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On a daily basis, both in homes, restaurants, commercial establishments and others, containers of a different nature are discarded in large quantities. Hence, the great concern that exists about the pollution they generate. Fact that can be significantly reduced through its timely separation by giving the appropriate use to the yellow container.


There are multiple actions that we can carry out daily for the conservation of the environment. In this sense, the recycling of solid waste is one of the most significant. And for that, we have many tools, including the garbage container.

However, it is necessary to be clear that recycling requires culture and establishing habits in our lifestyle. But, the good thing is that we can easily learn and put knowledge into practice using recycling containers, even teaching our children to exercise this practice from home.

Now, the interesting thing about the culture of recycling is that with it we not only help preserve the environment, keeping it cleaner, but we can also generate some extra income for our domestic economy, either through the sale of solid waste generated at home or from some green enterprise . Likewise, they can be reduced if certain simple indications are followed, established in the sanitary norms for solid waste.

Why are there yellow containers?

It is of interest to us to learn the reason for the colors and what goes in each container, since with this we can conveniently organize waste according to its type and contribute to saving resources. Just as it happens with the recycling of plastic, aluminum, paper among others.

Referring specifically to the yellow container, this is the most complicated because of the amount of waste that has been designated to throw in it. The experts assigned the color yellow to identify the lighter waste, but which take longer to bio-degrade.

What to throw in the yellow container?

In the yellow containers is where we place the largest amount of waste, because in addition to all the plastic, metal and cardboard containers and containers, their compounds are also included.

For this reason, these containers for domestic use can be found in different designs to aesthetically adapt to the space. In this sense, there are small ones for indoors and others whose capacity ranges between 100 and 200 litres, suitable for public spaces and workshops.

However, this is used to recycle plastic from food drinks, cleaning and personal hygiene products, packaging and others. As well as to recycle porexpan or white cork in any of its presentations.

On the other hand, it is also convenient to recycle both cans and metal containers for canned food, beer and soft drinks. Likewise, plates, trays, plates, lids and all kinds of packaging that result from pharmaceutical products such as blisters. Additionally, it is used to recycle aluminum foil.

It should be noted that plastic, metal and aluminum waste must be clean, for better use, since companies replace part of the raw material with them. Specifically, they are used by the industry to manufacture more bags, plastic containers, furniture or for the production of new bottles for detergents and liquids for non-food use.

What should not be thrown in the yellow container

It is important to know that you should avoid depositing clothing or any type of cloth or fabric in the yellow recycling container, as well as all types of glass bottles, ceramic waste, burned-out light bulbs, broken glass, since the container is intended for this purpose. green.

Other types of solid waste that we should not put in the yellow container are those that are made up of cardboard and paper, since these should go in the blue container. On the other hand, organic matter such as vegetable remains, vegetables, meat residues and processed food leftovers should be placed in the orange container.

It is important to know that batteries, damaged electronic equipment, hazardous or toxic materials, hospital waste, agrochemical cans, batteries, insecticides, oils, aerosols or technological products, such as damaged controls, should also be excluded from the yellow garbage containers. TV, DVD, and controls for Nintendo Switch, among other equipment. The reason is that these types of products have been assigned the color red.

Long term benefits

The idea of ​​recycling can benefit everyone, since companies and industries take advantage of certain products as raw material, for which they are willing to pay very well for them. In the same way, jobs are generated, energy saving is promoted, there is less exploitation of natural resources and, therefore, we also contribute to the reduction of global warming.

Another interesting point is that statistics indicate that the plastics industry requires many tons of raw material. But, with the use of plastic waste, millions of euros are saved per year. What may be interesting as an alternative for the generation of financial resources for those nations that do not have a support system.

Similarly, this culture of recycling is important because it not only helps to conserve the environment, keeping it cleaner and healthier, but it can also generate some extra income for the domestic economy, because there are companies that buy solid waste. generated at home.

Finally, it remains to limit that thanks to environmental awareness, the yellow container is being used more and better. Regardless, it is designed in this color or uses recycling labels for identification. The reason is that it has been designated to house a large percentage of materials that can easily be used by the industry as raw material in its production chain, thereby significantly reducing the impact on the environment.

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