Top 9 Bathroom Mirror Cabinets of 2022

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Mirrored cabinets are functional structures that are commonly used in any bathroom, since they allow you to maintain order by being able to store various personal hygiene items in them, while adding a decorative touch to the spaces. In addition, the built-in mirror is usually convenient for makeup or hair styling. For example, the Homfa ASM-AC010 bathroom cabinet with mirror offers an elegant structure that is easy to assemble, with a convenient lighting system, which improves the experience of using the mirror. In the case of the Ikea 002.051.72 bathroom cabinet with mirror, you will have a structure with a minimalist design, with well-cared finishes and a spacious interior.



The 9 Best Bathroom Mirror Cabinets – Opinions 2022

Having a cabinet with a mirror in our bathroom is convenient to maintain order. In addition, depending on the model, we can enjoy other benefits such as the incorporation of lighting. Below, we present nine bathroom mirror cabinet designs that have managed to position themselves among the best of the current year.

Bathroom cabinet with mirror and light

1. Homfa Bathroom Wall Cabinet with Mirror LED Light

There are those who comment that this model could be the best bathroom cabinet with mirror, since it not only has an elegant design, which will complement the decoration of the room, but also offers a spacious interior, for the placement of a wide variety of bathroom products. personal hygiene. It also incorporates a mirror with lighting to improve the user experience when brushing, combing, applying makeup, night creams or shaving.

This bathroom cabinet with mirror and light has been constructed of robust steel with anti-rust protection, so you don’t have to worry about warping or deterioration due to the inevitable daily splashes. 

In addition, the doors are easy to open, thanks to the pair of ergonomic knobs, while the closure is safe, due to the attached magnetic system. For its part, the assembly will not be an inconvenience, because the pieces have been numbered and perforated for greater practicality.

Recommended as the best bathroom mirror cabinet of the moment, you will find this model. Next, more of its details.


Compartments: Its two compartments are spacious, so you can store various objects.

Knobs: The built-in knobs facilitate the opening of the doors, in order to access the interior of the structure.

Instruction manual: The manual offers detailed assembly instructions, to complete the task in a few minutes.

Resistance: Corrosion will not be a problem, because the metal of the structure has been treated to resist humidity.


Lighting: The light from the lamp may be a little low to illuminate the room, but it will be adequate to improve the visualization of the face.

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2. Relaxdays Led Mirror Wardrobe Two Doors Three Compartments

This Relaxdays model is positioned among the best bathroom mirror cabinets of 2022, whose white exterior offers a rectangular cut line, with a pleasant minimalist aesthetic, suitable for any bathroom.

In addition, this bathroom cabinet with mirror and light has a format of 67 x 60 x 12 centimeters, which corresponds to the height, width and depth of the structure. In this way, you will have a spacious storage area, so that you can distribute all the personal hygiene products that you usually use when taking a shower in an orderly manner.

On the other hand, we manufacture the product in stainless steel, for greater resistance to humidity, with easy-opening doors and a convenient LED lighting system, which favors correct visualization in the mirror when applying makeup, combing or shaving.. It also has an intuitive assembly that will not take much time.

Relaxdays is considered as the best brand of bathroom mirror cabinets. Know the positive and negative of this model belonging to its catalog.


Lighting: The LED lighting system allows better visibility in front of the mirror.

Compartments: You can store various personal hygiene items due to its spacious interior.

Power outlet: A side power outlet is incorporated to facilitate the use of electrical devices in the bathroom.

Resistance: You will not have to worry about humidity, because the structure has been built in stainless steel.


Instruction manual: A manual with instructions for use in Spanish is missing.

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Ikea bathroom cabinet with mirror

3. Ikea Lillången Mirror cabinet 2 doors

This product with the Ikea quality seal could be the answer to the question of many users about which is the best bathroom cabinet with mirror, as it is made with synthetic materials in the honeycombs and cardboard on the back. Likewise, the incorporation of metallic rails and a pigmented powder treatment stand out to obtain a more resistant finish.

