2-year child toys

What is the best toy for a 2 year old?

2-year-olds tend to be picky about certain things, but when it comes to toys, it’s much easier for them to give in to the fun they provide. Choosing among so many models can be difficult, however, among these options you could find the ideal product for your child to have fun and learn at the same time.

1. Woomax Circuit track with garage and cars Colorbaby 46257

Precautions: Children should always be accompanied by an adult when playing, as some cars are small.

Main features: Most children find cars interesting, so a circuit to play with them is a good way to have fun. This vertical track from Woomax comes with 4 levels and each of the ramps has a different color, to capture the attention of the children. In addition to that, the set also includes 4 cars and, in the lower part, there is a garage and also a gas station. The toy is made of wood and plastic, and is sized to be easy to store in your home.

Functionality: The ramps of this circuit are positioned so that the car goes down quickly, taking small jumps to easily go from one to another. In addition, the cars can be placed on the upper platform after playing or stored in the garage with 3 opening doors or the refueling area so as not to lose them. Assembly is simple and disassembly too, so it will be easy to move or store the product.

Educational value: Younger children will be able to use this toy as a way to develop their motor skills. This will be seen when playing, but also when assembling the circuit with the help of their parents.

Maintenance: The pieces of wood should always be kept away from moisture to prevent deterioration. Therefore, when cleaning the circuit, only a dry cloth is enough to remove dust.

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2. Goula Baby color ref. 53140

Precautions: From 24 months, children can start playing with this Goula product.

Main features: Choosing toys for a 2-year-old can be difficult, however, there are alternatives like this one that has been designed especially for children of this age. It is a preschool game with 20 colorful pieces that must be fitted into a beautiful image, of the 6 included, to complete it. Each of the pieces is made of wood and sized to provide a good grip, especially for little hands. Among the sheets included, you can find flowers, a tree, a house, a turtle, a car and a duckling.

Functionality: In order to make correct use of the toy, it will be necessary to take the desired sheet and place it on the base of the product. Then, the pins that correspond to the colors of the image must be chosen and inserted into the holes of the sheets in their correct place. They can then be removed, the foil changed and start again.

Educational value: This is an original way to learn colors and become familiar with new vocabulary, however, children can learn much more than that. By playing it will be possible to improve motor skills and manual coordination, while your ingenuity and logic increase at the same time.

Maintenance: To keep this toy in good condition, you need to always put it away when finished. Additionally, to preserve the wood, it must be kept away from very humid places.

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3. Nuby Floating Octopus Bath Toy with Rings

Precautions: This fun product has been manufactured for children from 18 months and up to approximately 3 years of age.

Main characteristics: The Nuby brand is special in the children’s products market for its quality and creativity. In this case, this toy is made to accompany children when bathing, whether in the bathtub, in the pool or on the beach. It is a purple octopus that is complemented by colorful rings to place on its tentacles. These rings have different shapes, of which a fish and a star stand out. On the other hand, the size of the toy is small to be easy to move and store.

Functionality: The operation of this toy is quite easy, since the children will only have to place the rings on the tentacles. The bigger ones could try throwing them from a distance for more fun. The best thing is that it can be taken everywhere, as it is a light toy and thus can accompany the little one even on vacation.

Educational value: This octopus will help children develop their coordination and motor skills when trying to place the rings. However, in addition to that, they will also be able to learn about colors and shapes. The best thing is that the learning will not stop even in the bathroom.

Maintenance: This product is made specifically for use in water, so it is unlikely to get dirty. All you have to do is keep your rings organized so they don’t get lost.

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4. Rolimate Toddler Toys Geometric Stacker

Precautions: This product has been designed to be used by children 2 years of age and older, for its safety and also for its difficulty.

Main features: If you want to buy your child an educational and practical toy, then this Rolimate wooden board could be a good alternative. The product has 10 small wooden bars to fit the different shapes and stack the pieces. The paint used on each item is water-based and non-toxic; In addition, it is ecological. As for its dimensions, the board has a size of 15 x 13.5 centimeters, so it will not take up too much space. In fact, the shapes can be used individually to give children more creative freedom.

Functionality: All the figures in this set come with holes to fit correctly into the wooden bars found on the board, however, these pieces can also be used to create different things.

Educational value: In addition to developing logic, ingenuity and creativity, children will also learn about geometry and colors while playing. On the other hand, the control when holding the pieces and fitting them will also improve the coordination between the eyes and the hands.

Maintenance: This product is made of wood, therefore, it is necessary to keep it away from water and humid places, if you want to keep it as new. Otherwise, the material may deteriorate.

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5. Mega Bloks Classic Bag with 80 Building Blocks

Precautions: This toy is made to be used by children from 12 months to 5 years of age, preferably under adult supervision.

Main features: A good Christmas or birthday gift that never fails with children is a set of building blocks. Because of this, little ones are sure to enjoy playing with these colorful blocks made of plastic for added safety. In the bag there are 80 pieces with different shades and, when you finish playing, said bag will serve as a storage and mobilization place. Each of the blocks stands out for having a suitable size for the hands of the little ones, providing a firmer grip.

Functionality: The functionality of this toy is the same as all sets of this type: build freely and let ideas flow in each shape. Due to the number of blocks that the offer brings, it will be possible to give free rein to the imagination. Although, if the child is very young, the function of this product may become to teach the different colors.

Educational value: This offer comes with the possibility of learning included, since building with blocks is an educational activity that helps children develop cognitive skills such as: logic, ingenuity, spatial memory, creativity and imagination. In addition, it promotes motor skills and coordination.

Maintenance: Keeping the ordered blocks in their place there is little chance of them being damaged. This is usually caused by stepping on them, so you’ll avoid this problem by organizing them.

