17 weeks pregnant

The weeks of the second trimester of pregnancy can be the most relaxed of the pregnancy, since the terrible morning sickness has already been overcome and the belly is a comfortable size to maintain a normal routine. But, there are changes in the woman’s body and other symptoms characteristic of this stage. Here we tell you what they are.

Your 16 weeks pregnancy keeps moving forward, making you feel new experiences. Now the 17th week of pregnancy is headed by the emotional changes of the woman, variable mood and emotions on the surface that are the result of the alteration of the hormones that are looking for a balance. 

Physically, for women, the 17 weeks of pregnancy have not completely impacted their figure, because even when the baby is growing, the belly may not have grown as much and the clothes before pregnancy still fit. Therefore, she can feel quite comfortable and maintain the normal pace of her routine, focusing on improving her diet and maintaining healthy habits for the 17-week-old baby.

4 months pregnant: how is the baby?

At this time the 17-week fetus is very active, moving up and down and sideways throughout the uterus. Therefore, surely, you are wondering, how big is a fetus at 17 weeks? and the answer is that it has a length of about 11 to 13 cm. 

In reality, the 17-week fetus is about the size of a medium-sized onion, making it very easy for it to move freely and squirm.

However, it must be taken into account that in a multiple pregnancy these parameters change, because if it is a twin pregnancy of 17 weeks, the fetuses are kept most of the time with their arms bent and in a semi-flexed position. 

But, going back to a simple 17-week pregnancy, we can focus on the development of the fetus in the mother’s body, since in the 17-week ultrasound it can be seen that the fetus weighs between 100 and 140 g approximately. Likewise, the measurement of the femur is determined, which should be about 2.4 cm in length. 

Another change in the fetus is that it can now open its mouth and swallow amniotic fluid that it will excrete in the urine. Meanwhile, taste buds are developing in your mouth, even though you can’t taste flavors yet.

Similarly, their lungs are developing, branching, and the cells are secreting a fluid that leaves the lungs when the fetus practices breathing movements .

Previously, at week 16 of pregnancy, a layer of fatty tissue began to form under the baby’s skin and at week 17 this tissue continues to increase, which will protect the little one from the cold. In addition, the skin layer is still very thin, and blood vessels can be seen.

Symptoms in a pregnant woman at 17 weeks

As we mentioned earlier, at this stage of the pregnancy the little one moves constantly and it is that in the previous days when he was a 16-week fetus he discovered that he could flex his limbs, open and close his hands, as well as separate his fingers.

Now, with its newly discovered abilities, the fetus manages to move abruptly if some loud noise from outside surprises it, so the pregnant woman begins to feel the baby’s movements and startles more frequently.

These days some women report that they feel pulling near the navel and towards the groin, which is due to the abdominal muscles stretching to support the growing uterus. Many of them were scared by the sudden pain and rushed to use a pregnancy belt, which is really not recommended at this stage of pregnancy, as the uterus is growing and the muscles are developing.

On the other hand, the increasing size of the uterus is also the cause of women increasing their visits to the bathroom, since the bladder is pressured and they may feel the urge to urinate very frequently. 

As for food, it is likely that the woman will experience an increase in appetite, so it is a good time to introduce foods rich in calcium, which will favor the development of the fetus’s bones

Changes in the skin: beware of stains

With the increase in estrogen in the blood, the skin of pregnant women becomes more sensitive to the appearance of spots, due to the production of melanin, darkening existing freckles and spots, mainly on the face. 

For this, it is advisable to increase sun protection daily, as well as avoid direct exposure to the sun for long periods. 

On the other hand, the nipples also begin to darken, along with the vertical line that runs through the belly. The good news is that the skin will clear up after delivery, when hormone levels regulate.

However, the nipples may remain dark for a while, since the main objective of the dark shade is to increase visibility for the little ones and that they can easily see them when nursing.

When will you know the sex of the baby?

Although in many cases it is possible to know at week 17 of pregnancy if it is a boy or a girl, the truth is that you will have to wait for an ultrasound between weeks 18 and 20. In this echosonogram, the main function is to determine if there are chromosomal alterations. But, if the baby is in a good position, it is possible that her genitals can be seen and thus clearly determine her sex.

However, many grandmothers believe that by looking at the shape of the belly you can tell the sex of the baby. However, at 17 weeks of pregnancy, the belly has not grown enough to make this assessment.

Tips for pregnancy at week 17

Since your skin is undergoing accelerated stretching, you should keep your skin hydrated with nourishing creams to stop the appearance of stretch marks . In this sense, it is also important to maintain good hydration by drinking water and consuming fruits with a high liquid content, such as watermelon, melon, strawberries and grapes. 

If the cramps become very frequent, you can relieve them by massaging the calves or the contracted area, doing passive stretching until the cramp subsides. Similarly, it is advisable to increase the consumption of foods rich in potassium, because they help reduce muscle contractures. 

In this way, little by little, you will approach the middle of the pregnancy. Therefore, maintaining all these habits will help you carry your pregnancy in a light way , enjoying the changes in your body and knowing what happens with your baby week by week.

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