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One of the doubts that arises when it comes to which vacuum cleaner to buy is whether to use a model with a bag or without a bag. A question that is worth considering given the cost of these products and the differences between them.

Beach or mountain. Beer or wine. The tortilla with onion or without onion. In life we ​​have to make many decisions. But when it comes to cleaning our home, the biggest question usually arises between buying a vacuum cleaner with a bag or without a bag . 

A considerable diatribe and worth evaluating, since, despite the dominance that bagless vacuum cleaners have today in the market, these may not be the best option for certain uses, even if you bet on the best bagless vacuum cleaner you can find.

What are we talking about

Although it is not essential, it is worth remembering what we are talking about before starting to compare these products. A bagged vacuum cleaner is a traditional product, with which to carry out cleaning tasks of a certain scope and which stores the collected dust in a vacuum cleaner bag. This bag must be replaced from time to time, depending on the intensity of the dirt present in the room and the capacity of said bag.

For its part, a bagless vacuum cleaner is one in which the bag is replaced by a filter system, capable of cleaning the air collected by the vacuum cleaner and leaving dirt inside the tank designed for this purpose. This tank is easy to empty and saves us both the need to manipulate the bag and to replace the consumable, thus being cheaper to use.

product capacity

That said, we are going to start by looking at certain features that vary significantly between bagless vacuum cleaners and their bagged counterparts, to make it easier for you to choose the most suitable system. The first parameter we have chosen is the capacity of the tank.

In general, the capacity of a bagless vacuum cleaner ranges from 0.6 liters for smaller models, such as broom or handheld, to 3 liters for sledge models. This would be the best choice when it comes to cleaning your home in a big way.

In the case of vacuum cleaners with a bag, this capacity starts from those 3 liters and can reach up to 5, depending on the model. So, in case you have a lot of dirt to clean or very large spaces to work in, a bagged vacuum cleaner allows you to clean more without having to stop to empty the container.

operating power

Another important issue is the operating power of the product. It is true that for a long time we have been governed by the rule that the greater the electrical power of the product to be chosen, the greater its cleaning capacity.

This has been correct until the arrival of the new models, in which energy consumption has been reduced significantly and, in parallel, the suction power has been increased. This is precisely the parameter that we must assess today: what suction power a vacuum cleaner should have.

Analyzing the market, we will see how the power of bagged vacuum cleaners tends to be slightly higher than that of most bagless vacuum cleaners, in terms of suction. Also, bagged models tend to hold that power better than bagless products, including the cyclone vacuum, whose design is one of the most efficient at maintaining suction. In any case, in the case of the bagless models, it is enough to empty the tank to recover the lost power. Something we can’t do on bagged products, which also lose some power as the bag approaches full fill, albeit to a lesser extent.


Unlike the other sections, in this street the models without a bag win. If there is something that once held us back when cleaning with a conventional vacuum cleaner, it was the issue of noise. Classic sled models had sound generation levels in excess of 90 decibels and even the best bagged vacuum cleaner could wake up the whole house if used first thing on a Sunday.

In return, the best current bagless vacuum cleaners are capable of reducing this noise level to about 75 decibels at maximum power. In addition, this noise is not generated so much in the engine area, but is produced by the high-speed air circulation itself, which is common in these models. A noise that is more acceptable and bearable than that generated by the vacuum cleaners of yesteryear.

Cleaning and hygiene

When we talk about cleaning, there is usually not much difference between products with and without bags, as long as they have similar suction powers. It is true that the capacity of the model with a bag is slightly higher than those without a bag, but the difference is becoming narrower, as we have been commenting.

However, where there is a difference is in the processing of the dirt, once we have finished cleaning. In models with a bag, it is essential to change it, trying not to break it or manipulate it excessively. Following these premises prevents the re-emission of dust and dirt into the environment, which will be appreciated by allergy sufferers and people with respiratory problems.

On the bagless side, the cleaning process requires removing the reservoir and emptying it into the trash. A process that, despite all the improvements included in modern products, continues to leave some residual dust in the tank, which must be shaken, also generating a small re-emission of dust into the environment derived from emptying. So in terms of hygiene, bag models are one step ahead, as long as they are handled correctly.

The final decision

After everything we have discussed, it is possible that you already have a clearer idea of ​​which option suits you from those we have mentioned. And it is that, since each family has its own needs, it is obvious that betting on a specific product is up to each one.

It is true that, in general, the best bagless vacuum cleaners that we currently have within our reach are one step ahead of the traditional ones in many aspects, but there are also tasks in which the bagged models win by a lot. So if you are still not clear, we recommend you take a look at a good comparison of vacuum cleaners and discover with exact models what is best for you to leave your home impeccable.

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