 24 IR LED technology with IR-CUT filters, they allow a clear vision of up to 30 meters under poor lighting conditions. It is important to install the mobile application, in case you want to have a visual control from your smart devices.

Its installation is really simple, in addition to the fact that this device starts recording videos when it is turned on. This system manufactures its own wireless connectivity network, so it cannot affect or hinder any regular home internet connection.

Before buying the first surveillance camera you find in the store, carefully analyze the negative and positive aspects of this model.


Night vision : Thanks to its 24 IR LED system, you can achieve visibility at night up to 30 meters away.

Cameras : This kit includes up to eight easy-to-install camera kits with resolutions up to 960p.

Monitoring : You will be able to monitor the content of the cameras from anywhere, whether on a smartphone, a tablet or a computer thanks to P2P technology.

Waterproof : Do not worry about the place where you are going to install this video surveillance system, since it supports the weather perfectly.


Operating system : In the market you will be able to find purchase alternatives with operating systems that are easier to handle and updated.

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5. Anlapus 1080P CCTV Surveillance System Kit 

This is a fairly complete surveillance kit, as it includes an 8-Channel FHD DVR recorder and 4 IP66-certified security cameras. In other words, the cameras withstand jets of water and dust without any problem.

Also, we mentioned that the cameras have a 3.6mm lens, which allows a wider view of the place where you install them. Likewise, we inform you that its 24 infrared LEDs make night vision possible, for greater protection of goods and people.

Also, it should be noted that the cameras have a BNC output, for an easy and fast connection. Even the recorder has a BNC input and offers improved video compression, thanks to its H.265+ codec.

On the other hand, the recorder allows you to connect a hard drive and mouse, as it has USB inputs. In this way, you can access the videos you have recorded at any time.

Next, we present the most important pros and cons of this model, it may answer the doubts you have regarding surveillance kits.


Resolution: The DVR recorder has 8 channels and a maximum resolution of 1080 pixels, so you can see people’s faces without problems, as well as identify objects of different sizes.

Cameras: This kit includes 4 cameras with 3.6 mm lenses, to enjoy a wide image of the environment.

Ports: On the back, the recorder offers several ports, including HDMI and VGA, which will be used to connect monitors of various models.


Instructions: The instructions are very basic, so it’s a bit tricky to set up the recording.

Vision: Night vision is not very clear, so we recommend keeping a light on to improve this aspect. 

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Annke SE-DM81ZA100 Kit of 8 Surveillance Cameras

Designed for intensive use and remarkable control, the Annke SE-DM81ZA100 kit is one of the most complete, incorporating up to eight separate cameras, which we can also modify in the angle of view with a rotation of up to 75 degrees.

It is a product with a high-quality image capture system and optimal performance to speed up the capture and recording of images of the environment. These cameras have a high protection, counting an IP66 system suitable for interiors and exteriors.

The product is accompanied by a very useful control unit with which you can access everything you need, as befits a model that could very well be the best IP surveillance kit of the moment due to its characteristics.

In order to acquire the best IP surveillance kit of the moment, you must take into account some essential characteristics such as those mentioned below:


Cameras: Annke offers you a closed circuit surveillance made up of a total of eight 1.0 megapixel cameras that can cover different angles of your property so you can be aware of everything that happens even if you are not there.

Waterproof: they have the practical characteristic of being waterproof, that is, they will not be damaged by being in contact with water, which means that you can install them outdoors to monitor land, entrances, gardens and any space in your home or business.

Night: in addition, you can also be aware of everything that happens even if there is no natural light, since the cameras have night vision, very useful to avoid robberies or unwanted entries at night.

Storage: Everything the cameras record will be stored on a 1TB hard drive included with the purchase, so you won’t have to spend extra to archive the videos.

Alerts: If you wish, you can program the system to send you instant alerts to your email in case of detection of accidents, irregular movements or violations of property.


Wireless: a detail that you should not overlook is that the cameras are not wireless, they must remain connected by cable to the main source in order to transmit the images.

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Buying Guide – What is the best IP surveillance kit on the market?

IP surveillance kits have come a long way, to the point that today’s business models have little to envy the models used by professional companies. Something that significantly reduces how much it costs to have one of these teams, without forgetting also the savings that it represents in a surveillance service that sometimes is not the most effective.

That is why you are surely interested in knowing our guide to buying the best IP surveillance kit, since there are so many options and possibilities that it is possible to get lost along the way.

