Top 9 USB Fans of 2022

USB Fan – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

With the arrival of the hot season, the most convenient thing is to be equipped with a simple but powerful fan that does not generate a high impact on the payment of the electric service. For these personal use cases, a USB fan could do the trick. Among the outstanding models, the Fancii FC-TTUF300 appears, a compact unit, which has been equipped with twin cyclonic blades, an innovation that provides more power in the air flow. Another versatile proposal for its 3 adjustable speeds is the Ratel Yulang model, a desk fan equipped with a powerful motor and a reduced, low-weight design.



The 9 Best USB Fans – Opinions 2022

A fan is a piece of equipment used to cool the environment with lower energy consumption than other options such as air conditioners. Within the proposals, the USB models are suitable for personal use due to their compact desktop design. So, if you are interested in acquiring one of these, we invite you to review the characteristics of the 9 models that are among the best sellers.

usb mini fan 

1. Fancii Small USB Tabletop Laptop Fan 

Designed with a compact size and light weight, this model from the manufacturer Fancii meets the requirements to enter the category of mini USB fan, since its weight is 227 grams and its dimensions are 12 by 10 by 10 cm, so that it is suitable for desks. 

In addition, this proposal is efficient and silent, because it emits less than 30 dB and requires 5V, so its consumption is reduced. On the other hand, it can be a convenient option to take anywhere, since it works via USB. The cable should only be connected to a power bank or alternate source. 

Also, this product can be a strong contender to obtain the title of the best USB fan on the market, because it has been equipped with the innovation of twin turbo cyclonic blades, which provide more air, with a maximum flow of 4.2 m/s..

This model could be considered the best USB fan of the moment, but if you want to know more details, we present its pros and cons. 


Design: It has a compact and lightweight design, with a non-slip base to avoid incidents. 

Technology: It has twin cyclonic blades that increase the air flow for greater freshness.

Noise: It is silent, since it only emits about 30 decibels during its operation.

Inclination: It has 2 speeds and its direction can be changed because it has a 180º inclination.


Cable length: The built-in USB cable could be longer as its length is 1.2 meters.

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2. Simbr Mini USB Fan with 2 Speeds 

Another favorable model within the category of mini USB fan is this one from the manufacturer Simbr, which also has an affordable price and is positioned as one of the cheapest, without this detracting from the quality of its performance. 

It has a compact black design, with a stable base, equipped with 3 non-slip rubbers. Its weight is 259 grams, so it is portable. In relation to its operation, it provides a convenient air flow because it has a double blade, as well as 4 front blades and 7 rear blades, with a maximum noise level of 36 dB.

In addition, for its power it needs a USB source and includes a 1.8 meter cable that facilitates its connection. Likewise, its base has 3 rubber bands that prevent surfaces from slipping and can be rotated at an angle of 30º. Therefore, it is listed as one of the best USB fans of 2022.

There are those who consider Simbr to be the best brand of USB fans, which could be confirmed by knowing the pros and cons of this model. 


Cable: For immediate operation, it is equipped with a 1.8 meter USB cable.

Blades: Its air flow is generated thanks to 2 blades, 4 front blades and 7 rear blades, which are also easy to clean.

Sound: It is a fan suitable for office work, because it does not generate annoying noises.

Design: It has a compact black design, with a non-slip base and 2 speeds to choose the one required at a given time. 


Construction: Being made of plastic, it is delicate, so falls should be avoided. 

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USB portable fan

3. Ratel USB Table Fan 

With a reduced weight of only 180 grams, this model from the manufacturer Ratel is one of the most outstanding in the USB portable fan category, because it has a compact and lightweight design that saves space on desktops, since its measurements are 12, 5 by 4 by 12.5 cm.

So, if you have wondered which is the best USB fan, this product appears as one of them, because it is silent, but with a favorable power that is supplied thanks to a brushless copper motor and that generates a pleasant breeze.

In addition, this model has an adjustable angle, so that it can be tilted according to convenience at an angle of 360 degrees, which ensures greater comfort. Similarly, it has 3 speeds to select the necessary one according to the weather, and its base has two mats that prevent vibrations and slipping.

If you do not know which USB fan to buy, we recommend you take a look at the pros and cons of this model to determine if it is suitable. 


Stability: It is stable and firm, because it incorporates two pads on the base that prevent vibrations. 

