Top 8 Silent Fans of 2022

Silent Fan – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

We all love summer, good weather, long days and the beach. However, with the arrival of summer temperatures also rise, which can play tricks on you, especially if you live in the city, where the heat can be unbearable. To alleviate high temperatures, there is nothing like having a silent fan. In the following buying guide you will find some ceiling models such as the Orbegozo 50120 that you can hang from the ceiling to cool the entire room or the Cecotec ForceSilence 890, a very quiet standing fan with remote control.


The 8 Best Silent Fans – Opinions 2022

When buying a fan, in addition to its price, it is worth looking at other details, especially noise. A noisy fan can be very annoying, especially if you need to keep it on during a long, hot summer night. If you are thinking of buying a silent fan, here are 8 of the best models on the market.

Silent Ceiling Fan 

1. Orbegozo CP 50120 Ceiling fan with light and control

The Orbegozo CP 50120 silent ceiling fan is one of the best silent fans of 2022. It has a built-in light, so it can replace a lamp and, in addition, it has a convenient remote control so you can control it from your bed or from the bedroom. sofa, something that is not usual in cheap fans like this one. 

It has six blades with a total diameter of 120 cm and a motor with a power of 60 W with 3 fan speeds. It is very quiet, thanks to the size and shape of its blades. In addition, it is made of chromed metals, with a modern and compact design that will adapt perfectly to any room, living room or terrace.

It has reversible ventilation mode, ideal for winter and summer. In summer it directs the air directly towards the floor and in winter, towards the rest of the room, distributing the heat better. Orbegozo could be the best brand of silent fans and it shows in its small details.


Design : With the silver finish and larger blades, it has a very stylish design that will look good in any environment.

Reversible Mode : The reversible winter/summer ventilation mode is an excellent addition, since you can use it in winter to distribute the heat.

Remote control : The remote control is a great accessory, since it allows you to control the fan from bed, the sofa or while having dinner with your family and friends, without having to get up.


Power : Even at the highest speed, the fan does not move enough air, so it may not be suitable for very large rooms.

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2. Westinghouse Lighting Vegas Ceiling Fan

This silent ceiling fan has a traditional and attractive design, with a size of 105 cm and is ideal for rooms up to 20 square meters. The blades are reversible, which allows you to choose between two types of finishes: white or pine, so it will look good in any decoration. The glass is in matt tones, to soften the light.

If you are wondering which silent fan to buy, this is a great option, since it has a very powerful, balanced and silent motor. In addition, it offers you a reverse turn function for winter. The bulb socket accepts LEDs and is energy efficient, reducing energy costs.

Thanks to its flexible mounting, it could be the best silent fan of the moment, since it adapts to any environment. It has an extension rod for rooms with high ceilings and can be installed without it, recessed into the ceiling, for smaller rooms.


Low Consumption : The Westinghouse silent ceiling fan has very low energy consumption and is designed to work with the brand’s LED bulbs. 

Installation : It is very easy to install and, thanks to its extension rod, you can use it in rooms with high ceilings and also in those with low ceilings. You just need to install or remove the rod.

Silent : With a noise level of 48 dB, you will not notice that it is on, so it will be your best companion on hot summer nights.


Remote: The remote control of the fan has very little signal, which prevents it from being used comfortably .

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Silent Tower Fan

3. Cecotec ForceSilence 890 Skyline Digital Tower Fan

If you are wondering which is the best silent fan, the Cecotec ForceSilence 890 Skyline is a good option. This silent tower fan has ForceSilence technology, which gives you instant fresh air without annoying noise. On the other hand, with its remote control and LCD screen you will enjoy easier and more intuitive control.

The fan has three ventilation modes. The first is the breeze mode that offers freshness and silence, the second is the ECO mode that keeps the room cool with minimal consumption and, finally, a NIGHT mode, which is designed to cool down at night and reduce noise emission, which is usually the problem with cheaper fans.

The motor is made of copper, it is efficient, reliable and designed to last. It includes a programmable timer of up to 7.5 hours, after which it will turn off automatically and protection against power surges and overheating.


RotateWind : RotateWind technology offers a greater angle of ventilation, which expands the cooling zone of the fan. 

