Utopia Bedding Microfiber Reviews

Main advantage:

It is a spectacular set of sheets of excellent quality. They are pieces made of microfiber and polyester with a soft sensation when in contact with the skin. Your bed will look beautiful with a strong rubber sheet that fits very well, a wide top that falls elegantly and its slipcover.

Main disadvantage:

If you like to put softener when washing your sheets to feel its aroma, this model recommends not using it due to the obstruction it causes in the microfiber.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This is a white or gray sheet set that shows its premium quality as soon as you see it in its elegant and delicate presentation.

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Main Features Explained


Among the sets of sheets that are offered on the market, designers always take care that the variety of fabrics and colors to dress the bed is quite wide. The design of this option, in particular, comes in two of the most elegant neutral colors. White is perfect for achieving a maximum freshness environment, and the sophisticated gray will make a bed look very distinguished.

In any of these two colors you get the appropriate measurements for beds of 90, 135 and 150 cm. For a 180 cm King size mattress, you will find this model available only in white. Regardless of the presentation of the measures of the sheets, the pillowcases are 51 x 76 cm and, depending on the model, each set can have one or two covers.

For the 90 cm bed size, a 170 x 245 cm top is accompanied by a 90 x 190 cm fitted sheet and a cover. The 135 cm sheet set comes with two covers, a 225 x 255 cm top sheet and a 135 x 200 cm fitted sheet. For the 150, the worktop is 270 x 255 cm, and for the 180, its incredible extra-large measurements are 270 x 290 cm.


Regardless of the measurements or the color, the covers and countertops have a double seam on one of their edges made with the same fabric. In this way, its solid fabric is highlighted with a special touch of excellent finish in the design. According to the opinions of several users, feeling these sheets in contact with the skin is a pleasure. Its quality of exceptional softness is achieved thanks to a fabric whose threads are brushed microfiber. So you will have smooth, breathable sheets on your bed with a texture so soft that they are perfect and adaptable to provide comfort in both warm and winter climates.

A value that adds an excellent and relevant feature to its fabric is its recommendation for use by people who suffer from allergies. Its type of fabric has microfibers so narrow that they make it difficult for dust to adhere, making it a fresh fabric sheet that does not retain allergens. Another important plus in this set of sheets is its resistance to wrinkles. You won’t be worried about leaving your bedroom door open and letting anyone see what your bed looks like. The look of luxury and elegance will be noticed from afar with a shine and color that offer to last for a long time.

Watch out

Investing in the price of these sheets will be a purchase that is totally worth it. It is a high-quality product that with proper care will remain smooth and without wrinkles, discoloration or stains that detract from the elegance of your bed. Following the recommendations for washing and drying will make you enjoy a set of sheets that will become your favorite change of bed for a long time.

Its type of fabric leaves you free to care by hand or by machine. The manufacturer’s recommendation on a first wash before using them on your bed is very important. Both the first and subsequent washes can be machine washed and tumble dried, as long as the suggested instructions are followed. Additionally, there will be no shrinkage surprises after washing as they come pre-shrunk.

To wash the sheets, it must be done with cold water and, in case you prefer to dry them using the dryer, then opt for a low temperature. In any case, it is important that you know that if you decide to air dry them, it will be quick given the lightness of the fabric. Thanks to the characteristics of its fabric and given the proven resistance to color fading and wrinkles, your bed can look very tempting to rest every time you dress it with the best set of sheets from Utopia Bedding.

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