Design: It has a compact and extra lightweight design that saves space and makes it portable.

Motor: Its pleasant airflow is due to a powerful, brushless copper motor.

Speeds: Depending on the freshness needs, you can select between 3 speeds and an adjustable angle of 360º to direct the flow.


Instructions: Although it includes instructions, these can be a bit imprecise for certain users. 

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4. Otumixx USB Fan 

Made of ABS plastic, this model of compact dimensions is considered a portable USB fan, with a rechargeable battery and an optimized design with a clip base, which allows it to be placed in different spaces. 

In addition, this model has a rotating head that can be adjusted at an angle of 360º. In turn, the tweezers have rubber pads that prevent the equipment from slipping or damaging surfaces. It also has a favorable power for speed and it is possible to regulate the intensity of the air flow. 

Although it has autonomy thanks to its battery, it can be used with the computer or in a power bank through a USB cable. Its weight is 358 grams and it has a silent operation, so it does not bother, and it can be used in work spaces, since, at low intensity, it emits 20 dB.

To learn more about the specifications of this model, you can read its pros and cons. 


Noise: It is a silent device that can be used in different environments because its minimum sound is 20 dB.

Clip: It can be placed in the car, baby cart, among others, because it has a clip with an opening angle of 53 mm. 

Design: Its design is compact and delicate, made of black ABS plastic.

Flow: It is possible to easily adjust the air flow, by means of a rotary dial button.


Construction: The plastic of the structure can be delicate, so care must be taken when handling it.

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Silent USB fan

5. TedGem Mini USB Fan 

The manufacturer TedGem has different options in its product catalog, but one of the most popular is this silent, compact size and light weight USB fan that is equipped with 5 blades and a brushless motor with adequate power for the air flow. 

In addition, this model has 3 speeds that can be selected according to the needs to refresh the environment and, during its operation, it does not emit annoying sounds, only a noise between 20 and 30 dB. Its power is done through a cable that is fixed and has a length of 1.2 meters, suitable for USB devices with 5 V output.

Also, its dimensions are 12.5 by 12.5 by 5 cm, so it is portable and its weight is only 181 grams. This allows you to take it anywhere, for field trips or to place it on the office desk. 

If this model has attributes that you have found interesting, you may want to learn more about its properties through its pros and cons. 


Speeds: This model has the right power to generate 3 speeds and choose one depending on what is required.

Motor: It is equipped with a powerful and quiet running brushless motor. 

Sound: It is a silent fan that does not emit annoying noises, but a sound level between 20 and 30 dB.

Portability: Its weight of 181 grams and compact size make it portable and practical.


Instructions: Its instructions for use may be poor and unclear, but, in general, the use of the equipment is intuitive.

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6. Ireenuo Mini Clip Fan 

If you are looking for a silent USB fan model, we could recommend that you include this alternative from the manufacturer Ireenuo within your options, because during its operation it hardly emits annoying noises, so it is practical for work environments. 

This proposal works with a maximum output power of 3.5 W. Similarly, it has been equipped with a 4400 mAh battery, which is powered by USB cable charging with connection to computers or power banks. According to its manufacturer’s estimates, a charge could last between 5 and 40 hours, depending on the speed used.

Its black design is built with a plastic frame and can be used with the desktop clip or stand. It also has a 360º rotation angle and can be used for aromatherapy because it includes two sponges and a hole in the back.

Those interested in this model can learn more about its attributes through the following positive and negative aspects.


Design: It has a compact, lightweight and portable design, with a black structure that can be taken anywhere. 

Clamp: Depending on your needs, you can use its clamp or place it stable on flat surfaces.

Accessories: It is a complete set that includes its USB cable, 2 lithium batteries, 2 sponges and user manual.

Aroma: It admits the possibility of adding essences through two sponges to place in its hole and make an aromatherapy session.


Swing: This equipment does not have the function of automatic rotation, so it is manually adjusted to a certain position.

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5V USB fan

7. Ratel Silent Desktop Fan 

This 5V USB fan from the manufacturer Ratel is one of the favorites of the user community, because it has a practical design for desktop and is compact, so that its movement is easy. 

In addition, this proposal is equipped with 3 speeds to adjust the intensity of the air flow, so that the most favorable one can be selected according to the level of cooling desired, by means of a button. Likewise, it has LED lights that show the established intensity.