Design : It has a very careful design with elegant lines that will adapt perfectly to the decoration of your home. In addition, it is light and easy to transport.

Modes : The three ventilation modes make this tower fan a suitable option. Not only does it have a mode to save energy, but it also includes a special mode for the night.


Materials : It is made of plastic materials. It shouldn’t be a problem, but if the swivel is activated, the base vibrates and makes a little noise when ventilating.

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4. Rowenta Eole Infinite Digital VU6670F0 Tower Fan

This silent tower fan has an elegant, extra-slim design and is almost one meter high, offering a more complete air diffusion. It is comfortable and has a very high performance, which has led many users to consider it the best silent tower fan for home.

It has a 180-degree oscillation for a sensation of freshness throughout the room. With three adjustable air speeds, you can get the best ventilation and adapt it to all needs, depending on the heat of the moment. Its wide base also improves stability and eliminates annoying noise.

You can program the use, thanks to its adjustable digital timer of up to 8 hours. Once the programmed time has elapsed, the fan will turn itself off. On the other hand, the cable will not be a problem, thanks to its automatic cable winder, which stores the cable inside. 


ECO function : includes an automatic shutdown function. After 12 hours of continuous use, the fan will automatically turn off to save energy.

Oscillation : Rowenta’s oscillation system covers an area of ​​180 degrees, which ensures you cover an entire room.

Base : The base is wide, safe and stable. This eliminates vibrations that cause annoying noises in other fans.


Size and angle : The fan is one meter tall, which may be excessive for some rooms. Also, having 180 degrees of oscillation, it takes a long time to refresh an area again.

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Silent standing fan

5. Rowenta Turbo Silence Extreme VU5640F0 Silent Stand Fan

This Rowenta silent pedestal fan is a very powerful and comfortable model. It is ideal for small and medium-sized rooms and, thanks to its Extreme Silence technology, it only produces 42 dB, which is why many users claim that it is the best silent fan.

It has four speed settings, which you can regulate from the comfortable central button panel. Its turbo blow function offers an air flow of 80 cubic meters per minute, perfect for those unbearably hot days. It also has a night option, which reduces noise even more. 

It has a 120 degree oscillation function for better air diffusion and a 30 cm telescopic bar so you can adjust the position of the blades according to your needs. You can adjust the orientation, select the flow and configure the oscillation mode.


Design : It has a light design, perfect for small and medium-sized rooms. It has a carrying handle and, as it weighs little, you can easily move it.

Configuration : Thanks to its multiple configuration modes and functions, you can adjust the air flow to the needs of your home.

Silence technology: Silence technology offers good noise reduction, regardless of the selected airflow. Even at turbo boost speed, it’s very quiet.


Protection grille: The protection grille has holes quite far apart and the blades are located a few centimeters from it, which can be dangerous for children.

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6. Ultratec Silent Floor Fan 3 Speed ​​Levels

The Ultratec model might be the best value for money quiet fan on our list. It offers optimal performance even in the largest rooms, thanks to its large size. The motor of this silent pedestal fan has a power of 50 W, which ensures maximum air circulation and very low energy consumption. 

Thanks to its silent operation and its stable cross-shaped base, it is ideal for offices and spaces where silence is required. 

It has automatic 90 degree oscillation and fixed function. In addition, it offers options to adjust the fan to each need. Includes 18 cm telescopic rod to raise the blades, tilt and direction adjustment, and three air speeds. All together, it allows an adjusted configuration for each room.


Weight : One of its strong points is its weight and size, since it only weighs 3 kg and measures 102 cm (with the pole stored), which makes it easy to transport and store.

Configuration : It is a very simple model that does not have pre-established configurations or electronic parts that can lose the configuration, since it only has three buttons to select the speed.

Base : The cross-shaped base offers stability without adding weight to the whole.


Sound : As with most cheap floor fans, the vibrations it produces when oscillating are annoying and it is not the most suitable for a room where you are going to sleep.

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Silent Sleeping Fan

7. Taurus Alpatec Babel RC Silent Fan for Sleeping

This quiet fan for sleeping will keep your home cool without you knowing. In addition, thanks to its 45 W copper motor you can enjoy fresh air without increasing your energy consumption.

