3 month old baby gifts

Our picks for the best 3-month-old baby gifts

From the age of three months, babies begin to interact with the stimuli they perceive around them, which is why early stimulation through educational toys that favor their physical and sensory development is so important at this stage, so take advantage of our recommendations to give the best Christmas gift to the smallest of the family.

VTech Baby Musical Cow

This interactive soft toy is a colorful cow that will capture the attention of babies to keep them entertained with 12 melodies. For its part, the different textures in the stuffed animal will develop the touch of the little one.

Its dimensions of 20 x 19 x 14 cm and weight of 499 grams are manageable for babies from 3 months, so this age is recommended as a minimum range.

As the baby grows, the musical cow will help him stimulate hand-eye coordination through the 3 integrated light buttons with which he will learn his first letters, numbers and colors, as well as early language development.


It is attractive to children and easy to use, in a short time they will be able to pick it up and press the buttons as they associate the effects that this action has, therefore, it is a great idea to buy this interactive and versatile toy that will be able to accompany your baby until grow because it is strong and durable.

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Chicco Book 1-2-3

Teething in babies can appear late after the first year of age, but generally from the third month the little ones begin to put everything they have at hand into their mouths. Consequently, if you are looking for an original product to be used at this stage, a soft book is a great choice as a gift for a 3-month-old baby, like this model from Chicco’s Baby Senses Line.

Made of soft textile material and covered in soft plastic, this book is safe to chew on. It has colorful illustrations that will arouse the little one’s curiosity about life in the jungle with funny animals.

This book measures 19 x 19 x 2.5 cm and weighs only 54 g. It also includes a hitch system.


With this book you can stimulate your little one’s sense of touch due to its soft texture and it can be machine washed safely and always kept clean for your baby. We also highlight its good finish and reinforced seams for greater durability.

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Vtech Maracas 

At three months of age, the grasping reflex of the hands is very strong in babies, so they will hold tightly to anything that fits in their hands. Similarly, the stimuli lead him to constantly shake his hands, to strengthen the muscles. 

This combination is perfect so that babies can enjoy the sound of Vtech maracas which, due to their design with a soft end, are highly appreciated by parents, because they prevent the little one from hurting themselves while shaking them while playing. Therefore, they are considered among the interesting gifts for babies at an affordable price.


They are very light, so they will not tire the baby when using them. In addition, they are made with high quality materials and good finishes, so they are resistant. In the same way, the sound they emit is pleasant and has an adequate volume.

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VTech Baby 3480-146422

A special gift for your baby can be this interactive blanket from VTech that will serve him from 3 months of age until he is a big boy and will give him the early stimulation he needs to develop his senses.

The interactive sun-shaped panel is attractive to children, it integrates a motion sensor that activates to play 24 melodies, sound effects and six songs to keep the little one entertained while exercising to reach the shapes that hang from the bow.

Includes a removable plush cow, a mirror and four animals that can be used independently.


It is versatile as it can be used as a blanket or a gym, and when the bows are removed you can place one of them on the stroller or use the toys separately. Plus, its foldable design allows for quick storage and the blanket is machine washable.

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Playgroo 0180271

Soft toys are the most recommended for babies because there is no risk of them getting hurt if they drop the toy while lying on their back, and this ball of textures and sounds from Playgroo is a good option for a Christmas gift.

As it is made of polyester, it is soft to the baby’s touch, which will help develop their motor skills and, due to its padding, they will quickly learn to hold it. It integrates a mirror so that the child can recognize himself and labels around it that will help him perceive and know the different textures.

The fun colors are eye-catching for little ones and because of its softness, more than one baby will put this Loopy Loop ball in their mouths.


Its size is manageable for babies because it measures 11 x 11 x 9 cm and weighs 68 g. For its part, the mirror is made of a soft material that will not break or pose a danger to the child.

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Hersity Rattles and Teethers

Among the cheapest and most useful toys that can be given to 3-month-old babies are teethers. In this case, Hersity’s proposal consists of 6 pieces that can help the little one during the uncomfortable stage of teething, satisfying their natural need to put any object in the mouth. In addition, the toys have shapes, textures and sounds that promote their sensory development.