In addition, this Ikea bathroom cabinet with mirror incorporates a pair of shelves that you can easily adjust, whose general format corresponds to a height, width and depth of 63.5 x 58 x 20 centimeters. These are adequate dimensions for the placement of different personal hygiene products, cloths, perfumes, among others.

On the other hand, we have the pair of built-in doors, which you can open and close without problems, and on the outside of which you will have a mirrored surface. This way, you can see yourself every morning to do your hair, put on makeup or shave.

If you still don’t know which bathroom mirror cabinet to buy, don’t hesitate to review the pros and cons of this model.


Glass: The glass used offers a life-size display for practical use.

Doors: You will not have problems handling the doors because they offer easy opening and safe closing.

Design: With this cabinet you will give the bathroom a distinctive touch, due to the detailed finishes of the design.

Resistance. The structure offers an adequate level of resistance, thanks to the quality of its materials.


Deterioration: You will need to avoid the remains of moisture on the structure because they could cause deterioration.

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Bathroom cabinet with mirror and 3 doors

4. Jokey Lymo Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

This could be considered the best value for money bathroom cabinet with mirror, because it offers a synthetic structure with a length, depth and width of 58 x 14.5 x 50 centimeters, a glossy white surface and a series of detailed finishes.. Likewise, the cabinet incorporates three spacious compartments for you to place your personal hygiene products, and a lower shelf for combs, perfumes or any other small object.

It is a bathroom cabinet with a mirror and 3 doors, which will not only help you maintain order in the bathroom, but will also allow you to save space and money, by not having to purchase the mirror separately. In this way, you will be able to see your face clearly when you brush your teeth, apply makeup, comb your hair or shave. In addition, this structure has a pleasant aesthetic, which will give the bathroom a different and decorative touch.

This bathroom cabinet with mirror has managed to stand out among the cheapest. More model details below.


Doors: You will have three mirrored doors, which you can easily open and close.

Compartments: You will not have limitations to store your personal hygiene items, because the structure incorporates three central compartments and one lower one.

Cleaning: Thanks to its synthetic construction, you can easily clean the structure with a sponge and soapy solution.

Assembly: You will be able to assemble the pieces of the structure easily, since the instructions in the manual are detailed.


Weight: The lower compartment could be a bit flimsy if you place heavy objects on it.

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Other products

5. Trendteam Bathroom dressing room with mirror Malea

If what you are looking for is a bathroom mirror cabinet with an elegant aesthetic, made with high-end raw materials and detailed finishes, this Trendteam model could suit you. The structure has a height, width and depth format corresponding to 70 x 65 x 15 centimeters, with ample interior space and easy-opening doors with a mirror, so you can appreciate your face when putting on makeup, combing your hair or shaving.

It should be noted that this is an easy-to-assemble bathroom cabinet with mirror, which incorporates everything necessary for this task. In addition, the structure was made of resistant and light wood, with a surface that resembles the characteristic grains of oak wood, for greater visual appeal. Similarly, the material has a forest type certification, which means that it is a sustainable product that does not affect the environment.

Below, you can read the most relevant details of this Trendteam bathroom cabinet with mirror.


Assembly: You will not have problems when carrying out the assembly, because it is a simple and intuitive task to carry out.

Cleaning: You can easily clean the structure, with a damp or dry cloth, and without using specialized products.

Sustainable: It is a certified forest product, so its raw material is sustainable and does not harm the environment.

Mirror: The full-scale mirror allows you to observe the face without magnification or distortion.


Dimensions: The structure could be a bit small, but this will depend on the taste of each person.

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6. Tokvon Galaxy LED Aluminum Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

With this product you will enjoy a bathroom mirror cabinet with a modern design and advanced technology, since it is a functional and aesthetically pleasing structure, with which the manufacturer intends to drastically improve the user experience.

The cabinet is made of high-end alloy, corrosion resistant and light in body. Its door provides a quick opening, to access the interior compartments, as well as a safe closing method. 