For greater comfort, it has an angle of inclination that can be set up to 60º, so that the direction of the air can be changed. Likewise, it can be used in different environments, because it does not emit annoying noises, since its sound is 45 dB. It works with a built-in 2000 mAh battery and its charging time is 2 hours to provide a battery life of 6 hours in medium speed.

This model has interesting attributes that we have summarized by means of pros and cons so that you can determine if it is favorable. 


Design: It has a compact, minimalist and portable design that is available in white.

Battery: It incorporates a 2000 mAh battery, which charges in 2 hours and supplies energy for 6 hours of autonomy in medium mode. 

Cleaning: Its cleanliness is guaranteed, because its grid can be removed to sanitize the blades. 

Head: The rotating head supports the possibility of adjusting the angle of the air flow.


Weight: Its weight, compared to other models, may be a little higher.

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8. Pixnor Flexible Mini USB LED Flash Programmable Fan 

Made of PVC and metallic material with a flexible neck, this model could be the best value for money USB fan, since its construction is resistant, but with cheap materials. 

However, it works efficiently, because within its functions it allows you to program an LED message with original text, for which it supports the Spanish and English languages.

This USB LED fan is one of the lightest on the market, weighing only 81.6 grams, so it can be used with your computer without any discomfort, and just plug into the USB port to get started. to work. 

Likewise, this model incorporates a CD that allows you to install an automatic program, through which you can make the editions of what will appear on the fan, to change settings related to the letter, sequence, size and others, in a simple and uncomplicated way..

This model may be one of the cheapest, but its operation is high-end, which you can verify by its pros and cons.


Design: It has a versatile design that adapts manually, with 41 cm in length, and a light weight of less than 90 grams.

Construction: Its construction is resistant, with PVC and a flexible metal neck.

USB: It can be connected to the computer through one of its USB ports so that it can work continuously, which facilitates its use.

Program: Allows you to add a message that can be adjusted in font, sequence and size by means of a program. 


Sound: Despite being small, the equipment may be a bit noisy, depending on the perception of each user.

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Powerful USB fan

9. Ivoler Silent Mini USB Fan 

There are users who, to make the purchase, want to find the best USB fan and, although there are many options, this Ivoler model is positioned as one of the favorites due to its design available in three colors and the durability of its structure.

It is a powerful USB fan that has optimized performance, since its power is generated through a cable with a length of 1.2 meters, compatible with different equipment, including computers, tablets, power banks, among others.

Also, with its compact desktop size of 15.5 x 8.5 x 15.5 cm, it can be used in the office, bedroom, study room and more. In relation to its construction, it is robust, because its structure is made of metal and its mechanism is made up of a brushless motor, as well as 4 blades that are responsible for sending the air flow at a distance of 3.0 m /s.

We have summarized the most relevant features of this model in the form of pros and cons, so you can analyze if it is convenient. 


Design: It has a compact design, practical for desktops, of 15.5 x 8.5 x 15.5 cm.

Angle: The structure of this model can rotate at an angle of 360º to favor the user. 

Construction: Its construction is robust, made with a metal frame that is resistant to rust.

Power: The air flow is given by a brushless motor and generated by the movement of 4 aluminum blades. 


Speed: It is not possible to make an adjustment of the speeds, since it only has one.

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Shopping guide 

Having a fan is a practical way of cooling environments, whether while working or going for a walk. In these cases, a USB fan could be the most suitable alternative. So, if you are interested in one of these, you should know some properties that denote quality. Therefore, we invite you to review the following guide to buy the best USB fan on the market. 

Type of power and special functions

Hasty purchases are not favorable. For this reason, before making them, it is recommended that a comparison of USB fans be established in which the type of model that you want to acquire is analyzed, since there are variants that could make them functional for certain cases.

In these products, two types of fans could be distinguished: those that work with a fixed cable (incorporated into the fan) and those with a loose cable (which can use any cable to a power source). 

The specific difference between both alternatives is that, in the case of the first model, they depend on the length of this cable supplied and attached to the equipment, in addition to needing a power source, either a load bank or a computer to have the power required to generate air flow. 

For their part, those of the second type are usually models that include a built-in battery, which facilitates their use, without having to be connected to a power source. In these models, the batteries provide them with the necessary autonomy (once charged), so that the device works for a period of between 5 and 20 hours (they vary according to the model and the speed).

