23 weeks pregnant

At 23 weeks of pregnancy, important changes occur in the fetus and in the mother, which should be known, since everything follows its course to reach the big day when the baby is ready to leave and has its first contact with the world. Exterior. Meanwhile, care and precautions should be the priority.

Until now, the baby and the mother have managed to overcome various critical points and the chances of reaching a happy term have increased remarkably. The tiny 22-week fetus has gained weight and length, reaching almost half a kilogram and measuring approximately 21 centimeters. Therefore, their movements are perceptible by the mother.

In the following paragraphs, we will talk more about what the 23rd week can mean for the baby and the mother, as well as some important recommendations to keep in mind. However, first we will answer the most frequent question in this period: 23 weeks of pregnancy, how many months are they?

To answer, we will say that about 160 days have passed since the last menstrual cycle began, so the dates point to almost 5 and a half months of pregnancy. The first quarter has been far away and the second is almost over.

changes in the baby

Although it is now small and fragile, the truth is that from this moment on the baby in the womb will begin to experience processes focused on changing this condition. For example, the soft, flexible little cartilages that gave your body structure will become stiffer, starting with the middle layers. In fact, the mother experiences this change directly, since she can feel the kicks of her little one with more intensity than before and it is totally clear that a small being lives inside her. Also, due to her new abilities and strength, the baby can rotate freely inside the womb.

If you wonder when the baby fits to be born, you should know that there is still a long way to go before this position is final. For now, you will enjoy the space you have and the possibilities that your environment offers you. At this point, we can only say that at 23 weeks of pregnancy the position of the baby will, very rarely, be the same as at 40 weeks.

In relation to brain development, there is a considerable increase in the number of cells, which will establish connections between neurons. So, unlike the baby of a 22-week pregnancy, your little one will now have a greater ability to perceive sensations. What’s more, a 23-week fetus is considered to be able to hear some sounds, and therefore can perceive the sound of mom’s and dad’s voice. This will lead, in a few days, to respond to more stimuli from the outside world, such as the noise of a blender, hair dryer, etc. 

As far as her outward appearance is concerned, in the pregnancy images on the net you will find that her skin is still translucent, but the production of fat deposits that will settle under it has already begun and this transparency will be lost little by little. little in the following weeks, until he became a beautiful and plump little one, ready to be born.

What changes are there in the expectant mother?

Weight and volume

It is normal for the mother to gain weight when she is going through the gestation process, but it must be proportional and controlled. The average gain in a 23-week pregnancy should be around four kilograms. The uterus, for its part, has grown to the point that it has already slightly exceeded the height of the navel. Therefore, the organs have begun to compress and discomfort related to digestion are already noticeable.

Similarly, the figure of the mother is changing and adopts curved lines, but not only in the womb. For example, her breasts have grown and it may be necessary to have more back support to distribute her weight. For this, nursing bras can be a good alternative, because with their design they can provide comfort. 


It is completely normal for the expectant mother to suffer episodes of anxiety, when thinking about the stage that is to come. Also, it is understandable that she wants to have everything ready and her emotions are running high. To better deal with these inevitable emotional changes, it is good to resort to some relaxation techniques . For example, you can listen to music for pregnant women to help you relax and achieve greater serenity, attend a meditation session or practice some craft that allows you to calm down.

Some recommendations

The good health of a pregnant woman will have a very positive influence so that the stages to come are better enjoyed. In this context, it is convenient to pay attention to the toning of the muscles, trying to practice some compatible exercise. For example, there are yoga sessions, swimming and many more, which are specially adapted for pregnant women and will help the expectant mother to relax and not lose flexibility.

On the other hand, it is important to bear in mind that in the 23-week pregnancy, the demand for nutrients rises, both by the mother and the fetus. Due to this, greater emphasis should be placed on eating a balanced diet and, if determined by the doctor, also adding a supplement or combination of prenatal vitamins . This is due, in part, to the fact that the placenta has to transport more blood for the 23-week-old baby, who demands a high content of calcium, minerals and other essential substances to continue his maturation stages. In addition, the mother is preparing her body every day to be able to face the challenge of breastfeeding the baby, among other things.

As a priority, iron intake should be taken care of, which is essential to form red blood cells, which are responsible for oxygenating the blood and preventing dizziness in the mother, as well as the feeling of constant fatigue.

Finally, preventive care is not superfluous at this stage , such as wearing shoes that provide stability, walking carefully on sloping or very smooth areas, and resting frequently . If your legs have started to swell, it’s a good idea to elevate them and get a pregnancy pillow to help you get into a comfortable sleeping position.

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