For its part, the outer area of ​​this piece incorporates a spacious mirror and a convenient LED lighting system, whose brightness level you can regulate by simply pressing a specific point on the surface. This is due to the integrated sensor. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the bathroom’s characteristic steam covering the mirror and limiting visibility, as special anti-fog pads have been attached.

This product has interesting benefits and some less flattering aspect, which you will be able to know below.


Anti-fog: The pads placed under the mirror prevent fogging, despite the fact that there is steam in the bathroom.

Plug: You will be able to connect the shaver easily, due to the built-in plug.

Lighting: The mirror includes LED lighting, so you can enjoy a more comfortable view of your face in the mirror.

Resistance: It has a metallic structure resistant to corrosion, which offers a long useful life.


Switch: It does not have an off switch in the lighting system, although it does support adjusting the brightness level.

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7. Domtech Home Decor Mirror Cabinet Bathroom

Among the cheapest bathroom cabinets with mirrors in this selection, the Domtech Home Decor model has managed to stand out. Its structure has a central compartment with two levels, as well as a door that is easy to open and close securely. For its part, on one of the sides, you will have three additional areas. In this way, you will have the necessary space to store all your hygiene items.

This cabinet was made of chipboard, which is a strong and lightweight material. In addition, it incorporates a convenient non-magnifying mirror on the door, with a height-width format corresponding to 44 x 40 centimeters. Thus, you will be able to observe your face while you put on makeup or shave, as the case may be.

With regard to the assembly of this bathroom cabinet with mirror, we have the incorporation of the hinges with a damping system for the door, an aluminum handle, screws, anchors and all the necessary material to carry out this task.

If you plan to purchase a spacious bathroom mirror cabinet with a modern look, you will be interested to know the advantages and disadvantages of this model.


Compartments: The structure incorporates five compartments, so you can store everything you need for your personal hygiene.

Mirror: This mirror offers a reflection without magnification, which allows you to appreciate your face in a natural way.

Pulled: The front aluminum handle provides a correct opening and closing of the door.

Fixing: A rear anchoring system is incorporated, in order to easily fix the structure on the wall.


Instruction manual: The instructions offered in the manual may not be clear enough.

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8. Kleankin Wall Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

This is a bathroom mirror cabinet with a spacious design, whose format has dimensions of 58 x 13 x 56 centimeters. In this way, you can distribute all your hygiene items. In addition, the structure incorporates a pair of front doors, with a convenient mirror, which will allow you to save space and money, by not having to purchase it separately. On the other hand, the ergonomic knobs provide quick opening and closing to access the interior.

The structure has been built with sheets of MDF wood, a resistant raw material, with a smooth touch and capable of offering practical cleaning, just by rubbing a soft cloth on said surface. In the same way, the material has great resistance and is light, favoring a quick manipulation when assembling its parts, which have been duly numbered, so that you do not have problems when carrying out this task.

This is a bathroom cabinet with mirror positioned positively in the market, whose details of interest you will be able to know right away.


Assembly: You will enjoy a quick assembly, since the parts are duly numbered.

Compartments: You can store various personal hygiene items, thanks to its large main cabinet and lower shelf.

Mirror: The incorporation of mirrors on the doors saves space in the bathroom.

Cleaning: Its MDF structure is easy to clean with a soft cloth.


Colour: If you are looking for a natural wood tone bathroom cabinet with mirror, you should opt for another model, because this one is only available in white.

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9. Intradisa Bathroom Vanity Mirror Gala 8910 wenge

Intradisa brings to the market a bathroom cabinet with mirror made of melamine and polyvinyl chloride, also known by the acronym PVC. These are high-end materials, resistant, with a pleasant soft touch and easy to clean, since it is only necessary to rub a damp or dry cloth on the surface to remove accumulated dirt and dust. In addition, its assembly is an intuitive task to carry out, for which hinges, screws and an instruction manual are incorporated.

