10 products to make housework easier for you to share more time with your baby

It is no secret to anyone that when you become a father or mother your time is limited in every way, that is why it is necessary that you organize yourself properly so that you can carry out your daily activities, at the same time that you provide the attention you need to the child. smallest of the house. Thus, thanks to the technological advances that we are experiencing today, we will present to you, below, some gadgets that without a doubt allow you to carry out different tasks in the simplest way possible so that you can manage your time to the maximum and share it with your baby.

baby cook

When it comes to feeding your baby, it is ideal to be able to have all the appropriate products at your fingertips to carry out the preparation of your favorite foods in an easy, fast and comfortable way. In this sense, buying the best Babycook available on the market would not be bad at all, since this product allows you to enjoy different functions, among which steam cooking, express defrosting, heating porridge and progressive beating stand out. Even some models, such as the Béaba Babycook Original Plus, are capable of heating bottles and also sterilizing them without any problem.

dustbin with vacuum cleaner

Keeping your home in order and well cleaned is a daily task that must be carried out even to avoid illness or discomfort to the baby in the house, even when he is in his growth stage and is learning to crawl. In this way, the floor should always be clean, so sweeping it to remove hair, dust, as well as any other garbage would not be bad. Thus, when it comes to collecting all the dirt, you should not waste time using annoying accessories when there is a dustbin with a vacuum cleaner, characterized by sucking up all the dirt that you bring to it with the broom without having to bend down. It should be noted that one of the most innovative models is the Bruno Smart, with a considerable level of practicality and functionality.

wireless switch

Wireless switches have a lot to offer, especially those models that are so practical and functional, capable of creating different environments depending on each circumstance. It should be noted that one of the great advantages of this product is that it includes a remote control, so you would not have to move from where you are to turn the lights on or off in a certain space. Even the idea of ​​programming routines that follow your daily activity is not bad at all as the Philips Hue model does.

crib mattress

Taking care of the rest of the smallest of the house is one of the most important tasks of the day to day. That is why the presence of a crib mattress with special characteristics would be the ideal option to guarantee your little one moments of maximum comfort and tranquility. In this sense, there are models such as the Ecus Kids Smarty capable of connecting to a smartphone to know exactly what the quality of your baby’s sleep is. It could also control factors such as temperature and humidity.

Ironing center

The fact of ironing clothes for some mothers is one of the most overwhelming tasks of the day to day. That is why the presence of a good ironing center at home would not be bad, since it is made up of an iron and a boiler integrated with a water tank that easily generates a special amount of steam compared to a steam iron. clothing. Thus, this amount of steam would be much more useful for ironing each item of clothing comfortably and in a given time.

smart lock

Today, traditional locks have already gone out of style in the face of new smart locks characterized by incorporating into their structure everything from keyboards with access codes to surveillance cameras that allow you to see who wants to enter your home. The best thing of all is that if you were to be busy attending to your baby, you could even open the door remotely, therefore, you would not have to interrupt the activity you are carrying out even when a visitor arrives at home or simply one more member of the family. These types of products sometimes tend to have considerable prices, as is the case with the Schlage Nexia BE469NXCAM619 model, however, its functionality is enviable.

fast bottle warmer

There are some appliances that can be useful for heating a baby’s bottle, however, they are not always recommended by pediatricians, such as microwaves. That is why the presence of a bottle warmer in your kitchen would not be bad at all, since it offers you the possibility of uniformly heating the liquid available in the bottle in a very short period of time. It should be noted that, depending on the model, some even allow you to have a defrost program that will be of great help when you have chosen to express your milk and keep it frozen.

The thermometer in the mobile

If you feel the need to take your baby’s temperature, you no longer need to wake him up if he’s asleep or bother him to insert a mercury thermometer. Well, thanks to the existence of mobile thermometers, you will be able to carry out a historical record of each measurement that will be made through its infrared function. In this way, you will only have to connect said product to the mobile and in a matter of two seconds you will be able to measure the baby’s body temperature.

Kitchen robot

Many moms enjoy preparing different special recipes to pamper each member of the family. However, sometimes, the lack of time does not allow them to function as they should and want in the kitchen. This is where the option of having a good food processor would not be bad at all, since this appliance has automatic programs designed to do all the work for you, saving you the time you need to spend with your baby.

Vacuum cleaner robot

Robot vacuum cleaners could not be missing, since they are characterized by the functionality they offer you by activating by voice once you ask them to vacuum the floor of your home. In this way, you would only have to press the power button and said gadget would be ready to receive your orders. It should be noted that with the presence of this product at home you could save both time and space and energy.

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