Types of brooms

It could be incorrectly thought that in the end they are all brooms, but whether the cleaning project is a success depends on their design or, on the contrary, the expected results are not obtained. Therefore, it is worth taking a moment to learn about the options to buy the right broom.

At a time in history when we can even buy a broom online, we can face the dilemma of not knowing what model or type of broom we need. And it is that from the broom made of branches, to the classic sweeper broom, all have a design that makes them effective and have been developed with a particular purpose.

In this context, we will study each broom case, discover some interesting facts, as well as how to use it and the purpose for which it was created.

What defines a broom?

The dictionary tells us, in general terms, that it is a tool with filaments tied to a long handle and that it is used to clean the floor.

We can deduce, then, that any tool that fits this description fits within the classification.

Now, we will start from the point where the human being has always seen the need to preserve the hygiene of the place in which he lives or develops, discovering that the absence of dirt brings comfort. Thus, in his quest to make work easier, he created tools to remove dust from the ground and small particles. The fallen branches of the trees were once an excellent extension of the hand and allowed the garbage to be walked and accumulated in a specific place. Afterwards, the rigidity of the straw when drying allowed a more delicate cleaning and the accumulation of smaller size particles. With the advancement of the technology of antiquity, it was possible to tie the branches or straws and weave them, to give greater resistance to the structure. Since then, the broom began to specialize and today we have a wide variety.

That said, we are going to know the brooms that have managed to remain in history and the new types that appeared to contribute to the cleaning.

rice straw broom

In addition to being useful for sweeping the floor, this type of broom has a long tradition, and when discarded it does not pollute as much, since its composition can degrade in a short time. 

It is ideal for cleaning the exterior of the house, accesses and patios. In addition, due to its composition, it is antistatic and can be found in the form of a fan or in a vertical format. However, it is also possible to find versions of this type of broom with very soft bristles, suitable for sweeping interiors. In terms of cost, it is a slightly high priced broom, but its qualities and durability could compensate for the inconvenience.

sweeping brush

A broom brush or sweeping brush is a variant that is characterized by being wider than a traditional broom. The filaments are arranged in such a way that when resting on the ground they can generally cover a rectangle. This allows the floor to be vigorously rubbed, in order to loosen the embedded dirt. It can be used dry or with an additional product such as soap or a degreaser. Generally, it is a brush with stiff bristles.

To make it more ergonomic, the floor brush can have a certain inclination in the coupling section of the pole with the brush. Thus, the person can exert more pressure when cleaning.

Wax applicator broom

Covering a surface with wax requires an absorbent surface, so this type of broom has a platform with a soft cloth, usually microfiber. It may or may not have a deposit that will soak the cloth with the wax product.

horsehair broom

If the floor is delicate, it is convenient to use this type of broom, since its fibers allow fine dust to be collected without damaging the surface. It can be natural or synthetic bristles.

sponge broom

To remove excess water from a smooth surface, this broom is the best option. It is very flat and will help direct the water where it is best suited. It is useful for cleaning showers and also marble floors.

cotton strip broom

Also known as a mop, this broom is focused on cleaning hard and smooth floors. Allows for a shiny, flawless finish when used wet.

corner broom

Who sees it may think that it is a model for children, but it is not. Its small size is due to the fact that, in this way, it manages to reach corners and small spaces.

rubber broom

If you have pets at home, rubber brooms will be ideal for catching hair that inevitably comes off and invades the house. In fact, they are very useful for removing them from carpets gently and efficiently. Now, if the surface you want to cover is very large, you can always look for a rubber brush to sweep, as it will help you finish the task more quickly.

automatic broom

Now, we will talk about the most modern options out there. For example, electric brooms use energy to spin a roller that sweeps the floor and leaves dirt in a reservoir. Its predecessor, also very effective, is the mechanical broom, which, by means of gears that rotate when moved, performs a similar function.

After having learned more about the types of brooms that exist, it only remains for us to recommend that, once the place has been left immaculate, it is always convenient to clean the broom, whatever its type, since it can be frustrating that the next Every time we use it, it is so dirty that we have to spend a few minutes to get it ready.

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