Traveler Reviews on Teka MWE 225 Fi

Main advantage:

It is a very versatile product with which to cook, defrost and heat different foods thanks to the variety of functions included in its system. Also, you will have at your disposal a programmable timer between 0 and 95 minutes.


Main disadvantage:

When closing the microwave door you must exert a little pressure to carry out such an action. Likewise, as long as the door of this product is kept open, the light will be on, since it does not have automatic shutdown.


Verdict: 9.7/10

This built-in microwave could be the most suitable for you if you are looking for a model made of stainless steel, which can provide you with a long useful life.

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Main Features Explained


Teka has always offered the general public quality products with very nice designs, it is for this reason that we could consider this model as the best built-in microwave, since it has a nice finish and a design that can be combined with the rest of your kitchen.

Thus, it is available in gray with black and has an elegant structure where you can find a very practical screen through which you can see the most important data during each use. In this sense, we talk about the function you choose or the determined time to carry out the preparation of your different food dishes.

On the other hand, this microwave has dimensions of 59.5 x 32.3 x 38.2 centimeters and a total weight of 16.2 kilograms, therefore, we are talking about a robust and compact product, which you can easily assemble in your kitchen. following each step described in the instruction manual provided with the purchase of this product.

As for the capacity of the MWE 225 FI, it is 20 liters in total, which is enough space to cook different dishes comfortably, since even the turntable included inside has a diameter of 24.5 centimeters.

Finally, we must mention the fact that the door of this microwave opens manually and has both interior and exterior glass through which you can see in detail how each dish is cooked.


Many built-in microwaves usually have great versatility to provide you with comfortable and safe use, through which you can cook different foods in a considerably short time.

This is due to the level of power they possess, according to the opinions of many users, therefore, do not forget to check this feature in the model that most attracts your attention.

It should be noted that the Teka brand has manufactured a microwave, which has a power of 800 watts which can be divided into 8 levels that will make it easier for you to choose and cook your food, being able to use the one that best suits your needs during each use. Also, its power could increase to 1,000 watts in total as long as you decide to put the Grill option on.

And speaking of said option, this one is special so that you can cook your food being able to achieve a golden and rich finish in each one of them. This could be useful to give a more attractive touch and presentation to recipes with chicken, meat or gratin, for example.

Among other details, you will also have at your disposal the automatic defrost function, which allows you to remove ice from food. This option will allow you to save time if you are in a hurry and you are going to prepare a meal that is frozen.

Best of all, you can use a programmable timer between 0 and 95 minutes, in addition to the function called +30 seconds, ideal for adding extra time to cooking your food if necessary.

Manufacturing and security

Some microwaves have a fairly affordable price at the same time that they are of quality as they are made of highly resistant and durable materials.

On this occasion, the MWE 225 FI model is available with a structure made entirely of anti-fingerprint stainless steel, so that no marks will remain on its surface every time you touch it. This feature is usually highly valued by users because it can be kept clean and in good condition for longer.

Likewise, the interior of this microwave is also made of stainless steel, that is, its cleaning will be very easy to carry out, it will only be necessary to use a little water, soap and a soft and delicate sponge to remove any type of dirt..

Finally, it should be mentioned that this model has a child lock, which will help you maximize security as well as avoid different types of incidents that could occur due to misuse.

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