Number of cameras and scalability

When it comes to making a comparison of IP surveillance kits, the number of cameras and the rest of the elements included is one of the most important elements to consider. Especially since today it is easy to find a good and cheap model if we adjust it to the specific surveillance needs that we have in our home, our work or wherever we need it.

These image needs are covered with cameras, and it is common to find mainly four and eight camera models on the market. These are the most common kits and allow you to take all kinds of images depending on what you need. The good thing is that if you need something in between, many of these sets also have the possibility of incorporating additional cameras, with which to take control in the area you need.

In any case, it is important that when assessing the growth of the system, you also check that the model has enough space to add the image-taking elements you need. The good news is that some models even allow you to add other elements, beyond cameras, to control the environment as needed at cheaper prices than general kits.

Image quality and access

Since the ultimate goal of this product is to take quality images, another issue that we must assess is precisely the quality of image taking. Currently the cameras that are part of these kits do not usually have an image quality lower than the 720P system, which would be the first step of high definition images. And, of course, you should not choose any model with less quality than indicated.

Obviously if you want more image quality, today there are models with Full HD quality and excellent resolution, which make it much easier to see in detail what is on the other side of the camera. The good news is that for you to have quality even at night, you also have, or should look for, cameras with good nighttime reinforcement through LED lights, which help to have enough light for when darkness reigns.

As for access, the IP system makes it easy to see the images both on your PC and on your mobile or tablet. Thanks to the motion detection system, some models even allow you to send alerts to your mobile phone when an incident occurs, serving as your personal watchman. Some models allow you to include a hard drive where you can save the images to review them when you need it.

Product Installation

When installing the equipment, it is advisable to start by evaluating the resistance of the camera. This is key in outdoor installations, which must have good resistance to humidity and weather, so that they are not affected by these circumstances. The higher the level of IP protection included, the better for the camera to take what you throw at it.

As for the installation, this is usually easier in the wireless or wireless models, so that they only connect to the central unit. Generally, wall mounting requires no more than a couple of plugs and screws to properly mount the camera. Also check the characteristics of the supports, so that the assembly does not pose problems.

Ultimately, it is also convenient to see the characteristics of the central unit, especially if we have to mount wiring or connect it to the network with conventional cable. In both cases, we must verify that the cables have the necessary measures to reach where it is necessary, although it is always possible to change them for others if necessary. Do not forget to check that you have space and measurements so that you can really assemble it without complications.

How to use an IP surveillance kit

Surveillance in the spaces of your home is a priority to maintain the tranquility of all family members. If this is your first time installing a security system, you should read these steps to help you understand how easy it can be to use this type of technology.

Conduct a home study

Studying your home is the easiest way to define which places need to be continuously monitored. Generally, the appropriate spaces to install surveillance cameras are outdoors, corridors, garages and gardens, since they will give you an amplified view of the place. Carry out this study before installing the complete security system.

Clear the area where you will place the system

Later, when selecting the places to place the cameras, clear the areas completely for the installation. It is important that the ceiling of each space is free of dust and dirt so that when connecting the cameras, they have better adherence to the material.

Check system connection

IP security systems were created for the purpose of transmitting wireless signals to the router. This device is responsible for perceiving the signals and transmitting them to the connected devices or monitors. Verifies that the system connection complies with the most up-to-date security standards to ensure proper surveillance.

Install the cameras in the assigned place

After correctly cleaning the different spaces where you will place the cameras, proceed to install them. For them you must make use of the instruction manual that will indicate the correct way to install them, ensuring your well-being and that of the devices.

Connect the cameras to the monitor

Once you have installed the cameras, turn them on and configure their functions so that they transmit the signals to the router and it displays them on the respective monitors. It uses the IP address that the system has and simultaneously synchronizes all the cameras, so that the images are seen on a single monitor.

Turn on the system and encode the signal

The next step you need to take is to turn on the entire system: the cameras, the monitor, and the router. Security systems use the internet network to broadcast the video signals and be able to send them to the router over far distances. Verify that all the signals sent by the camera are encrypted, preventing any outsider from seeing the interior of your home.

CCTV Security Camera

Pair your mobile device to the wireless network

If you want to get alerts and images directly to your mobile, you must coordinate your device to the wireless network of the security system. This will allow you to receive notifications about any eventuality that happens in your home. Verify that the signal is fluid and that it does not have any interruptions.

Regularly update the software

Current security systems require a process of updating data and software periodically. Go to the official website of your kit brand and register your product to receive new network updates and keep your home safe.

