Xiaomi launches line of desk chairs with ergonomic and adjustable format

An office chair must have certain specific characteristics, designed to offer the body a correct posture in areas such as the back, neck, arms, hips and legs. Remember that the market has a wide variety of models, which can vary drastically with respect to their design. In this sense, you will need to always keep in mind that not all chairs are suitable for you, since if they do not adapt correctly to your anatomy, it could eventually cause a series of complications at the muscular level, the spine, the sight, contribute to poor blood circulation, among other aspects.

For these reasons, when selecting the best desk chair, you can not only use the attractiveness of its aesthetics as a reference. Instead, you might want to delve deeper into some details regarding its manufacture. This is of great importance, because it is a product that we use daily for periods of no less than eight hours, which is generally the standard time stipulated for a working day. So keep an eye on the adjustment mechanisms of the structure, raw material used, bearing system, among others, attributes that will contribute to generating a positive impact on our body. Next, meet one of the recommended models.

Xiaomi Mi Ergonomic Chair

If you are looking for an ergonomic, resistant office chair with several adjustment options in its structure, then you cannot let this model belonging to the Xiaomi house catalog go unnoticed.

It is a chair with great finishes both in the structure and in the upholstery, which will be noticeable from the first moment. Its body is robust, safe and has been designed to adapt to different anatomies, offering people the possibility of adopting a comfortable and correct position when working. Aesthetically you will be able to select between four presentations such as one of black, white, light or dark gray. Without a doubt, this product has great potential that you should not miss out on. Next, we tell you more about him:

General specifications

When looking at this desk chair you will immediately notice its robust format, in which a width-height ratio corresponding to 70 x 120 centimeters respectively stands out. These are standard dimensions that will easily adapt to different types of desks and anatomies, since it also incorporates a practical adjustment system in the seat area. This resource is quite flattering, since thanks to it, you will be able to regulate its height with respect to the ground in a range of approximately 48 to 58 centimeters.

On the other hand, we have that the design has been provided with several mechanisms that will help you to noticeably improve your posture.

A particularity of the chair is that it offers you the possibility of regulating each part separately, so you can change the position of the lumbar support, raise or lower the height of each of the armrests, vary the inclination of the backrest arranged for the back, as well as the distance between the latter and the saddle.

Similarly, you have the option to remove or add the headrest whenever you want. We cannot fail to comment that this chair has been valued by buyers as a bit heavy, since it reaches 25 kilograms. However, it is very easy to handle, because the design incorporates a star base with five points and their respective rotating bearing system.

Manufacturing materials

For the manufacture of this line of desk chairs with the Xiaomi quality seal, PVC plastic and metal were used. Both materials are characterized by being robust, certified and of high quality. In this way, you can enjoy an adequate level of support, stability and resistance. In addition, it has a pleasant soft touch.

On the other hand, we must mention the textile implemented to carry out the upholstery, arranged in the seat and back area, thus highlighting a type of polyester mesh with elastic fibers, which covers a non-deformable 3D foam surface. These raw materials provide the chair with the necessary comfort and ventilation so that you can sit for a long day without suffocating or getting uncomfortable due to lack of perspiration on hot days of the year.

About the brand

Xiaomi is a manufacturer of Chinese origin that achieved an important position in 2011, after the launch of its first Smartphone, whose design and applications were completely in charge of its team of developers.

Its catalog was expanding more and more, incorporating other mobile devices, apps and a large number of electronic equipment. In fact, his career has been strengthened in such a way that today we can find his “Mi” store not only in China but also in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, India, Russia and some countries on the Asian continent. Likewise, it is very easy to access their products through the brand’s website.

Currently, Xiaomi has surprised its followers with more than 20 items that do not base their operation on an electrical system, but that still offer excellent performance and maintain the high standards that buyers are accustomed to.

Xiaomi desk chairs are part of such items. Since last March they have been put up for sale through the Youpin store at a modest price of 1,299 yuan. Unfortunately, so far they are only being marketed in China, but their next appearance on the official website of the manufacturer is expected.

In the same way, the cost will be subject to a variation, as we remember that said monetary cone must be exposed to the respective conversion to euros or dollars. To this it is necessary to add some additional charges regarding shipping. Let us remember that it is a chair with a fairly high weight, which can raise the cost of the transfer a little.

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