3 month baby toys

Our picks for the best toys for 3-month-olds

As you know, it is important to respect the recommended age of the toys we buy for our children. Looking for communion gifts is not the same as looking for toys for a baby of a few months, since the development and age of the child requires suitable toys for him. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect gift for your 3-month-old baby, here are some proposals. So, whether you are looking for a cheaper toy or a more elaborate one, you will find what you are looking for.

Fisher-Price – Gym-piano kicks

If you are looking for suitable Christmas gifts for your baby, this could be a good option. For your baby to exercise, this gym will help him develop while having fun. A gym that the baby can use even lying down. It incorporates a piano that can be played in 3 positions as she grows.

Its soft padded blanket is a good support so that lying down it can manipulate the toys and the mirror that it includes in its play arch, thus developing hand-eye coordination. It includes a hippopotamus teether and a safety mirror, which encourage the baby to grab them thanks to their attractive colours. In addition, it has 4 game modes depending on the moment of the baby’s development, so it will grow with him.


This gym evolves along with the baby’s development to offer him, at all times, the stimuli and learning he needs depending on his age, helping him develop all his senses.

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Playgro Loopy Loop

If you are looking for an original idea to give your baby for Christmas and that, in addition, will help him discover the world, take a look at this ball that, thanks to its different textures, colors and sounds, will stimulate the cognitive development of the little ones, because they will be able to touch it, roll it, listen to its sounds, observe its colors, look in the mirror and feel its textures.

In addition, its soft and padded fabric texture is completely safe for the smallest babies and helps develop their motor skills. It is made of safe materials such as polyester and with well-finished finishes and seams, as well as a safety mirror so that your baby can play calmly and safely.


Thanks to its manageable size and the multitude of textures, colors and sounds that it includes, your baby will be able to correctly develop both his senses and his motor skills, being a good help while he grows.

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vacoulery rattle 

As parents, we must correctly stimulate the baby’s sensory development, but not all toys turn out to be suitable for this early age. For this reason, Vacoulery has developed a safe and harmless rattle for your child.

It is a model with a wristband and socks design, comfortable to use and toxic-free. It is made with breathable and durable materials, so it has 70% cotton and 30% polyester.

Both the socks and the wristbands offer a sound when the baby moves their arms and legs. Also, thanks to its great color, you can stimulate the child’s visual and auditory development. In addition, the wristbands have a velcro closure that provides a smooth adjustment.


It is a harmless, attractive and comfortable to use rattle for the baby; It not only stimulates sensory development, but also hand-eye coordination. In addition, both the socks and the wristbands can be used up to 12 months of age and with the purchase you will receive a pack of 4 pieces.

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Happy Cherry Animal Spiral

Your baby can also have fun and learn when he is in the crib or in the stroller with this animal spiral. Very soft and padded, this toy has various pendants, among which the spiral giraffe, a cow and an elephant stand out.

All of them in striking colors and textures and sounds when shaken, which help the correct development of the baby and his senses and hand-eye coordination. In addition, its spiral design allows it to be easily installed on both the crib and the stroller bar, so you can enjoy it both inside and outside the home.


Your baby can use it independently or you can wrap it around both the bars of the crib and the front bar of the stroller, allowing the baby not to throw it to the ground.

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VTech Baby Gym Convertible Blanket

This VTech baby blanket will provide your little one with hours of games and fun since, in addition to a cute and colorful design, it includes sounds, textures and an arch that turns it into a practical gym.

These arches include a multitude of hanging toys, lights and sounds; Specifically, 24 melodies, 6 songs and sound effects, to stimulate the development of all the baby’s senses while learning and having fun. These toys are removable so they can be used in conjunction with the gym or as stand-alone toys. Its two game modes allow the baby to play with it as a game blanket or as a gym.


Its multitude of colors, textures, lights and sounds, including melodies and songs, will help the baby to correctly develop all his senses and motor skills.

