3-year child toys

What are the best toys for three year olds?

Children can be the most innocent and tender beings in the world, easily distracted by any colorful and interactive object. However, as a result of the advancement of technology, there has been an increase in the production of toys for children, so it is possible to find very varied and different products. Hence, we can feel confused when buying these products online, which is why we have prepared a list with 10 of the most outstanding toys to give to 3-year-olds.

1. Janod Magneti’Book Crazy Faces educational toy Children J02716

Precautions: It is indicated for children from 3 to 8 years of age, however, it is recommended to use it with the help of parents for greater durability of the product. In addition, many of its pieces have a thin structure, so it is recommended to use it with due care.

Main characteristics: For the development of the game, it incorporates 70 illustrated pieces that make up the eyes, mouth, nose, mustaches, costumes and beard, indicated to provide long hours of entertainment. Similarly, it includes 12 cards with different scenes and characters that serve as an initial guide so that the child learns to use the game more quickly.

Functionality: The pieces to form faces have a magnetic surface that allows children to easily adhere them to the internal structure of the book, making them join automatically. For this reason, it is a game that can make an impression on the little ones with great ease and as if that were not enough, it is one of the cheapest products on the list, so you will not have to invest too much money to make the child happy.

Educational value: This is an educational game that allows children to develop their creativity and get carried away by their imagination. The objective of this game is to assemble faces and settings so that the child can tell their own stories.

Maintenance: The book is made up of a robust cardboard structure that is easy to transport, store, hold and open and close, making it a toy that can accompany the child anywhere and does not require much maintenance.

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2. Disney Toy Story Rex Toy Figure

Precautions: This is an appropriate toy for children from 3 to 10 years of age. It is important to mention that his tail can be removed and placed back on his back, as in the third installment of Toy Story, which gives him greater realism, but it can be a dangerous design for the little ones, so that the manufacturer recommends playing under adult supervision.

Key Features: Among the most beloved characters from the famous Toy Story franchise is the shy Tyrannosaurus Rex. This action figure can be a good gift if you are looking for a special toy, as it is available in a similar size to the movie with dimensions of 8.6 x 18.4 x 27.9 cm, making it one of the most striking gifts of 2022.

Functionality: It has a versatile structure with different points of articulation, which allow children to pose the tyrannosaurus in multiple positions and carry out a large number of movements.

Educational value: Being a toy that can change positions, it allows the child to use their imagination to position it according to their convenience when recounting the fantastic adventures of the character.

Maintenance: It has a resistant and textured green surface, so it can not only attract the attention of the little ones, but it is also easy to clean with a damp towel to remove dust or dirt.

New edition: The Tyrannosaurus Rex is part of the Toy Story toy collection, among which we can also find Commissioner Woody, Jessie the cowgirl and Buzz Lightyear, so it can be part of a collection.

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3. Think Gizmos Portable BBQ Kid’s Kitchen

Precautions: It is suitable for the use of both boys and girls from 3 to 6 years of age, since it is made of highly resistant plastic that is not toxic in any way. However, some of its pieces are small, so it is recommended to play under adult supervision.

Main characteristics: Kitchen artifacts with objects to interact with will always be a good purchase option to give to the little ones in the house. In this case, it incorporates different lights and sounds that can enhance the realism of the game, making it attractive to children. Among its accessories it includes the grill for the barbecue, multiple kitchen utensils, plates and versatile pieces of food.

Functionality: The food is capable of mimicking the reactions of real foods with a high level of accuracy, since it can change color while it is kept in the cooking area, in this way, it can indicate to the child when the food is ready.

Educational value: It is a toy barbecue that includes everything necessary so that children can simulate preparing meals in the garden, while adults use the real barbecue, promoting complicity between parents and children. In addition, it promotes cognitive development, improves concentration and helps refine motor skills.

Maintenance: It is recommended to fold it and store it with all the parts inside in a dry place to guarantee a long useful life.

