19 weeks pregnant

In a 19-week pregnancy, the future mother must be very attentive to one of the most expected symptoms of pregnancy. For its part, the small fetus has begun to perceive the world around it, thanks to the maturation of its senses. Without a doubt, this is an important week.

The 19th week of pregnancy can mark a very special milestone for many women, which they will not forget and which they have been looking forward to. It is about the conscious perception of the baby’s movements inside the womb . This is something that fills the mother with joy, since it is the first palpable sign that life has given way inside her. In turn, this marks an important point in the relationship that the baby and the mother will have, since their bond will be closer and more intense.

On the other hand, if you ask yourself: 19 weeks of pregnancy, how many months is it?, the answer is that the mother is just halfway there to be able to hold her baby in her arms. In other words, four and a half months have passed

How is your baby this week?

At this time, the fetus is 17 weeks old and its size is about 14 cm. In addition, it weighs between 200 and 250 grams. This is why you may begin to notice their activity as a soft flutter, especially when you are lying on your side and very attentive. 

Although the nervous system of the fetus is still developing, it is already capable of perceiving sensations, such as sounds and vibrations. Also, it has begun to prepare its digestive system for the important task it will carry out at birth. It does this by swallowing amniotic fluid, which allows it to taste some flavors. Similarly, your skeleton will begin to become denser and more rigid, leaving behind the great flexibility of your cartilaginous structure.

Probably, until now your friends and family have made comments regarding what are the symptoms of pregnancy as a girl or as a boy, speculating on their gender. The good news is that the time has come when the sex of the baby could be known with greater certainty , since in this week her genitals have matured and have reached a size that allows them to be observed by means of an ultrasound.

Since we are talking about specific studies, to know the state of the baby, you should know that until week 18 it was unlikely that your gynecologist would have requested a morphological ultrasound, since it is considered more appropriate to perform it between the 19th and 20th weeks of pregnancy. In this study, what is done is to evaluate the structure of the baby and its biometrics. Malformations that could be considered incompatible with the possibility of the fetus surviving at birth are sought. Carrying out this study will help you to be calmer that everything is going well, something that always worries parents.

how your body changes

In the 19th week of pregnancy, symptoms related to blood circulation become more noticeable. The blood volume has increased and the heart has to work harder. This is why you could experience palpitations or alterations in your heart rhythm. Generally, it is not a warning symptom, but you should mention it to your doctor for evaluation. On the other hand, it is also important that you stay calm and avoid situations that cause stress. 

If you notice increased vaginal discharge, don’t panic. This is called leukorrhea and is due to increased blood supply to the area. In the same way, for the same reason, your genitals will take on a purple color and it is very likely that the labia majora and minora will bulge.

When it comes to the size of your 19-week belly, you may need to adjust your clothing size again and notice that the linea alba (from navel to pubis) has intensified. Your nipples will also darken a little more and the sensitivity in the skin of the belly may begin to accentuate, due to the tension it is experiencing in the inner layers, so you should start moisturizing the area even more with appropriate creams and products. to give greater elasticity to the skin.

On the other hand, it is unusual that at 18 weeks of pregnancy you have noticed changes in the way you breathe. However, at this point, and due to the growth of the belly, your diaphragm begins to have less room to go down during inspiration, forcing you to breathe at a different rate.

important tips

The supply of vitamins that you must provide to your body remains a priority. We recommend that you do not forget to include green leafy salads, nuts and eggs in your diet. Avoid drinking energy drinks or stimulants and watch your carbohydrate intake, so you don’t have weight problems to deal with later.

In addition, if you have noticed difficulties in practicing any sport, due to your condition, do not forget that water is an environment that greatly favors mothers and allows them to exercise and keep the muscles of their arms, legs and back well toned, while, Also, it helps them relax.

Since your little baby can already hear, it is very important that you talk to him. Thus, he will begin to get acquainted with your voice, which he will distinguish from that of others and will become his favorite. You can also put music on it, which can cause greater neural activity in it.

To take care of your skin and prevent hormonal changes from being accentuated on your face, in the form of spots that are difficult to remove, we invite you to use sunscreen daily, since the production of melanin at this stage could increase.

On the other hand, pay attention to your moments of rest and make sure they are of quality. If you don’t already have a pregnancy pillow, it would be a good idea to get one; It will help you in many ways, even after your baby is born.

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