Visco Cloud Flex Opinions

Main advantage:

This Flex mattress model stands out for its high degree of comfort and padding in hypoallergenic material, being a recommended alternative for people with severe allergies.

Main disadvantage:

It has been found that this model can result in somewhat harsh properties. However, it is not a permanent condition, but it is molded with use.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This mattress model is equipped with high-end attributes, being made with materials such as viscoelastic and gel, as well as hypoallergenic upholstery and the development of technologies that improve rest time.

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Main Features Explained

Design and dimensions

Before making a purchase decision, it is convenient to know a little about the design and the dimensions that the model presents, in order to determine if it corresponds to the needs of each user. In this sense, the Flex Nube Visco model has a classic square design, with a white surface and gray sides. In addition, the mattress is equipped with elastic bands on the sides, which serve to hold it precisely.

On the other hand, it has dimensions of 200 cm wide by 200 cm long, so it is a piece with a place for two people, also known as a double mattress. According to the opinions of the users who have had the opportunity to test the Nube Visco, it is said that it has a firm and stable structure. A viscoelastic resting surface with gel is attached to this body, which improves resting time, making it more pleasant and comfortable.

One of the best features of this mattress model is that, regardless of the weight or texture of the person resting on it, it adapts progressively, returning to its original shape when it is lifted. In addition, it offers a sensation of freshness thanks to the gel surface with which it is equipped.

Construction and manufacturing materials

Mattresses are pieces that have been designed to improve people’s rest and provide comfort during rest time, to make this time more profitable and comfortable. To meet these demands, the manufacturer brand has incorporated high-end materials into this model, as well as manufacturing details that improve its durability and use, for a better rest experience.

In this sense, the core of the mattress has been equipped with pocket springs that were sewn individually, as well as barrel-shaped spring blocks, which were then covered by a textile cover to provide greater cushioning. These details in the construction of the Nube Visco mattress is what allows it to absorb weight and movement on only one side, without it being distributed to other areas of the structure.

On the other hand, the model has hypoallergenic padding and has been equipped with a gel film surface, which provides greater freshness to the person resting on it. In addition, it is considered one of the best Flex mattresses due to its construction, since the manufacturer has paid special attention to details. Therefore, it provided the alternative with an external reinforcement that covers the entire block with an appropriate density. By including these details, greater comfort is ensured, as well as extending the life of the mattress.


Technologies are also part of Flex mattresses and are applied to their structure to provide the user with a greater degree of comfort, through the development of textile strategies that improve rest and hours of sleep. So to get an idea of ​​the price of the mattress, it is enough to analyze the technologies that the manufacturer has incorporated into the model.

In the case of this alternative, it is not only equipped with a technology, but it has been endowed with several developments that improve the quality of sleep and rest time. Among them, it has a hypoallergenic filling and upholstery, so it is a mattress suitable for people with allergies.

In addition, it has Optigrade technology, as well as a system called Commodo, which allows a progressive adaptation of the body, reducing pressure. Similarly, it has a comfort system for a homogeneous distribution of weight, through shock absorbers that absorb it and prevent movement from going to other spaces. On the other hand, it has been equipped with additional technologies that provide better breathability, while it has elastic upholstery and Tack & Jump padding.

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