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At 18 months you will realize that your child walks much better and can already run around the park or can climb stairs without help and his most important progress will focus on perfecting the skills learned, increasing his agility and tuning Handbook. In this sense, we have thought of a fun selection of gifts that will help your baby improve her skills and sharpen her learning.

Fisher-Price My first tablet

All of us who are parents or have seen babies up close know the interest that mobile phones and tablets arouse among little ones. With this tablet from Fisher-Price, babies can satisfy that interest while learning more about the world around them. 

To do this, this tablet has a system of buttons that are very easy to activate and a series of sounds that can be identified and related to the images on those buttons, stimulating their intelligence and their senses. It also has six songs, melodies and other elements with which to have fun teaching your little user.


The included game consists of three different levels and adapted to the ages of 12, 18 and 24 months respectively. These levels allow you to explore the world, stimulate your intelligence and simulate your surroundings in each of them. So the toy grows with the user.

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Bammax PH1003BL

Despite the time that has passed, the ride-on has once again become a great gift for toddlers and babies. Especially with current models such as the Bammax PH1003BL ride-on, which modifies the traditional design to give the little ones greater safety. 

And it is that, compared to conventional models, this product has two front wheels and two rear wheels, which adds extra security when maintaining balance with the product. A model that, moreover, offers a wide handlebar and a very comfortable seat, without the exaggerated volume of other products that contribute nothing to the safety and comfort of the child.


This product modifies the general design of the usual ride-on and also has high-quality finishes, which adds extra security to everything that the model makes available to the little ones.

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Lego Duplo My First Number Train

The Lego Duplo Number Train is a great gift for babies from one year of age. Thanks to the size of its pieces, it is impossible for them to be swallowed, also giving the little ones some pieces of a suitable design and size so that they can handle them comfortably. 

A process in which the baby will improve coordination and fine motor skills, whether riding the train or any other figure that comes to mind. And as if that were not enough, thanks to the marking of part of those cards, the little one will get to know the numbers, which she will have to learn in a short time.


In addition to being one of the most classic gifts in our selection, the truth is that the product has a more than considerable educational component. And it can join other Lego Duplo sets you already have at home.

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Goki Wheelbarrow

The Goki children’s cart is the classic metal toy with which the little ones in the house will be distracted pulling the wagon, since they can put all their toys inside and drag it around the garden, it also serves to collect everything after playing and transport them to their place.

As for its manufacture, we can say that being made of metal, the basket is very resistant, supporting up to 30 kg of weight. To drive the toy, it has plastic wheels and a handle that goes in all directions, but it doesn’t tip over easily, so the child will have a fun time playing.


It is ideal for children of all ages, even the little ones can sit inside it for a fun ride, always under the supervision of an adult. Although it is a classic toy, it is still among the interesting gifts for this Christmas.

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Yoptote Wooden Train

We continue with the idea of ​​giving ecological, sustainable and handmade gifts that do not need batteries for their operation, such as the traditional Yoptote brand wooden train. Designed to drag, build or fit the pieces that make it up, all on the same train, it has a rope on the locomotive and 12 wheels so that children have fun pulling it.

It is made of high quality natural wood, with designs in the form of fruits and cakes, as well as building blocks, a total of 30 pieces to build. We also mention that due to the size of the pieces there is no risk of drowning in children.


The wooden train has a robust construction and offers various possibilities of joining the pieces, which allows to stimulate the creativity of the baby. In addition to being striking and colorful, it can be placed as a decoration for the child’s room.

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Molto 2022

If you want a special gift for your little girl, the Moltó brand “all-terrain” motorcycle with wheels is an original idea because, in addition to its attractive pink design, it offers great stability for fun rides around the park or around the house.

With this bike, your baby’s global motor skills and spatial orientation will be stimulated. It is made of resistant PVC plastic, with large and robust wheels for a stable ride, its exterior resists falls and knocks from children. It has dimensions of 62 x 35 x 46 cm and a manageable weight of 2.88 Kg.


The resistant plastic material will be able to withstand the traffic to which the motorcycle will be subjected due to constant use, it is a great advantage because it will be a lasting investment. In addition, due to its light weight, you can transport it without problems wherever you take the little one to walk outside the house.

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DeeXop Interactive Family Toy

Whether you are looking for a birthday gift or for this Christmas 2022, this educational toy with a fun design in the shape of an airplane could be a good option to entertain the little ones in the house.

It is a musical plane that offers sweet melodies, colorful lights and sounds of various animals, which promotes the child’s auditory and cognitive development. It also has wheels that favor smooth movement.

In terms of size, it is a product with the appropriate dimensions for the handling of children from 18 months. In addition, it is made of resistant and toxic-free ABS plastic.