In relation to the type, models could also be specified according to the number of blades, since some have 5 and others 7, although this does not directly influence air production. Likewise, some proposals are versatile and allow the addition of aromas, through a hole for sponges with drops of oil, or they can display a message through built-in LED lights.

speeds and angle

If you are among the group of people who wonder how much a USB fan costs, then it would be most appropriate for you to know details about its operation, since this could give an estimate of its cost. 

A common feature that fans have is the property of providing an air current that cools the environment. However, these currents are not the same in all cases, but rather vary according to the intensity with which the manufacturer has supplied the device, as well as its motor and the power it is capable of generating. 

Some alternatives have a copper brushless motor that provides the power to deliver 2-3 speeds. Selection of these can be done via a rotary dial or a button on the back. 

In the case of models with 2 speeds, they have a first mode for a smooth and silent current, as well as a second mode of greater intensity. The 3-speed models have a third operating mode that tends to provide a regular level, then being a high, medium and low mode. 

Also, some models have the possibility of adjusting their angle to different degrees. The most convenient ones allow a rotation of up to 360 degrees in the horizontal and vertical directions, to change the direction of the wind.

sound and compatibility

A cheap fan can be found on the market today, but it may make a loud noise during operation. In general, these computers are designed to be used in work environments, so they need to be quiet. 

In this sense, you can find models that emit a sound of no more than 20 decibels, as well as others that can emit a sound of up to 40 decibels at their high speed level. 

Likewise, it is necessary to analyze the power supply. Although they all work via USB, there are some that include the cable, with different lengths (the longer, the easier it is to reach the power source) and it is favorable that their compatibility with USB devices is of the universal type, either for output of 4 or 5 volts, so it can be connected to computers, chargers and more.

Construction and assembly  

USB fans are generally small and portable devices, so it is possible to carry them from one place to another. A large part of them is made of ABS plastic and with some metallic and flexible parts. In relation to assembly, these kits can be placed on flat surfaces (with non-slip pads on the base), with a clip to fit in different parts or with a flexible arm.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a USB fan?

It is necessary to make use of the USB cable and connect one of the parts to the hole on the device and the other end to the USB port of the power supply. In the case of models with a fixed cable, then it should only be connected to the USB socket compatible with its voltage. 

To turn on the equipment, you need to identify the button or rotary dial, which is usually on the front or back of the fan. Generally, the same button controls all the operation for ignition and change of speeds with touches or, even, it will only be enough to make the connection for the mechanism to activate.

Q2: How to make a USB fan?

Two cardboard tubes, a CD, thin cardboard, a small motor (can be taken from another device) and silicone are required, as well as a USB cable and scissors. The CD should be marked on the cardboard and, with a ruler, draw lines and make cuts in them, to later bend slightly to the same side, giving them the shape of crosses. 

Right in the center of this circumference, a hole must be made to insert the tip of the motor. When finished, the support of the device should be made with another piece of cardboard that will hold the tubes and these should be glued one on top of the other on the cardboard. 

In addition, you have to place the motor and insert its tip into the previously made hole. The next thing will be to connect the cables, by joining the red and black poles to the motor cable. Now, all you have to do is connect the other end of the USB to the computer and your homemade fan will be working. 

Q3: How to fix a USB fan?

To fix a USB fan, the first thing to do is identify where the fault is coming from. One of the most frequent problems is generated by the lack of cleanliness, so impurities must be reduced. If the problem persists, it is recommended to check the operation of the power cable. On fixed cable models, it may need to be removed and replaced. 

If the problem is mechanical, then internal components will have to be checked and the equipment disassembled, so it is recommended that this be done by a professional.

Q4: How to increase the speed of a USB fan?

To increase the speed of a USB fan it will need to be plugged into a higher voltage power outlet as these models tend to have about 5V out so cutting the USB and making a direct connection could get more speed. However, some mechanisms may also be damaged, so it is not recommended. 

Q5: How to clean a USB fan?

It needs to be turned off and unplugged. For models with removable mesh, the grille must be opened and removed to expose the blades. At this point, it will be necessary to remove the accumulated dust on them.

So that these impurities do not return to the air, it is recommended to use a damp cloth and pass it over the surface. Once finished, a non-corrosive cleaning liquid can be added. Similarly, the removable grid can be washed with plenty of water, left to dry and then put back in place.

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