Types of prefabricated pools and their prices

When summer comes, no matter your age, there is nothing better than jumping into a refreshing pool. Therefore, it is worth having information about prefabricated pools and their costs, as they are an innovative and easy-to-install option that could be adapted to almost any home.

Regardless of how old we are, taking a dip in a pool is something that can excite anyone. Swimming in a large pool or just relaxing in a small one is an activity that is really enjoyed by children and adults.

Due to this, many prefer not to limit themselves to just swimming in a pool when visiting a water park or settle for a Jacuzzi, which is why searches for pool prices have been increasing, since a large number of people want to have a space in their home to enjoy without having to go anywhere.

Due to lack of information, most divide their options into two: a built-in pool or an inflatable and removable pool. However, seeing how much it costs to build a pool, many give up and prefer to buy removable or inflatable alternatives, which are cheaper, although less durable.

The truth is that there is a third option and, due to its versatility, more and more people are deciding on polyester pools, a prefabricated option that costs less than the built-in ones and is more resistant than the removable ones . Here you can find more information about these alternatives.

What are prefabricated pools?

As its name suggests, pools of this type are structures that do not need construction on site, as they are previously manufactured with polyester fiber or other materials that have a certain rigidity before reaching your home.

The reason why many choose these products is because, in addition to being cheap pools, compared to construction pools, they are also structures that come ready to install , generate lower maintenance costs and can be placed in more places.. Even within the four walls of your house.

It’s so simple that if you want it to be underground, the installation can take about two days or so. However, you can also simply purchase prefabricated above-ground pools to cut down on time.

The price of a small construction pool ranges between 12,000 and 14,000 euros, while some small prefabricated pools can be had with a starting price of 5,000 euros. Therefore, when it comes to savings, they are worth taking into consideration.

Types of prefabricated pools

Although there are certainly some common types of prefabricated pools, these constructions are not really limited to these traditional styles that people usually acquire.

Each company dedicated to the manufacture of these pools has its own catalog for you to choose from and some of them will even allow you to select a personalized shape to adapt to the space intended for the installation of the pool.

Among the cheap prefabricated pools you can find heart figures, with sun loungers, rectangular, with a shore, with steps, etc. You can also choose different sizes and depths, it all depends on the budget you have.

What should be taken into account when calculating the price?

The price of a polyester pool is not only related to the cost of the structure as such, but to the entire budget that includes installation, permits, design, etc.

Remember that the smaller the pool and the simpler the place chosen for its placement, the price will be much lower . But the more exclusive the pool, the higher the cost. In fact, some large prefabricated pools can fetch the same price as certain small pools, so make your choice carefully.

Keep in mind that the prices of each of the steps detailed below are approximate, as these vary depending on the company that will carry out the work.

1) Building permits:     

Most works of this magnitude require a permit showing that you have the right to carry out the work in your home. Usually, the cost of this certification is around 150 euros, however, depending on the area in which you reside and the institution in charge of issuing the permit, this price may vary.

2) Excavation expenses:     

If you have chosen a pool that is not elevated, then it will be necessary to work the ground, even if it is a little. The installation will require excavating and arranging the surface in order to place the structure.

This work has an approximate cost of 300 euros and may vary depending on the difficulty of the process in the chosen terrain, the place where the earth will be poured, etc.

3) Realization of the project:     

In addition to the manufacture of the main structure, it is necessary to take into account the various expenses that include labor and even the preparation of the plans prior to the creation of the pool. This depends entirely on the company you have chosen and some include everything in the initial price, but most add this as an additional cost that reaches 500 euros or more.

Extra expenses

On many occasions, people want to add more things to their pool, such as night lighting, whirlpools and other details that improve the user experience. All this and what is required to make it work can generate an extra expense of about 1,000 or 2,000 euros.

Final budget

Taking into consideration all the previously mentioned aspects, it could be said that, taking into account the three conventional sizes, the final budget would be around the following figures:

1) Large size pool: €14,000 – €19,000

2) Medium-sized pool: €12,000 – €14,000

3) Small size pool: €7,000 – €12,000

This is a considerable monetary investment, so it pays to sit down and plan everything patiently. Remember that, although prefabricated pools are excellent products, they are not necessarily the only option for all cases. There are cheaper models that you could consider.

However, if you are really looking for long life, ease of installation and not spending as much money as with a pool, then these options may be right for you.

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