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4. C&F Toy Cars Circuit

Precautions: It is recommended for children from 3 to 6 years of age. However, among its accessories we can find some tiny parts that are easy to swallow, so it is recommended that the little ones play under the supervision of an adult.

Main features: It is made up of 192 pieces for the track and multiple special elements that have bright colors to quickly capture the attention of children. Among its pieces are trees, the structure of a bridge, a service station and road signs.

Functionality: It allows forming 4 circuits of different sizes for greater versatility. It also has a toy car that can move along the track until the child decides to stop it, since it has a rotary starter, which automatically positions the car on the track.

Educational value: It favors the development of creativity and patience, while improving their motor skills and imagination, so it can be a good gift to give at Christmas or on any special date.

Maintenance: The road parts have a flexible structure to prevent them from breaking easily, which favors their durability and allows the car to move more safely without tipping over. Similarly, they are made of ABS material that is odourless, non-toxic and meets the highest quality standards of the EU, making it a product that should only be stored correctly for greater durability.

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5. BeebeeRun Fruit Cut and Fake Food

Precautions: It is an interesting offer of toys for children three years and older, since it is one of the most varied in content and accessories. However, due to the size of its pieces, it is recommended to play under adult supervision to avoid accidents.

Main features: Includes a large number of foods, such as banana, potatoes, strawberry, cabbage, lemon, tomato, mango, carrot, orange, broccoli, green pepper, watermelon, corn, tortilla, among many others. Also, it includes a kettle, a pot with two lids, a gas stove, two plates, a wok, two cups, a pot, a spoon, and more elements that make the game very interesting.

Functionality: The food can be divided in half with the help of the cutting utensils, which allows the child to see inside for greater realism.

Educational value: It allows the child to learn to identify the main fruits and vegetables from an early age, as well as prepare recipes and cut food to encourage their interest in culinary activity.

Maintenance: It complies with the quality standards imposed by European safety directives, which guarantee the protection of toys imported and manufactured in Europe. Therefore, its parts can be easily washed. Subsequently, it is only necessary to store the elements in the transparent backpack included in the package for greater protection of its parts.

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6. Jasonwell Water Drawing Paint Magic Whiteboard

Precautions: It can be used on the ground for greater practicality, but over a long period of time it can cause pain in the back. However, it includes 4 suction cups that you can place in the corners to adhere to the wall, in this way, the child can draw standing up and protect the position of his spine.

Main features: Includes 5 magic pens with tips of different thicknesses, 11 plastic templates and 6 stamps that have various shapes, drawings, symbols and numbers, so you can offer all the necessary accessories to create freely.

Functionality: It does not use any type of ink, making it one of the most interesting products today. It is only necessary to moisten the pens in water and slide them across the surface of the whiteboard. In addition, the drawings magically erase after 10 minutes, allowing the child to make a new drawing in no time.

Educational value: Its large size can help reduce the problem of drawings on the walls, giving the child a large enough space to express their imagination and develop their motor skills.

Maintenance: It is made with high quality materials that provide impermeability, resistance and are non-toxic for greater safety, in this way, it can be cleaned with a damp towel without fear of reducing its useful life.

New edition: This product is a new version of the classic magic board, but with much larger dimensions of 100 x 80 cm, making it suitable for several children to draw on simultaneously.

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7. Educa EducaTouch Junior Once upon a time Storytelling 2

Precautions: It is indicated from 2 years of age, since it is not a difficult product to use by a child. However, it is advisable to play in the company of a parent or guardian, to encourage real contact with humans and not just with technological objects.

Main features: Among the stories are 4 classic tales of world literature; the 3 little pigs, the story of the tortoise and the hare, sleeping beauty and the story of Hansel and Gretel.

Functionality: Its design is similar to a tablet, with a touch screen for easy and practical access to its functions. It also has sounds related to the stories, a voice that narrates them, interactive images and music, making it an interesting gift idea for the little ones in the house.