It has three modes of operation. The night mode will allow you to sleep cool and calm, thanks to a reduced ventilation intensity and an ultra-quiet mode. The breeze mode offers a cool, pleasant and quiet breath. Lastly, normal mode will quickly cool down your house.

You can use any of its modes or let it work without an active mode. Thanks to its LCD screen and the comfortable remote control, you can control and select the mode you prefer. It has a 180 degree oscillation with which you will refresh the entire room. You can also program the shutdown thanks to its timer of up to 7.5 hours.


Functions : This fan has three air modes, plus independent operation and a timer to program the shutdown.

Design : The design is slim and elegant, with a height of one meter and a wide grille to improve air dispersion. It has a rear handle so you can move it.

Remote: The remote control allows you to control the fan without having to leave the sofa or bed.


Oscillation : When the oscillation of the fan is activated, it begins to make a lot of noise.

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Rowenta Silent Fan

8. Rowenta HQ7112F0 Air Force Hot & Cool

This quiet Rowenta fan has a fan and heater function, making it an ideal choice all year round. Thanks to its 2-in-1 technology patented by Rowenta, it guarantees optimal air circulation, either to heat or cool the room quickly and evenly.

The compact Air Force Hot & Cool curved grille design improves airflow and reduces sound. It cools or heats rooms up to 45 square meters and emits only 45 dB in fan mode and 48 dB in heating mode.

It has an automatic mode that adapts to the needs of the user throughout the year, since it allows you to choose the optimal temperature and it will automatically adjust to cool or heat the room.


Design : As a premium brand, Rowenta pays great attention to detail in all of its products. This model has a light, compact and very functional design that adapts to any decoration.

Security : It has security mechanisms such as automatic shutdown when falling, which improve the functionality of the equipment.

Remote: The remote control is one of the best accessories for a fan . With it, you can select the temperature or set the timer without having to move.


Power : For a fan of this price and characteristics, the power is somewhat scarce, since it is indicated for rooms of 45 square meters.

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Shopping guide

A silent fan is an essential piece of equipment for any home, especially if you live in a hot area. It is a good alternative to air conditioners that are much more expensive and spend more. Below, you will find a guide to buying the best silent fan on the market, with the main features explained in detail.

fan type

Different types of fans offer unique features and functions. Before choosing one, you should know your needs and those of the room you are going to cool. 

First of all, you can find table, desktop or floor fans, which are small models that allow you to control the direction of the air very little; this type of fan is usually the most economical. You can also find tower fans, with more functions, more power and much quieter; some models even work without blades. Pedestal fans offer a large air flow, but they tend to vibrate and emit a lot of noise when they oscillate, so they are not recommended for bedrooms.

As for built-in fans, we have wall fans, which can be anchored to any wall and have an air projection similar to table fans. Finally, you have ceiling fans, which are the most efficient for cooling a room, as they distribute the air more efficiently. Many of these models include light, so they can replace a lamp.

Space to ventilate and power

The space you want to ventilate will influence the choice, since the larger the room, the more power you will need. 

Buying a fan for a small room will not be the same as buying a fan for a living room. Most manufacturers indicate the square meters that their equipment can cool, but it is always better to look at the power. 

The power of a fan usually goes hand in hand with the number of speeds and the air flow, but also with its consumption. Although the fans, in general, have a low consumption, if they are in operation for many hours a day, the price of the electricity bill will rise. 

Again, you should pay attention to space. For a small room, where you will place the fan on a table, you do not need a very powerful model. However, for a bedroom, the ideal is a ceiling fan, which cools the entire room without shooting up the expense.

Of course, the power and the number of speeds will also influence how much the equipment costs, so you will have to think carefully.


In a comparison of silent fans we have to talk about noise. Fans are noisy pieces of equipment, especially when used at full power. This is not a big problem during the day, but at night it can be very annoying. If you’re a light sleeper, a loud fan can be the worst company on a hot night.

If what you are looking for is a model for the nights, this criterion is very important. Most of the models in our guide feature silent technology. This affects how the blades move and, most importantly, the oscillation. Fans tend to make noise when they oscillate, so you should pay attention to this point. Check the comments of other users and look at their opinions; If a model has a lot of complaints about noise, don’t waste your time with them.