The structure has a height, width, depth format corresponding to 62 x 60 x 18 centimeters respectively, which, at the same time, has been divided into a total of six compartments, in which you can distribute your personal hygiene items and towels in an orderly manner.. Likewise, a hinged door is incorporated that covers half of the wardrobe, in which a convenient and spacious mirror stands out.

Here, the pros and cons of a bathroom mirror cabinet with a modern and functional design.


Assembly: You will be able to carry out a quick assembly, because all the necessary tools for this task are included.

Compartments: Thanks to the added compartments, it is possible to distribute brushes, toothpaste, towels and personal hygiene items in an orderly manner.

Door: A hinged door with a mirror is incorporated, which is a functional element in the structure.

Cleaning: To clean the structure, you will only need to rub a damp cloth and a dry one over it.


Dimensions: The size of the cabinet could be reduced for some people.

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Shopping guide

Acquiring the right furniture for the bathroom could be a messy task for some people, especially if they do not have knowledge about the subject or little time for the selection of the product. In this case, it would be best to review this guide to buy the best bathroom cabinet with mirror, a functional structure that should not be missing in this type of space.


Mirror cabinets for bathrooms usually incorporate between one and up to three doors, in order to keep the products and objects stored inside the structure protected. Therefore, when thinking about acquiring furniture of this type, we must review the main details related to these pieces.

In this sense, the correct thing would be to make sure that the door offers a quick opening, so the surface must incorporate a knob or handle with an ergonomic design, so that you can hold it comfortably. Similarly, check the closing method. This can be with pressure adjustment or by means of a magnetic lock, which is usually the system most used by manufacturers. Likewise, there are the doors with metal rails on the inner edges, which allow the structure to slide easily from right to left.

Finally, remember that no matter how affordable your chosen bathroom mirror cabinet is, whatever the design of the door, it should provide smooth and quiet handling, which depends on the cushioning offered by the built-in hinges or bottom rail. and above.


The assembly of the structure and the material incorporated for this task are a couple of aspects of great importance for any buyer, so it is recommended to consider them in the comparison of bathroom mirror cabinets.

In general, this type of furniture requires the initial assembly of each of its parts to form the structure. In this sense, the ideal is that these pieces have been previously drilled so that, when joining them, it is only necessary to fix them together with the respective screws. In this way, you will save time, by not having to take a drill to make the holes yourself. Likewise, it happens with the placement of the doors, for which it is necessary to incorporate a pair of hinges or metal rails, depending on the model. In addition, there is the fixing of the structure on the wall, which can be quite simple, if you select a cabinet with integrated anchors.

Do not forget to check that the manufacturer adds, with the purchase of the cabinet, a set of assembly tools that attaches screws, anchors, knobs, handles, rails, hinges and connection cables for models that have power outlets, among other necessary elements. for the correct placement of the equipment on the wall.


More and more manufacturers are opting for the incorporation of a lighting system in their bathroom mirror cabinet designs, since, in this way, they improve the experience of using the furniture in the room. This is a feature that may influence how much the wardrobe costs, but ultimately makes it a functional product.

If we review some of the main models with lighting, we will find that they usually incorporate LED light lamps, since it is more natural and allows a better view in front of the mirror. In addition, the designs with advanced technology add sensors that are easy to manipulate, to turn on or control the brightness level of the light, depending on the person’s taste. In this sense, you will only have to press the touch switch once to activate the light, and keep it pressed for a few seconds to make the respective adjustment.

Mirror and compartments

The mirror is another feature to check when buying a cabinet for the bathroom, since, if the furniture has been provided with this complement, it will offer a better user experience. In addition, in this way, we can save time and money, by not having to purchase the mirror separately.

In any case, you should try to ensure that the built-in mirror is made of glass without magnification, so that you can appreciate your image without any distortion, in addition to having a spacious format and integrating a system of anti-fog pads. Thus, it will be easier to apply makeup, comb your hair, brush or shave, regardless of the steam in the room.

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