It is a musical toy that works with AA batteries. It has colored lights and figures of attractive animals, which by simply pressing each button generate sounds typical of each species. Likewise, it has a design with rounded edges and, once turned on, the toy moves freely avoiding collisions.

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Yookidoo 40115

Bath toys are interesting gifts for all babies, so we recommend the Yookidoo stackable fountain with a set of water jets and stackable parts, which emulates a magical fountain, ideal for splashing and playing through its floors.

It is made up of several units that are stacked in the form of a tower and several blocks with different effects, the base of which adheres to the bottom of the bathtub. Each of the stackable accessories lets the water flow between them to expel jets as if it were a fountain that will make bathing the most fun time of the day for your little one with the colorful characters.


With this original game your child will have fun in the bathtub and will be developing their eye-hand coordination and fine dexterity, while promoting their sensory development. It’s so easy to assemble that your baby will learn to do it by himself in no time.

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Learning Resources Spike

If you are looking for gifts for Three Kings, take a look at what this toy can offer to amuse your baby and develop skills. It is a beautiful porcupine, whose upper part consists of small holes in which the skewers can be placed, to give this little animal the classic shape. In this way, the baby develops its fine motor skills while playing.

On the other hand, all the spikes can be stored inside the same toy, contributing to order and preventing them from being lost. Likewise, the toy is made of resistant materials, avoiding any type of sharp edge that could pose a risk to the child.


The toy allows the baby to develop fine motor skills, by inserting the pieces into the holes, but it can also be useful for learning to recognize colours. Its materials are resistant and it can be washed easily to preserve its hygiene.

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Ygjt Construction Toy

When babies can sit up and change their posture at will, they have a different perspective on the world. At this point, objects like this tall tower can be very helpful in grabbing their attention. In addition, this toy has a very colorful design, with the cute figure of a monkey on top.

Added to all this is the possibility of interacting with balls and seeing how they go from one level of the tower to another, at the same time that they roll on the disks. As you can see, it is a toy with great educational potential and can provide hours of fun.


This proposal can be a good gift for the baby’s first birthday, since it is designed so that you can interact with him while sitting. On the other hand, it promotes skills such as hand-eye coordination, as well as the recognition of shapes and colors in a fun way, without forgetting that it is among the cheapest on the list.

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Goula Apilable

Si piensas comprar un juego de habilidad y destreza manual para el pequeño de la casa, el apilable que ofrece Goula es un regalo divertido, con un estilo vintage y diseño colorido para que el niño aprenda a contar del 1 al 5 de una manera fácil y sencilla.

Este apilable de madera está diseñado con 5 barrotes y 15 piezas con forma de animales. El niño aprenderá a decir los números del 1 al 5 a través del método de asociación, pues deberá relacionar la cantidad de piezas con el animal, por el color y por puntos.


Es ideal si quieres regalar un juguete ecológico y sustentable que propicie el aprendizaje de las matemáticas estimulando el desarrollo cognitivo de los niños. Por estar elaborado en madera tiene un alto nivel de durabilidad y resistencia con un buen acabado.

Nûby 6144

El momento del baño también lo puedes utilizar para estimular al niño en su aprendizaje y para ello la marca Nûby presenta el pulpo flotante con anillas, un juguete ideal para la bañera que le encantará a tu bebé, por lo que no querrá salir del baño.

Con este divertido juego se estimulará al pequeño en el desarrollo de la coordinación mano-ojo, pues su intenso color violeta y sus graciosas formas invitan al niño a lanzar los anillos hacia los tentáculos para tratar de insertarlos, y además tanto los anillos como el pulpo flotan en el agua.


Es un regalo original para cualquier pequeño. Ofrece una textura suave y un tamaño manejable así podrá llevárselo a la piscina o la playa. Es totalmente libre de BPA y tiene todas las certificaciones de seguridad que lo respaldan como un producto inofensivo para niños.

LittleTom EPR-KS-111

Si estás pensando en un divertido parque para que tu pequeño se divierta en grande en el 2018, la casa de juegos de LittleTom es una buena opción, pues está compuesta por un tobogán, dos paredes de escalada y un divertido columpio.

Su fabricación en plástico duradero respalda su diseño robusto y estable para la seguridad de los niños. Aunque es fácil de transportar, no puede ser volcado fácilmente mientras juegan los niños, lo que lo hace ideal para la sala de juegos, el dormitorio, incluso el jardín o la terraza, por ser resistente a la intemperie.

Por otro lado, la combinación de colores beiges, verde y marrón lo hacen totalmente unisex.


Se monta y se desmonta con facilidad por lo que puedes moverlo de lugar sin mayor problema. El columpio contiene un arnés y respaldo por lo que resulta muy seguro y cómodo para los pequeños y además las barras son fijas.

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