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Coca Cola is one of the most popular and well-known drinks around the world, since it has been quenching the thirst of children, youth and adults for several decades. However, few are aware of the alternative cleaning uses it offers, taking advantage of the chemical properties of some of the elements that make up its original recipe.


Coca Cola is a soft drink that was launched on the market on May 8, 1886, so it has been on the shelves of stores, supermarkets, bars, restaurants and more for more than a century.

In its beginnings, Coca Cola was intended as a medicinal tonic and was created by the pharmacist John Pemberton, but later the patent passed into the hands of Asa Griggs Candler who combined it with sweeteners and filtered water.

After going through a bottling process, it was released and the rest is history. It became a success and Coca Cola today is listed among the most consumed beverages during the 20th and 21st centuries.

Coke to clean

However, the other side of the story focuses on the ingredients of the recipe which, until today, remains secret and only some of the elements that make it up are known.

The mentioned elements, continuing with the medicinal intention that the drink originally had, have given it certain qualities that some daring have been able to take advantage of to facilitate cleaning the home and even solve problems of blocked pipes.

Properties of Coca-Cola

Some netizens say that Coca Cola is a good drain unblocker and if we analyze the public ingredients that make up its formula, we can begin to understand why.

Among the ingredients that a Classic Coca Cola contains are caffeine, carbonated water, caramel, sugar cane, natural flavoring and phosphoric acid 338, the latter being the one that interests us in unblocking pipes.

Phosphoric acid 338 is added to the recipe to add acidity to the drink, as it has a chemically corrosive effect. However, the percentage that a Coca Cola contains is not high enough to pose a threat due to its consumption, although, in certain quantities, it can be useful to clean with Coca Cola, as we will see in the next line.

How to unclog a pipe with Coca Cola?

Using Coca Cola to unclog a pipe can sometimes be a simple and effective solution, especially if organic material like food scraps in the drain or toilet paper in the toilet is causing the blockage.

To do this, simply pour 1 or 2 2-liter bottles of Coke into the capped pipe and let it sit overnight. This will give the 338 phosphoric acid time to break down any organic content that is blocking the passage of water. The next morning, check to see if the jam has broken. If not, pour 2 liters of boiling water down the pipe. This should help the Coke finish breaking down the barrier that is causing the jam.

Unclogging tap water pipes with Coca Cola is fairly easy, but the results will depend on the type of blockage and how long you allow the product to sit. Therefore, if you need to unclog the sink or unclog your bathtub with Coca Cola, you will have to respect the recommended minutes or hours of waiting, in addition to complementing the task with hot water, to facilitate the removal of the residues that may be causing the blockage.

Alternative uses of Coca Cola

Taking into consideration the components of Coca Cola that are currently known, several alternative uses can be defined that you could take advantage of mainly in the cleaning or maintenance of some things in your home, apart from the pipes:

toilet cleaning

It is possible to unclog the toilet with Coca Cola taking advantage of the effects of phosphoric acid 338, since most of the blockages in this place come from human organic waste or toilet paper, which easily yields to the acidity of the aforementioned chemical element.

fight rust

Coca Cola can be effective against rust stains that have not penetrated too far into the metal on tools. To take advantage of it, submerge the piece in Coca Cola and let it rest overnight, and then try to clean it and polish it with a clean cloth (check this link for some purchase options).

embedded screws

If you come across a screw that is difficult to remove, you can try unclogging it with Coca Cola, taking advantage of its corrosive effects and loosen it. You will only have to pour a little of the drink on top of the screw head and wait for it to act for about 20 minutes, before trying to loosen it again.

Grease stains

Grease stains on a garment can be quite difficult to remove if not acted on in time. Therefore, when this happens, if you have a Coke on hand, pour a little on the area that has been dirty and let it dry, and then wash the garment normally.

Pans and pots

After cooking, you can loosen the fat in your pots and pans with the help of a Coke. Its application is quite simple, since you only need to pour a little of the drink on each piece that is dirty and let it act until the effervescent effect disappears. Then you will only have to rub with a cloth and detergent to remove the remains of dirt.

Taking advantage of Coca Cola packaging

Another way to take advantage of this practical consumable product is by making use of its packaging. The amount of crafts you can do with Coca Cola bottles is impressive, so if you are creative enough, you can build really practical or pretty things.

Considering this, you can also take advantage of an empty plastic Coke bottle to turn it into an air pump when you need to inflate balloons for a party, for example, adding tool utility to a simple empty container.

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