On the other hand, the teethers are safe and made of easy-to-clean materials. Also, they are the right size so that babies can hold them, shake them and throw them at will without hurting themselves.


The entire set of teethers can be stored in a nice and practical case, which helps keep them clean and take them anywhere. In addition, the bright colors of their designs and textures attract the attention of babies and can be a success in relieving the teething process.

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Fisher-Price Mattle DFP08

If you want to stand out with the gifts for Three Kings, you can buy the baby of the family this interactive gym from Fisher-Price, a smart investment because it will develop the sensory activity of the little one with early stimulation through lights, sounds and games.

For the little ones, it is ideal for exercising arms and legs when they are on their backs, as they will try to kick with their feet or reach the hanging toys, in addition to the toucan that plays up to 20 minutes of music automatically with the baby’s movements. The little one will also be able to develop their motor skills upside down to grab one of the toys that are attached to the blanket.


The gym is a good size, superior to others on the market. It offers several removable toys so that the baby can continue to use them even when he grows up. It also highlights its folding design for easy storage and that the blanket can be machine washed without losing its color or structure.

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VTech Baby 3480-181022

If your baby is very young, it is normal for him to wake up at night crying, but from 2022 the situation can improve if you give him this mobile projector from VTech Baby, because this brand offers innovative products for the smallest of the family. house that stand out for their quality, usefulness and good customer rating.

The starry night projector mobile integrates a sensor that is activated by the baby’s crying or movement to reassure him at night, it also includes a recorder so that the little one can hear the voice of his parents and calm down in a short time.

This model has 3 main functions: lullaby, nature and rest, which will help the baby to relax and sleep again.


It includes a remote control to activate or turn it off without turning on the light in the room or disturbing the little one, as well as the functionality of the programmer to choose between 10, 20 and 30 minutes of activity. Also, the projector can be disassembled to be used as a night lamp once the baby grows up.

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BlueberryShop Polar Minky

One of the biggest concerns of parents is that their 3-month-old babies sleep comfortably and warmly. Something they can get if you give them the BlueberryShop Polar Minky baby footmuff. 

This product has measures of 78 x 80 centimeters, so it can be used as a bag to wrap the baby’s sleep in a pleasant way. Something that makes it easier for you to fall asleep and enjoy more pleasant sensations during that break. In addition, you have 5 different colors to choose from, making it easier to find the right touch for this gift according to your taste or that of your parents.


Although we are talking about a sack, the truth is that the product can also be used as a blanket to cover the baby or as a quilt, depending on what is necessary at any given time.

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BabyPreg My First Christmas

Your baby will be the center of attention at the festivities wearing one of BabyPreg’s cute allegorical outfits, like this one for girls. Available from size S for babies 3/6 months, her romantic design will make the little one stand out at family gatherings.

The suit is made of cotton and the skirt has a delicate tulle border, it is fitted to the body and the size, according to the comments, is standard. It includes the nylon mesh, a headband with a bow and some delicate slippers, all combined in red and white.

The bodysuit is embroidered with a cute reindeer, but other styles and color combinations are also available for girls and boys. Hand wash recommended.


The materials are of excellent quality and have a good finish according to the opinion of the users, in addition to an adequate price. Babies will look so pretty in this outfit and it’s perfect for a Christmas photo shoot.

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Edealing 2Set

Destacar en Navidad con un regalo original para un bebé de 3 meses no es tan fácil con tantas opciones en el mercado, pero este set de sonajeros Kids Lamaze para manos y pies es una gran idea.

Se trata de dos calcetines y dos pulseras de tela suave que integran un divertido muñeco sonajero cada uno que podrás colocar al bebé para que con sus propios movimientos tenga la estimulación necesaria y desarrolle la vista, el oído, la coordinación de manos y ojos pues, sin duda, el pequeño tratará de agarrar los coloridos calcetines por el sonido que estos producen también.


El set tiene una suave textura y por su diseño los calcetines resultan cómodos para el bebé. Por su parte, las pulseras se ajustan fácilmente con velcro. Ambos se pueden lavar en la lavadora sin dificultad y el bebé podrá usar un par mientras el otro se lava.

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