What is the best heating system?

Low temperatures in winter can cause serious health problems. For this reason, it is necessary to choose a good heating system, but for this it is necessary to know the options available in the current market, so that we can make a more accurate decision.

To obtain optimal rest after a long day of work, you must have a warm environment, as well as armchairs and other elements that provide comfort. For this reason, many people invest a significant amount of money in rest surfaces, but by making a large investment we hope to acquire quality products. In this sense, it is worth mentioning that we have found very positive opinions of the Dormideo brand from users who have used their mattresses, so they can be a good option to have cozy rooms.

But keeping your home warm isn’t just about comfort. The accumulated cold in a poorly heated house can cause pain in the limbs, hypothermia and even heart attack. In this sense, according to studies carried out by the Catalan foundation Amigos de los Mayores, the cold causes more than 7,000 deaths a year in Spain. This particularly affects the most vulnerable members of families, who are often infants, the elderly and the chronically ill. The institution has reported that 15% of the population has problems keeping the house warm, according to data provided by the Chair of Energy and Poverty of Comillas Pontifical University.

Having a heating system implies an annual outlay of around 2,000 euros and some families do not have the necessary resources. According to a report delivered in 2017 by the platform for reforms and home repairs Habitissimo, in Spain there are a large number of homes with inefficient heating systems, where the temperature is not entirely correct and energy consumption is disproportionate. 

Keys to choose a good heating system

To successfully fight the battle against the cold it is necessary to have good air conditioning, however, each house has its particularities, so a different heating system is necessary depending on the size of the place, the distribution of the rooms, the climate of the area, the orientation of the house (north, south, east or west), the price of energy (gas, electricity, etc) the type of insulation available, among other variables.

It is highly recommended to hire professional technical personnel to evaluate the space and determine which is the most efficient heating system according to the characteristics of the house. In this way, it is possible to calculate how much power is necessary to reach the appropriate temperature, which allows a more conscious investment according to the requirements, the available budget and the costs.

As for the cost of money that the heating installation implies, it is good to consider the possible necessary modifications in terms of construction, since this can be decisive in the final price. Some systems require a considerable initial investment, while in other cases it is only necessary to buy the heating devices. In addition, it is essential to take into account how much maintenance they need.

To know how to heat a house economically, you have to project the cost in the short, medium and long term. Many times we choose a practical heating system so as not to spend too much on the installation, but it ends up being more expensive on the electricity bill. As we can see, it is not about choosing an air conditioning device because it is fashionable or because of a neighbor’s recommendation, but rather the decision must be the product of an individual and in-depth analysis.

Main types of heating

Gas boiler and radiators

Among the types of heating, this is the most used in Spain and other countries in the world. This system works with natural gas boilers and allows to obtain domestic hot water (DHW), but it is also used for heating by including natural gas radiators in different points of the home. It is a water circuit that passes through the entire house, heating all the rooms evenly, therefore, it is recommended for heating large or small houses in very cold areas of cities. However, this type of natural gas heating requires annual maintenance.


This system is among the most efficient types of electric heating, since it does not consume too much energy thanks to a new system called inverter, in addition, it can generate both heat and cold; therefore, it is useful during winter and summer. Likewise, it allows easy regulation of the temperature through a remote control and does not require much maintenance. In short, it is one of the most practical heating systems for single-family homes, however, the air generated by this system is quite dry, so it can cause discomfort to people with respiratory diseases.

oil boilers

These boilers work with gas oil, so they are a good alternative to electric or gas heating. They are used to generate domestic hot water and heat the home at the same time. The good thing about this system is that it is very easy to install and offers great performance. In this sense, it is recommended for remote areas where there are no other services, so it could be the best heating system for a chalet. 

Electric boilers with radiators

If you do not know what type of electric stove is more efficient, you might be interested in electric boilers, which manage to heat water through the use of electricity, in this way, we can avoid the dangers associated with gases and fuels. In addition, it is not necessary to carry out a complicated installation and it is a system compatible with radiators and underfloor heating.

electric radiators

Low consumption electric radiators are practical and sometimes portable equipment that we can take from one room to another depending on the place we want to heat. They are safe, efficient and versatile, but they only serve to heat one area of ​​the house at a time.

Biomass heating

This is the traditional alternative that works with wood or pellets and serves to heat the home evenly. A wood-burning boiler for radiators often requires construction work, since it is necessary to install a pipe for the smoke outlet. However, it is also possible to install a pellet stove on a floor, as long as the building has outlets to extract combustion gases from the floor to the roof.

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