What are the benefits of the sauna

With the use of air conditioning to regulate the temperature of our environment daily, the body begins to be vulnerable to heat and, therefore, gradually loses its thermoregulatory capacity. In this sense, the use of saunas is convenient to improve this condition and take advantage of a series of health benefits.

The sauna is a bath used throughout the world for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes, since, thanks to the volume of hot steam released, the person will experience a feeling of relaxation, the pores will open and release toxins, which can contribute to healthy skin. radiant. In addition, among the benefits of the dry sauna is the relief of pain in the joints and muscles.

Said bath, for many people, could be an innovative system, but if we take a look at the past, the steam sauna has been around for thousands of years. In fact, there are records of these rooms known as “thermal baths” during the Roman civilization, going through the ” mushi buro ” of Japanese lands to the “jjimjilbang” or Korean saunas, which today are part of the modern culture of said country..

Without a doubt, since their invention, saunas have managed to leave a mark on history, providing people with a series of benefits. For this reason, they have transcended time, reinventing themselves and adapting to the different needs of people.

Sauna and Turkish bath: what is the difference?

There are those who mistakenly think that dry or wet sauna, also known as sauna or Turkish bath, are the same. However, this is not the case, as these are a completely different pair of bathroom systems. Although both steam concentration techniques can be used one after the other, to benefit people’s health, it is also true that there is a big difference between Turkish bath and sauna.

In this sense, it is convenient to start by clarifying that the sauna offers dry heat steam, while in the Turkish bath the person will enjoy heat with a high concentration of humidity. Hence its name wet sauna.

Additionally, you might be interested to know that combining sauna and Turkish bath is very frequent, since, in this way, the level of body temperature varies in favor of some type of specific therapy. Thus, you will take advantage of the benefits of the Turkish bath to improve allergies and respiratory problems.

Keep in mind that what is indicated is to enter the sauna and, after 15 or 20 minutes inside it, the person should go out and take a shower, to cleanse the skin. Immediately, you will be able to enter the Turkish bath room for a period of time equal to that of the sauna. This same procedure must be repeated, if you plan to combine the sauna with the Jacuzzi.

Sauna: benefits and contraindications

The question about what the sauna is for usually goes along with other questions such as: Does the sauna lose weight? How to use the sauna to make the most of it? Therefore, below, we will clarify these doubts, listing the main benefits obtained after constantly using the sauna room.

Promotes skin health

The sauna to promote skin health has been used since ancient times, since the heat generated in the room is responsible for opening each of the skin’s pores. In this sense, it favors the release of toxins through sweating, which is why it helps to cleanse and provide a more luscious texture to the skin of children and adults.

In addition, by treating the skin with these dry steam sessions, you will be preparing it to apply a moisturizing serum or oil that will penetrate deep, due to the condition of the pores.

One aspect to take into consideration is that with the sauna we take care of the skin and lose fluid, but fat burning does not occur, so, despite the fact that the metabolism speeds up a little, the famous myth of spending hours in the sauna to losing weight is fake

Increases the volume of muscle mass

Muscle mass gain occurs in the human body due to the protein consumed and synthesized, that is, protein intake nourishes the muscles, which, added to exercise, progressively increases mass.

Said protein degrades naturally and the sauna is an alternative to slow down this process, in order to optimize its synthesis. All this, thanks to the thermal shock generated. Of course, you will have to be consistent with dry heat sessions, doing them at least three times a week.

Improved social relations

We live in a world dominated by screens. We cannot detach ourselves for a second from our smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer or video game console. This situation leads to a decrease in social relationships, since we enjoy talking to people virtually more than in a real setting.

Sauna rooms break with this situation, since due to the 70°C temperature concentrated in the sauna, it is not possible to enter any type of electrical equipment such as those mentioned above. In this sense, people will have no choice but to interact with the other individuals who are sharing the room with them. In this way, social relationships are strengthened.

Release accumulated tension

The stress of a long day at work usually generates knots of accumulated tension in the neck and back. Also, a strong exercise routine in the gym or outdoors translates into fatigue for the muscles and pain in the joints. In this sense, a session in the sauna will be convenient, since the rise in body heat is responsible for releasing stress and relaxing the muscles.

Steam baths have great benefits but they also have some contraindications. For example, the sauna is not suitable for pregnant women, as they could suffocate. Likewise, you should inform yourself about how to use the sauna, respecting the time of each session, since, if you exceed it, you could generate a picture of dehydration, dizziness, vomiting and even damage your hair.

Also, as a recommendation, if you enter the sauna with children, you could bring some kind of toy. It may not be the most appropriate to bring the Harry Potter screaming house, but other options will allow them to distract themselves while the session is going on.

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