Turn your Smartphone into an alarm clock and get up with your favorite radio

Making the most of our Smartphone is very simple, since there are many applications available to optimize its operation. For example, we can install the Berd or Tune ln Radio apps from the Google Play Store to turn the device into an alarm clock and get up every morning to the sound of our favorite tunes.

With the arrival of a new day, a series of routine activities take place, which we must face with our best positive attitude in order to carry them out successfully. In this sense, it is important to start the day on the right foot and we will achieve this by waking up smoothly.

For this, the tone that we select for the alarm of our alarm clock will have a significant influence, which may be the resonance of a doorbell, sounds of nature, a buzz, among many others.

The options are quite varied, since there are currently many alarm clock applications that we can install on our mobile phone and which we can access through Google Play, even being able to link our favorite radio station so that it activates with the respective alarm.

What sounds are best for setting the alarm on our alarm clock?

When selecting the ringtone for the alarm clock alarm, we usually do it intuitively, using the preset tones offered. In this sense, we are making a mistake, because not all tunes are suitable for waking us up. This is because when falling asleep, the body enters a state of rest, relaxing the entire muscular system and initially decreasing the respiratory rate with respect to the usual rhythm. This is the first stage of sleep, in which we are quite vulnerable. Thus, when exposed to any stimulating agent, we will immediately wake up quite excited, dizzy, with a slight headache and even with tachycardia.

Likewise, there are those who achieve a much more complex second phase of rest. In this case, the body acquires a state of immobilization, the pulsations are regulated and the brain begins a process of storing everything that was learned during the day. These people are much more sensitive because they have not completed the rest cycle and, therefore, neither the muscles nor the organs have finished recovering. Therefore, after the interruption due to an unexpected and repetitive sound, it will take them a little more work to get up, because they will feel exhausted.

According to the above, we cannot choose the tone of our alarm at random, it must be a harmonic sound or at least we are familiar with it so that our body does not have a negative reaction when waking up.

In fact, there are those who prefer sounds that evoke nature, while others enjoy the standard sounds that these watches incorporate. Also, there are people who react better to their favorite songs or listening to their favorite programming on the radio.

Wake up every morning to the sound of your favorite radio station

If you want to wake up every morning to the sound of your favorite radio station, you won’t have to invest money buying a specialized device, because just by downloading an application you can turn your Smartphone into the best alarm clock. Thus, you will leave in the past the pre-established beeps and tones on your mobile phone, enjoying instead the music given by your favorite radio station.

With regard to these applications, you should know that in the Google Play Store you will find a large number of them that are also free, this being the case of Berd and Tune ln Radio. This pair of applications enjoy great positioning and are recommended by experts and users, who praise their intuitive interface, since when downloaded they take up little space in the internal or external memory of your mobile. Next, we detail the most representative aspects of both apps.


This is a very easy application to install and use, which will only occupy a space of 5.50 MB in the storage of your mobile. For its installation, you will need to enter the Play Store from your mobile and on the search bar you will have to write “Berd Alarm Clock”, being necessary to wait a few seconds until its respective icon appears on the screen ready for you to press it and give start to download.

Then, proceed to enter said app, which will now be available directly on the desktop of your Smartphone. In this way, you will be able to access the settings area and a pop-up window will immediately open in which you must identify and press a “+” sign.

Thus, a series of tabs will be displayed in which you will have to guide the operation of the alarm, that is, the start time, the repetition intervals, the days you want it to be active and the station of your choice.

Regarding the latter, you will have around 8,000 music and news stations from Spain and other places in the world. In addition, you have an option to select a tune belonging to the music library stored on your mobile. Thus, it will sound as an alarm in case there is interference in the transmission waves of the dial and the station is not active.

Tune In Radio

When you install Tune ln Radio on your Smartphone you will have at your disposal a maximum of 10,000 radio frequencies so that you can choose the one you like the most, being able to enjoy musical programming in different genres. You can select any of these topics and link it to the alarm clock option offered by the application. In this way, you will wake up every morning listening to your favorite national or international radio programming.

To enjoy this function, the main thing is to install the app on your mobile. You just have to enter Play Store, search for Tune ln Radio, press the install button and wait for the app to run, occupying 12.56 MB of device memory. Then, proceed to review the list of available stations, select the one you like and start playing it. Next, identify a menu at the top of the screen and display it, accessing the alarm programming mode. Thus, you can adjust the time and days of the alarm activation, as well as the number of times you want it to repeat. Finally, press the “accept” button.

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