What are the air conditioning symbols and what do they mean?

Technological advances have reached practically all home appliances and air conditioners are especially sensitive to updates. Coming across strange symbols on the remote control or control panel can be confusing, so it is necessary to be informed about these types of details.


The symbols on the air conditioning control

In general, an air conditioner is an appliance used mainly to cool rooms. With the ability to extract heat and generate cool air, these units are very popular in homes and businesses alike.

Its handling is usually relatively simple, but being equipped with several functions, the indicators have been simplified over time to be able to show all the operating parameters of the AC on small screens.

This is how the symbols that accompany the air conditioner configuration menus are developed, which must be mastered or at least offer some familiarity, so that the user does not get confused when using the equipment.

The language of remote controls

Although it is about air conditioners, you should consider that each manufacturer will put their personal touch on their product, so it is not surprising to find different meanings in models of the same capacity or with a similar design.

The same goes for the compatibility of its remote controls, since they work with different infrared frequencies, so a Daitsu air conditioning remote control would not be useful for managing the functions of a General Electric brand equipment, for example.

However, it should be noted that the modern air conditioner can be controlled very easily through a remote control, and this makes available all the necessary buttons to operate the device, as well as access to the various functions that it is capable of performing..

However, we remind you to bear in mind that an LG air conditioning remote will not display the same symbols as a Mitsubishi air conditioning remote, so it is necessary to know what each one means depending on the brand of your AC.


Symbols on air conditioning control

In the following list you can find how some air conditioning symbols that you can see on the remote controls of the different brands are usually represented and their meaning. This way, when you are in front of them again, you will know exactly what they indicate and what they are for in the AC:



Cool is the essential function of a common air conditioner, since it is the one in charge of activating the compressor and the fans, for the extraction of heat and cooling of the surrounding air. It is usually represented by a snowflake symbol on air conditioners of different brands.



Heat is the ability of an AC to generate heat. It is usually included in inverter type models and is the counterpart of Cool. This function is accompanied by an icon of a sun or quite similar to it, depending on the model.


Some air conditioners may be able to control the percentage of humidity in a room, which varies by season. The dehumidifying mode is usually chosen by pressing the drawing of a drop on the universal or brand air conditioning control.


This function in an air conditioner is activated when you want to ventilate a room, since it will turn on the AC fan in the indoor unit, but not the compressor. 

When looking for it on the remote or the screen, you will be able to recognize it by the icon of a fan that represents it.


5. car

Auto indicates that the automatic configuration has been selected in the air conditioning, through which the thermostat will be used to detect the ambient temperature and thus adjust it, according to comfort levels.

It is usually one of the symbols that varies the most from one AC to another, but you can usually find it by looking at icons that show circuits, whether they are lines, arrows or just the word.


Frequent questions


1. What does Heat mean in air conditioner?

If this doubt has assailed you when checking your AC, you should know that you are probably facing an inverter-capable equipment that can both cool and generate heat. To activate it, you must look for the heat air conditioning symbol on the remote. It is usually represented with a figure similar to the Sun.

This type of equipment also usually offers Dry Mode in air conditioning, which indicates that the dehumidification function has been activated. In this mode, the equipment will be able to blow relatively cold air, but its activity will be focused on reducing the level of humidity in the room.

2. What does Cool mean in air conditioner?

The word Cool comes from the Anglo-Saxon expression “cool down” and when your air conditioner is in this mode, it will indicate that it is generating cold air with the help of the compressor, measuring the temperature of the room, until it reaches the temperature you have chosen on the thermostat..

It can also be represented by the cold symbol of a snowflake, as the word is often seen on a Fujitsu or Samsung air conditioning remote, to name a few.

Being in this mode it is possible to regulate the temperature to the minimum levels that the AC can reach, being one of the best known by users.

3. What is the Intelligent Eye function in the Daikin air conditioner controller?

The Intelligent Eye function in some models of Daikin air conditioners is responsible for activating a motion sensor built into the equipment that analyzes the environment where the equipment is installed.

If no motion is detected for 20 minutes, the AC will go into Saving mode to minimize power consumption when no one is in the room. This function is quite useful in public environments, since it will avoid spending electricity when it is not necessary without a specific person being aware.

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