What is the Canadian well?

The Canadian well or home geothermal heating is an innovative system that has managed to capture the attention of thousands of people, due to its effectiveness in cooling homes in summer and heating them in winter, using the earth as a source of sustainable energy, together with a fan. low comsumption.

Reducing electrical energy consumption and toxic gas emissions is one of the biggest concerns worldwide. Let us remember that day by day the environment suffers a great deterioration, which has gradually made it lose its capacity to sustain the conditions for biodiversity.

In view of this situation, there are many measures implemented by international environmental organizations, in conjunction with government entities and private companies. In this way, the use of sustainable energy in cooling and heating equipment is promoted, since this power source is obtained from an inexhaustible natural environment. Thus, the environment is favored.

In this sense, we can mention the Canadian wells, which are part of the environmental architecture, whose purpose is to achieve the integration of the buildings into the ecosystem, without causing any deterioration. On the contrary, what is intended is to take advantage of the resources of the natural environment in favor of the human being, in order to take care of the environment. 

It involves placing a system of pipes underground, approximately two meters deep and a reasonable distance from the house. Air with a high ambient temperature in summer and low in winter, will enter the house through the mouthpiece mounted in the exterior area of ​​the house. When passing through the tube, the air will change its temperature immediately, since the earth favors the conditions to generate cold or heat, depending on the season of the year. In this way, it will be possible to cool or heat the different rooms of the home.

What is a Canadian well and how does it work?

Canadian well, Provencal well or drainage well are some of the names given to this popular air conditioning technique, which cools and heats the air, thanks to the power of geothermal energy.

The Canadian well is similar to the heat recovery unit for single-family homes, but, unlike it, the well carries out a thermal change with the help of the earth and, therefore, is more respectful of the environment. This type of air conditioner bases its operation on the capture of outside air, through a system of tubes or energy exchangers, through which the air circulates, and takes advantage of the high or low temperature of the subsoil to effect the change.

Air capture is supported by a traditional bladed ventilation system, which works as an impulse element to move said air along the tubes of the geothermal installation. This device consumes a low level of energy and does not generate harmful emissions , so its incorporation supports this sustainable and efficient technology.

In addition, the so-called air collection point integrates some filters, with the purpose of stopping the passage of dirt and dust particles from outside to the ducts and, subsequently, to the house. Also, a drainage is incorporated to get rid of the water that can accumulate inside the tubes, producing fungi and bacteria that, in the future, would affect the quality of the air.

In conclusion, during the cold season of the year, the temperature is warmer under the ground, while in summer, the subsoil is colder. So the Canadian well just naturally exchanges air temperature. In other words, those who live in a Canadian house with this air conditioner will enjoy a cool atmosphere in summer and warm in winter without using air conditioning or heating systems, which in the long term generate a negative impact on the environment.

Know the advantages of the Canadian tube

We have already commented on the operation of the Canadian pipe system, but, in reality, what are the advantages that this type of air conditioners bring to the environment and to the people who live in the home? Here are some possible answers.

Improve air quality

With this temperature exchange system between the air and the earth, it is possible to improve the quality of the air we breathe in the different rooms of the house. This is due to the integrated filters both at the intake point, arranged on the outside, and at the air outlet, which will be located in the home.

Being filtered twice consecutively, the ambient air considerably improves its quality, since dirt particles, mites, lint, bacteria and other external agents are eliminated. This is flattering for those who suffer from respiratory problems, allergies, etc.

low power consumption

One of the main advantages of the Canadian well is the low energy consumption offered, since it only requires the start-up of a fan. In this way, the air is set in motion, which actually experiences the change in temperature due to geothermal energy, that is, the subsoil naturally transfers heat or cold to the air. In this sense, people will enjoy a high level of energy efficiency and, in turn, a low demand for electricity within the home.

Respect for the environment

Geothermal air conditioning promotes respect for the environment, because it takes advantage of the earth’s resources to create a warm or cold atmosphere inside the home. Thus, the use of heating or cooling equipment, whose operation generates gas emissions, directed directly to the outside and causing the deterioration of the ozone layer, is left aside.

easy maintenance

Compared to other technologies capable of air conditioning spaces such as the home heat exchanger, whose maintenance must be carried out by an expert, the Canadian well only requires the periodic change of the filters, arranged at the point of air intake and outlet..

The Canadian well is one of the most talked about air conditioning systems, because it allows the integration of homes into a given ecosystem without causing deterioration. If you want to join the thousands of pro-green people, you might want to learn how to dig a Canadian well and start weatherizing your spaces naturally.

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