Tristar KA-5039 Reviews

Main advantage:

The temperature regulation system is double, so that we can choose the general power in operation and, within that power, the final intensity of it when heating the environment.

Main disadvantage:

It is necessary to take into account the energy consumption of the product, in line with what happens with other similar heaters. For this reason, it is highly recommended not to rush the power levels to the maximum, at least once the room is hot, according to the opinions in this regard.

Verdict: 9.5/10

A proposal for an adjusted price and good power, with which to heat small and medium-sized rooms without too many complications. In addition, we can move the product comfortably and, thanks to its compact size, it is not difficult to find a place for it at home.

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Main Features Explained

Heating system

The Tristar KA-5039 model is located within radiant wire heaters, in which electricity is responsible for heating a metal part, subsequently pouring that heat directly into the room. To do this, the product has a total power of 2,000 watts, although this power is adjustable at two different levels, thus having levels of 1,000 and 2,000 watts respectively, depending on the intensity of heat that we need.

This heating system is controlled directly by the two wheels located on the front of the equipment. One of these wheels allows us to control the operating mode of the product. So with it we will be able to adjust the power we need or if we prefer to use the product in ventilation mode, without heat input and which is interesting for use in summer.

Regarding the other wheel, it allows us to adjust the temperature within the chosen power level. Something that helps to be more efficient in this air conditioning process, although it is true that the adjustment mode is blind, so that we can only decide if we have more or less heat, but not so much establish specific temperatures. Something that does not differ too much from other similar models and that is not even usually present in the best heater of this type that we can find.

Compact and portable

Another interesting aspect of this product is the size it offers us. Something that simplifies the process of taking the heater to any room in our home, as well as finding a place for it and putting it where it is needed at all times.

If we analyze their measurements, they are 26.1 centimeters high by 22.3 centimeters wide and approximately 12.8 centimeters deep. An approach in which the model has a stable and large rectangular base, together with a circular upper area, in line with other similar models, both in price and in features. Regarding the weight, this is 848 grams, so we do not have to make a great effort to take the product where it is needed.

Throughout this transport process, the model incorporates a plastic handle at the top, which helps us when moving the product to any part of your home. And to make the connection easy, it also has a good cable, as far as its extension is concerned. Therefore, unless the plugs are very far away, you will not need extension cords when connecting the product.

Security measures

We finish the analysis of this product by taking a look at the security measures it has. One of these measures is the usual power cut-off system in the event of overheating, so that if the operating temperature exceeds what should be recommended, the device itself detects it and cuts off the current, in order to reduce the risk of fire.

Another safety element of this product is the quality of its materials. It is common for some of these heaters to suffer material deformation during use, which does not occur in this model. A safety extra that prevents the plastic from melting and the product from becoming unusable over time, especially considering that this problem generally affects the control area.

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