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Chicco rainbow cube projector

If you are looking for a birthday or Christmas gift for the little ones in the house, you can opt for toys like this projector cube that will accompany them every night. Thanks to its cube design, you can combine up to 90 different projections, with different colors, sounds and different drawings.

These projections will help the baby to relax and fall asleep while enjoying a unique environment and a wide variety of nature sounds, new age music and classical music, which will also stimulate their perception of space and sound. It works with 3 AA batteries and is available in blue and pink.  


Its multitude of sound, music and color effects allow you to create up to 90 combinations of projections to create a unique and personalized atmosphere at all times, which can even be used as a night light.

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VTech Baby Toby Puppy

If you want to give your baby an attractive and special toy, try this multifunction puppy-shaped rattle that, in addition to creating a fun sound by shaking it like any other traditional model, also includes a motion sensor that activates more than 20 songs, sounds, melodies and phrases that will amuse the baby while playing.

His cheeks light up, his design is colorful and attractive and his ears have different textures to awaken the senses of the baby. It works with 3 LR44 batteries that are included and is made of safe materials for children, so that they can enjoy it without any risk.


The baby can use it as a traditional rattle or activate its lights, sounds and melodies through movement. In addition, it includes volume control so that you can regulate it whenever necessary.

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Hess 13371 – Activity Bar

If you are looking for a traditional baby gym, take a look at this Hess model, which is made up of a plastic structure in the shape of an inverted V from which various plastic baby toys hang and with bright colors that stimulate the cognitive development of the infant, helping the senses of touch and sight. Its robust design offers the security that your baby deserves during the game.

Thanks to its design, you can use it on any surface, since it can be installed both in the crib and in any game blanket that you have available.


The bars present in the product allow either to use the hanging toys included in the model or to hang our own toys or the baby’s favorite doll, thus achieving a better and more pleasant playing experience.

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Tumama Stacking Balls

Tumama brand balls are made of soft and safe materials for babies, so they can be handled without any inconvenience.

Similarly, they have been designed to promote attention and play. They offer textures that encourage sensory development and can also produce sounds. For all this, they are attractive and educational for children.

Another aspect that should be highlighted is that, due to the relief of their textures and shapes, they can help soothe the discomfort that appears during the teething stage, as well as being compatible with bath time.


This set of balls is a toy that can not only provide fun for little ones from 3 months of age, but will remain useful for a long time, contributing to the healthy motor and sensory development of children. At the same time, it promotes the game in different ways, so it has great potential.

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Playgro – My three sound friends

This trio of little animals formed by a dog, a bird and a cow, typical characters of the brand, will amuse the baby thanks to its design with different patterns in striking and vibrant colors, which stimulate its visual perception and its different sounds, which will help in their auditory development.

Each of the pieces includes a grip that will allow you to place them in the baby’s stroller, hammock or crib, so you can use it both inside and outside the house without the risk of the baby knocking them to the ground. In addition, its shape and design allow the baby to develop grasping and manipulation skills.


The model includes three different animals, so the baby can enjoy different colors, designs and patterns, stimulating their visual perception in a much more complete way.

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Leedemore Pack de 5 mordedores

Además de juguetes, encontramos otras opciones de regalos interesantes que podemos regalar a nuestro bebé. Uno de ellos puede ser este pack de mordedores, compuesto por 5 mordedores fabricados en silicona de grado alimenticio, libres de BPA y de otras sustancias nocivas y fáciles de limpiar. Además, incluye cinta de agarre.

Cuentan con un bonito diseño de frutas sobre una base que permite que el bebé lo agarre fácilmente. Se puede refrigerar y cuenta con diferentes durezas y texturas que ayudan a aliviar la encía del bebé. Por eso, estos mordedores resultan una opción de regalo más que interesante para estas fiestas del 2022, que no solo calmará a tu bebé, sino que también estimulará su desarrollo.


Su fabricación en silicona alimentaria y su diseño con uniones seguras y bien rematadas permiten un uso seguro del bebé mientras calma sus encías, sin riesgo de que se suelte alguna parte.

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