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6. BelleStyle Doodle Water Drawing 

Precautions: The manufacturers recommend that the product be used from 18 months, as this way children will have more control over the feathers.

Main features: An activity that children often enjoy a lot is drawing and that is why this product stands out. To prevent the little ones from scratching walls or wasting markers, this drawing mat requires only water to be able to make the illustrations. The dimensions of the mat are 80 cm x 60 cm and, in addition to the surface available for drawing, the edges have different animals, fruits and colors as details. The product is made of comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly material. In addition to the mat, the purchase comes with the water pens, molds and their respective manual.

Functionality: In order to use this product, it will be necessary to wet the feathers for a while so that they absorb the water. After this, you can draw directly on the mat and, after a few minutes, the surface will erase the drawing to leave free space to continue playing.  

Educational value: Drawing is a recommended activity for all children, as it is ideal for stimulating imagination, creativity and ingenuity. In addition, the mat can serve as a writing board or for parents to teach new things to their children. Finally, the inclusion of animals, colors and fruits will also give an opportunity to learn more vocabulary.

Maintenance: This product should not be scratched with colors, markers, or anything other than the indicated pens. Otherwise, it could be damaged.

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7. BeebeeRun Remote Control Car

Precautions: The manufacturers recommend the use of this fun toy from 18 months. In addition to this, you must bear in mind that the car cannot be used with another nearby, as there could be interference in the control of these.

Main characteristics: Cars are ideal toys for children, in 2022 and in any year, since their fame remains valid. In this case, this toy is a small blue and black car that comes with 3 figures that can drive it: a rabbit, a cat and a bear. The product is interactive, as pressing the heads of the characters will play beautiful melodies, while the remote control allows you to control other functions such as driving, lights and windshield. The contraption can steer the car in all directions.

Functionality: After placing the necessary batteries in the car and in the remote control, it will be possible to drive the vehicle from a distance of up to 20 meters. The buttons are intuitive enough to be easy to understand and almost immediately playable. On the other hand, when driving, the car will turn on the lights and the character’s music can be heard.

Educational value: While driving the car, children will be able to improve their spatial sense as well as their hand and eye coordination. In addition to that, they will also be able to learn more about these means of transportation.

Maintenance: It is not recommended to use the car outdoors and, in addition, it is preferable to avoid hitting or knocking it over.

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8. Shayson Piano Rug 

Precautions: It is required to close the battery compartment well to avoid accidents.

Main features: All babies love music, so this 70 x 29 centimeter rug can be a good gift, as it really is a little piano. The product is made of safe, eco-friendly and odorless nylon fabric. The design of this rug is quite colorful and brings with it stars that mark the functions, along with images of 5 animals, a duck, a bird, a cat, a frog and a dog, to reproduce their sounds. Even parents will be able to use the piano to teach music to their children.

Functionality: When you have the batteries in place, all you have to do is press the piano keys to enjoy each of the sounds, either with your hands or feet. If you want to take the fun everywhere, it will be possible to roll up the rug and move it easily, or in case you want to store it. The upper part brings the speaker, which you can turn on or off with a switch.

Educational value: With the online purchase of this product, children can begin to develop their musical skills from a very young age. It will be possible to learn about the piano keys and also about the sounds of different animals. Not to mention that children will use creativity and imagination when creating their melodies.

Maintenance: If you want to wash, it will be possible to do it with soap and water. However, to avoid damaging the electronic components, they must be removed before performing this process.

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9. Nene Toys Educational Toy for Boys and Girls

Precautions: This product is suitable for children from 2 to 4 years old. Due to its pieces, it is not recommended for those younger.

Main features: If you are looking for a cheap but good quality toy for your baby, then this product from Nene Toys may be ideal. It is a robust trunk with measurements of 19 x 8.5 x 11 cm and a light weight that comes with different magnetized caterpillars, a bird as the “main character” and a piece with a magnet that will be in charge of collecting each one of the animals magnetically. This is the right size to provide a good and ergonomic grip. It is necessary to emphasize that all the elements used in the creation of this product are safe, non-toxic and resistant. In addition, the toy has quality certifications.

Functionality: Using the magnet, the caterpillars hidden inside the trunk should be caught. As you take each one, then you can feed the little bird. This operation is innovative and gives children a different game that they will surely enjoy.

Educational value: In addition to learning about how birds eat, children will also be able to learn colors. As for the physical benefits, this toy will help the development of fine motor skills and also the coordination between the eyes and the hands. Finally, assuming the role of father with the little bird will help strengthen emotional ties and empathy.

Maintenance: This product is not difficult to keep in good condition. What you really need is to keep the pieces organized so they don’t get lost.

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10. Small Foot Company 5807 Hit The Bird

Precautions: To prevent the baby from bumping and hurting themselves, this product is only suitable for children 2 years and older.

Main features: Although in the original games, usually, several moles are hit, in this product the chosen animal has been the bird. With 20 x 12 x 12 cm, this wooden board gives you the space you need to play comfortably and be able to hit the birds precisely, using the hammer included in the purchase. This piece comes with a very comfortable and ergonomic grip, to give you greater grip on the product. However, its dimensions are also small enough to be able to carry the game around comfortably.

Functionality: This board comes with an ingenious rocker system at the bottom to place the birds included in the purchase. That way, when one is hit, it will go down and make another figure go up. This process will always be successive, so the fun will not end as long as you keep hitting the birds.

Educational value: There are several things to learn when playing with this product. What stands out the most is the practice of concentration and also the coordination that is acquired with each blow, however, there are other important qualities. For example, children also stimulate their imagination, acquire rhythm and improve their level of attention.

Maintenance: Wood is the main element of this product, so it is required to store it in a cool and dry place, away from moisture.

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