The most popular brands

Among the latest technological resources, surveillance kits have become the most sought after option. These provide you in one place with all the necessary elements that will help you keep an eye on any property. For this type of product, like many other technological items, the search for the most popular brands is usually very important, as well as an excellent means through which to find out what is new in the market. For all this, in the following section we present some of the most prominent manufacturers.

According to the information collected, ANNKE is, in the field of surveillance, one of the best positioned and most popular companies on the web. The brand has more than 10 years of experience in creating security products using video cameras.

Its success, as well as its permanence in the market, is due to its ability to create products with state-of-the-art technology that at the same time are very easy to use for the normal user. In this way, the products designed by ANNKE maintain an affordable purchase price and can be used in both commercial and domestic applications.

During its first decade of experience, this company has grown to lead not only the industry in its country, but also to position itself in other important nations. Today it has official offices in the cities of California and Hong Kong. Similarly, it has sales channels in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Spain and also in Russia. To achieve this expansion, it uses web distributors such as Amazon and eBay, as well as Walmart stores in America.

D-Link Corporation was founded in 1986 by Ken Kao. Today, it is a joint stock company and a global company whose main field of action is network solutions and communications.

The history of the company began in the 1980s under the name of Datex Systems and at that time it was dedicated solely to the sale of network cards. However, it didn’t take long for him to move on and he went on to become a designer, developer and one of the world’s leading networking infrastructure manufacturers.

The company’s official headquarters is located in Taipei, China. Its products are especially popular for their attractive and functional designs and for the ease of use that they represent even for those who are not very skilled with electronic devices.

For this, the brand develops a series of products focused on personal or home use and others focused on business. Among its catalog of options you can find modems, surveillance cameras, monitoring equipment, routers, sensors, adapters and much more.

For its part, Tmezon is one of the top 10 manufacturers of security cameras in China. According to company information, its work team specializes in the manufacture of security products, as well as in scientific research, development, production and sales of technological equipment for private use.

Its specialization is surveillance cameras, with a wide range of options designed to meet different needs. For all these reasons it is a great alternative when searching for surveillance kits.

It is important to mention that this company is listed as one of the favorites for thousands of users. This distinction has been achieved thanks to the manufacture of high quality products and its ability to maintain a truly affordable purchase price.

The company also has a varied catalog of options or products that are marketed through the most popular e-commerce; These include: analog cameras, video recorders, Wireless IP cameras, surveillance kits and much more.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

KKmoon CCTV Security Kit 4CH Full AHD

The KKMoon NII3763517892808KL IP camera kit is ideal for monitoring what you need. It is a product that stands out among cheap models for price and quality. Something that has nothing to do with its endowment, since the product has four cameras and the central unit necessary to manage the entire system.

Obviously, they are cheaper models than the kits with a higher number of cameras, so if your needs are tight, this model is suitable. Above all, because the product does not reduce quality, with the ability to record all kinds of images and access them whenever you need.

The cameras have all the details you need such as night light, moisture protection and easy installation, so you don’t envy anything of the higher cost models.

KKMoon has for you what could be the best IP surveillance kit for 130 euros on the market, also becoming one of the cheapest:


Image: KKmoon kits can record in HD quality at 1080N and 720p no matter day or night thanks to its night vision.

Alerts: they are capable of issuing instant alerts directly to the owner’s email so that they are aware of the activation of the motion detector.

Waterproof: they can be in contact with water to be installed outdoors, adding practicality and comfort when choosing surveillance angles.


Cable: they are not wireless and you will have to keep them connected 24 hours a day if you do not want to miss anything.

Units: It is made up of a total of four cameras, although you can purchase the same model in its version with eight and sixteen cameras, respectively.

Swinway SW-C2025WT4-00

The kit of 4 Swinway SW-C2025WT4-00 IP surveillance cameras is an interesting proposal for those who do not require intensive use of surveillance functions. In this case, the cameras have 720P image quality incorporating 36 LEDs for night vision functions.

The images obtained can be viewed directly on any mobile, tablet or PC, as well as viewed directly on the screen included with the system. A product designed for indoors or outdoors that is easy to assemble thanks to its wireless connectivity, which makes the process even easier.

The Wi-Fi connectivity of the equipment is stable and supports the range in open areas located at a distance of up to 350 meters from the area where the receiver is located.

If you have a business or want to keep an eye on your home, you can invest in a good IP surveillance kit to make the task easier:

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