14 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy is a very special stage for women, since a new life has begun to form inside them; therefore, it is very natural that she wants to decipher the signs of her future baby and the changes that her body undergoes during the 14th week of gestation.


A fetus in the womb goes through several stages in the process of becoming a baby. In this sense, if we ask ourselves how many months are 14 weeks of pregnancy, we must affirm that it is the third month of the gestation period. At this point, the little one has managed to acquire a human appearance. Likewise, the pregnancy will be more bearable for the mother, since both nausea and dizziness can decrease, and the best thing is that her belly begins to protrude, making the state that the mother is going through evident.

Changes and symptoms in the mother

The woman experiences the first physical changes of pregnancy at week 14, because her body begins to make room for the uterus to increase, therefore, it is normal to begin to feel the future baby in the lower abdominal area, increase a little of weight and, therefore, go up a size. Also, in some cases, gastric discomfort, back pain and fluid retention appear.

A very particular change falls on the breasts, as they become more sensitive and larger; That is why women choose to put aside the bras that have underwires and look for fabrics that are softer for their skin. Also, there is the possibility of beginning to secrete colostrum through the nipple; a yellowish liquid responsible for feeding the little one after childbirth.

At 14 weeks pregnancy, the symptoms are more tolerable, although new ones may appear, such as bleeding from the nose or gums, because the blood vessels dilate and become more sensitive. Likewise, the mother could suffer from rhinitis gravidarum , since the ridges that are located between the pharynx and the nose grow, generating congestion and mucus.

Similarly, during pregnancy vaginal discharge and sweating become abundant. Therefore, it is important to maintain good personal hygiene to avoid acquiring an infection.

Changes in the future baby

Throughout the pregnancy the future baby changes and grows rapidly. Specifically, the size of the fetus at 14 weeks can be around eight centimeters and weigh between 25-30 grams. And, although the difference between the head and the body is still evident, its nervous system, specifically its brain and spine, reaches a good development, even some nerve cells are more organized.

On the other hand, the 14-week fetus will not only have a more elongated neck and developed facial muscles, but it will also be able to grimace and open its mouth longer, thanks to the activation of its neuromuscular system . He is already a little one who moves, and even puts his thumb to his mouth, as his arms acquire a better proportion in reference to the body.

In relation to his skin, he ceases to be somewhat transparent; but, some soft, colorless hairs begin to appear all over their body, known as lanugo . However, these will fall off a bit before birth.

On the other hand, the yolk sac that provides the fetus with the necessary nutrients disappears by this time. Therefore, its food and oxygen come from the placenta, an organ that grows alongside it and will accompany it until birth. At 14 weeks of pregnancy, the future baby gets to drink amniotic fluid, which helps keep its digestive system in good condition. Fact that contributes to the filling of your bladder and, therefore, allows you to urinate inside the womb.

It is usually common that, for the respective check-up, the sex of the baby cannot be visualized, despite the fact that its genitals have already developed. However, the obstetrician will be able to measure the head, the femur and the abdomen for the general examination.

Some advices

It is important to perform a transvaginal ultrasound at week 14 of pregnancy, as it allows you to appreciate more details of the future baby, including the lenses of his eyes, his fingers, the valves of his little heart and if you are lucky his sex.

The mother should eat vegetables, fruits and foods that offer a good supply of vitamins and proteins, avoiding the intake of spicy and fizzy drinks.

It is normal for a 14-week pregnant woman to experience a slight weight gain, so keeping track of it and establishing an exercise routine helps her maintain better physical and mental condition. However, she must rule out those activities that force her to exert great force and overload her muscles. In this sense, the best alternatives are yoga, swimming and walks in the fresh air.

On the other hand, since the skin begins to stretch in the lower area, itching may appear. Hence, the importance of keeping the epidermis hydrated with creams according to the characteristics of each skin. From hygiene it is also important to avoid baths with hot water or enter saunas, as this can cause greater dilation of blood vessels.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that in order to relieve back pain, it is appropriate for the mother to have good support for rest, either through the use of comfortable shoes or rest in a good bed accompanied by a pregnancy pillow.. But, if the discomfort does not stop and becomes stronger, before taking any medication, it is advisable to consult a trusted specialist.

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