Vaillant Ecotec Pure Reviews

Main advantage:

This boiler has a power of 24 kW to heat water, as well as 18.5 kW for heating, which together with the high-efficiency pump with electronic control, make this model a great alternative to keep your home warm.

Main disadvantage:

This model does not include the wireless programmer that comes with other Vaillant Ecotec models, but its operation is simple and you can control it manually without inconvenience, through the built-in analog thermostat.

Verdict: 9.5/10

This mixed boiler has been manufactured with the highest German technology, its handling is simple and it has low electricity consumption, so it can be a good alternative.

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Main Features Explained

boiler power

The main characteristic of the Vaillant Ecotec Pure boiler is its power, since it has a water heating capacity of 13.8 liters per minute, thanks to its 24 kW of power in DHW, while in its action for heating it uses up to 18 kW, being able to keep warm a house of up to 110 square meters, approximately.

However, the Ecotec Pure boilers can be purchased up to 28 kW, in case you need more capacity and power in your home for heating, as Vaillant offers this new line of heaters to the market, in order to respond to the most demanding needs. of those users who are looking for the best boilers, with basic operation and with the guarantee of a prestigious brand such as Vaillant.

Likewise, it should be noted that this condensing boiler provides maximum energy performance, since it has been classified with an A certification in energy saving, and incorporates in its structure a high-efficiency pump with electronic control, according to the new ErP regulations., complying with the highest quality standards required by the European Union. 

In addition to this, the Vaillant Ecotec Pure system is compatible with solar energy installations, as a support system in the production of DHW, making it highly efficient with these types of energy.

Boiler operation

Regarding operation, we can highlight that this Vaillant boiler is designed to work with natural gas, including an adaptation for both butane gas and propane gas, being highly ecological, since it has a low NOx emission (class 6), complying with the ErP regulations of the European Union regarding the reduction of polluting gases. 

Another important aspect regarding the operation of this device is that it is mixed, being valid to obtain hot sanitary water and heating at the same time. In addition, it works with micro-accumulation, so you don’t have to wait long for the water to heat up, since the effect is almost immediate.

It also incorporates a new siphon to accumulate water, a private stainless steel heat exchanger, a new hydraulic block and has an analog selector to control the temperature level, which is quite precise. 

In addition to all this, the Ecotec Pure model can increase its efficiency in savings if you incorporate a Vaillant modulating regulator, to minimize gas consumption, but of course, this is only optional, since the boiler itself is quite thrifty and efficient. In addition, the Vaillant company offers you up to 2 years of warranty in case of malfunction of the boiler.

Design and assembly

This brand has renewed the design of these accumulators, with dimensions of 72 cm in height, 44 cm in width and 33.5 cm in depth, making it a fairly compact device, suitable for installation in any space inside the house without clash with the decoration and its price is not so high. In addition, it has an intuitive and easy-to-use control panel, as well as a central display illuminated in blue, providing a high degree of elegance to this heater.

Regarding its assembly, you should consider that this boiler has a weight of 30.8 kg, so if you do not have experience in installations of this type of device, it is best to seek specialized technical personnel to help you with the installation. installation and Vaillant offers this service with qualified people who know their products.

According to the opinions of many users, for proper operation of this heater it is necessary to provide it with inspection, as well as the appropriate maintenance so that it is durable even over time.

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