The degree of fan stability is important. The stability of the base is the main cause of noise in the fans and also of failures, since they can fall and break or affect the electronic components due to vibrations.

The fans with the best bases are the standing ones, while the desktop and tower ones are more insecure. It is not that the fans will fall by themselves when oscillating, but if they generate a lot of vibrations during use, they can cause harmful noise and vibration. In addition, an unstable base will tip over at the slightest contact.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a silent fan?

When using a silent fan, the main thing is to position the equipment correctly. It must be placed in a way that facilitates the exit of hot air, for this you must open the door of the room and place the fan in front of an open window, in this way the air circulates better from the outside and you will prevent it from moving overheated air.

Placing the fan at the longest linear distance in the room will improve efficiency and maximize ventilation, since you will be taking advantage of all the airflow. This also helps reduce humidity in the environment.

In the bedroom, the ideal is to place the fan in front of the bed at an angle parallel to the floor, in this way the air flows under the bed and towards the ceiling, which cools the room and prevents the air from blowing directly over the body.

Q2: What is the quietest fan on the market?

The quietest fans on the market are the bladeless models. Despite their name, these fans do have blades, they just stay hidden in the base frame. 

The technology of these silent fans was patented by James Dyson in 1993. They work with a motor capable of taking in air and sending it to the top of the unit, where a tube is incorporated that directs the flow of fresh air to the desired area. The slots through which the air comes out are 1 mm thick and their best feature is that they can release air 15 times faster than they absorb it.

Q3: How many decibels does a quiet fan have?

The decibels of a fan depend on each manufacturer. There are models of 45 dB and others of 42 dB. Much will depend on the way each manufacturer measures decibels and the different scales. It will also depend on the position of the fan with respect to the user. 

Q4: How to make a silent fan?

Any fan can become silent. The first thing you should do is check all the screws well, since the most common reason for buzzing and vibrations is usually a bad installation. Fit all the components well and tighten the screws. 

The blades are the second source of noise in a fan. Usually, when mounting the blades are not well balanced, so they emit buzzing or screeching noises. If they are deflected by weight, they will also emit annoying vibrations. 

Most fans include, among their mounting hardware, a counterweight kit to balance the blades. To know which blade is unbalanced, look at the speed at which they rotate, if one of them goes faster or moves more, it is the one that is unbalanced.

In pedestal or tower fans, a large part of the noise can be solved by putting thick paper or a blanket under the base. This absorbs vibrations and prevents noise.

Q5: How does a silent fan work?

Fans are fluid machines, that is, they move the air, they are not capable of reducing its temperature as an air conditioner would. The movement of air increases the feeling of cold in the body, as it favors the evaporation of moisture from the skin. Sweat, by evaporating from the body, steals heat and produces a sensation of freshness.

The movements of the blades are responsible for moving the air and producing that sensation. In silent fans, the motor, the blades and the base are designed not to emit vibrations, so the noise level is really low.

In the bladeless fan models, they take the air from the base and, through hidden blades, push the air throughout the body of the device, up to 1 mm slots located at the top and facing forward. Bladeless fans send air 15 times faster, which improves the feeling of freshness.

Q6: How does a silent ceiling fan sound?

The noise of a silent ceiling fan will depend on its speed of rotation and the installation. If the blades are well balanced and the screws are properly fastened, there should be no noise other than a slight hum of the blades moving air.

At the highest speeds, ceiling fans will make a bit more noise, both from the motor and from the air moving. However, at low speeds, even in complete silence, you shouldn’t hear a thing.

Q7: How to install a silent fan?

Quiet ceiling fans require assembly and installation. To begin with, you must mount the blades on the fan structure and place them in the correct position, fix them to the structure and check that they are balanced. Next, mount the lighting system screws and attach it to the structure.

Using the fan bracket, mark the position of the anchors on the ceiling. Drill at the marking points, insert the rod holders or nuts and screw until it is firmly fixed. With the power off, connect the wires from the light fixture to the fan, making sure the colors of the wires match.

Now you just have to hang the fan on the bracket and adjust it. Fix the case with the screws and check that everything works.

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