Educational value: It offers three modes of use, Storytelling, Questions and Exploration, which allows the child to break down the stories and enter their fantasy worlds, favoring their imagination.

Maintenance: Being a high-tech product, it is sensitive to shocks, so it is recommended not to drop it at any time and avoid contact with water for greater durability.

New edition: It is a product of the famous Educa brand, leader in the elaboration of puzzles and board games. On this occasion, it presents a storytelling from the EducaTouch line in volume 2.

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8. Vatenick Digital Camera for Kids Toy

Precautions: It is recommended for children from 3 to 12 years of age and includes a USB cable to download the images to the computer, however, it is appropriate for younger children to carry out this task with the help of an adult for greater safety. Also, it should be mentioned that it should not be used while charging.

Main features: The lens is wide-angle type and has 5 megapixels to capture with a range of vision of 100 degrees, enough to meet the photographic demands of the smallest of the home. As for the design, you can get it in light blue, with embossed flowers on the casing, so it can be used by both boys and girls.

Functionality: It incorporates a 2-inch color screen, capable of showing video recordings in 1080 pixels with realistic images and a high level of sharpness. On the other hand, it has a fun mode that makes available 15 photo frames, 5 filters, triple shots, interval shots and timestamp, to give your photos a distinctive and eye-catching look.

Educational value: In addition to improving visual perception thanks to the constant taking of photographs, it integrates 5 games that favor the agility and mental dexterity of the little ones. Among these are tetris, the snake game and one to figure out the way out of the maze.

Maintenance: Includes an instruction manual that can teach the child how to use the camera and keep it in the best possible condition, avoiding contact with water.

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9. Actric Divisible Multi-Purpose Construction Truck Tool Toy

Precautions: It includes small parts that simulate screws and nails, so younger children should be supervised while playing with them to avoid accidents.

Main features: It is an electric tool truck capable of automatically changing direction when it hits a surface or object. Plus, it can play a selection of music and flash the headlights as you go, making it a great birthday present.

Functionality: In the back of the truck it incorporates 21 pieces with the basic construction tools, such as pliers, wrench, drill, hammer, nail and 9 screws. All these elements offer different application options within the structure of the truck, allowing the wheels to be assembled and disassembled, the upper screws to be adjusted, the rear platform to be screwed, the nails to be hit, among other functions.

Educational value: Among the benefits it offers is its ability to encourage imagination and improve agility in problem solving, through the performance of precise actions to repair the truck. For this reason, it is one of the most educational toys for 3-year-olds in the selection.

Maintenance: It is made following the safety standards for children’s toys, which guarantees a quality product, likewise, its entire structure is made of highly resistant ABS plastic, which is not toxic to health and can be easily cleaned with a damp towel to remove dirt.

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10. Homcom Audi TT Electric Children’s Car Toy

Precautions: It is a car for children between 3 and 6 years of age, which reaches a maximum speed of 2.5 km/h, however, it is recommended that the child wear the seat belt at all times.

Main features: This is probably the most original and attractive gift on the list. It is an electric car from the Audi brand that can easily excite any child. The 4 wheels incorporate shock absorbers that make driving on unstable terrain more comfortable, in this way, it will not cause too many vibrations or discomfort in the child’s seat.

Functionality: In case the child is very young, it includes a 2.4 GHz frequency remote control so that parents can control the car while the child is on board. Among its most outstanding options is the function to play music in MP3 format, since it incorporates a TF reader and a USB port, in this way, the child can listen to his favorite music while driving.

Educational value: It has LED headlights in the front and rear area that allow the child to illuminate the way in dark spaces, for this reason, it can provide a more realistic driving experience that helps improve their reflexes and sense of direction..

Maintenance: To extend its useful life, it is advisable to fully charge its battery before using it, as well as clean its internal surface with a damp towel to avoid staining it. In this sense, the battery has an autonomy of 1 hour after 8 to 12 hours of charging.

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