32 weeks pregnant

At 32 weeks pregnant, the mother has gone through different stages and a very long preparation period. However, it takes several weeks for the baby to finally discover the world around him and the face of the person who has carried him in her womb. At this point, the body undergoes great changes and remains alert.

The 31st week of pregnancy is over and changes continue to occur in the body of the mother and the baby. The belly is becoming more evident and it is necessary to find new positions to sleep, drive comfortably and perform daily tasks that until a few days ago did not represent any challenge.

What changes are there in the baby?

For the little baby of 32 weeks of pregnancy, the stage of formation has ended and a new phase begins, destined to mature its organs and prepare to go out into the world. The system that will present the most changes, from now on, is the respiratory system, which will produce quality surfactant to ensure the correct breathing of the baby

To give you a better idea of ​​how much your baby has grown, you should know that it measures approximately 43 cm. On the other hand, the weight of the 32-week fetus is very close to 2 kilograms and its features are very similar to those it will have at birth, something that you will be able to appreciate in a 3D ultrasound.

Although it is not considered in any ideal way that your baby is born at this time, it is estimated that in this week he already has a high probability of surviving receiving specialized medical attention. However, keep in mind that she would still be considered a very fragile and susceptible 32-week premature baby.

At this time, his brain development is remarkable and it is believed that he can even store memories, think and dream. While, on the other hand, it still has room to float inside the mother and change position frequently, coming to rest head down, then coming back up again.

In preparation for birth, the diaphragm strengthens by causing small spasms, better known as hiccups . In this sense, the hiccups of the baby in pregnancy is normal and, although the mother perceives it clearly and frequently, there is nothing to worry about.

What changes are there in the mother?

At this stage, the weight gain of both the mother and the baby accelerates. On average, from now on, the mother can gain up to 500 grams per week, which is why many women feel anxious and worried about staying within the parameters that are established as healthy. If you have doubts in relation to the kilos that you have gained, you can consult a pregnancy weight calculator to have a clearer idea of ​​what is considered normal. 

In general, we can say that it is stipulated that the weight gain at this time should be 6 kilos in total, compared to the initial weight at the beginning of pregnancy. If you are older, you should not go on a diet without consulting your doctor, as you could put your health and that of the baby at risk. 

Since we are talking about food, it should be emphasized that you should monitor your intake of nutritious foods and the portions so that they are adequate, as well as include foods rich in calcium at this stage, since the baby needs it to form his bones, but you also require it to avoid excessive weakening of the bone structure and teeth.

A pregnancy at week 32 can also be characterized by the start of activity in milk production. The mammary glands have been stimulated in many women to the point where they begin to secrete a clear discharge . This is just an indicator that the body is getting ready to take on the lactation process successfully.

Some discomfort at this stage is related to the pressure exerted on some nerves, which is caused by fluid retention. Because of this, carpal tunnel syndrome could occur, a discomfort in the hands that is accentuated by sleeping in incorrect positions.

On the other hand, due to the increase in the size of your belly, it is possible that your breathing has been altered, increasing its frequency. Consequently, some activities, such as climbing stairs or walking quickly, tend to be more fatiguing and not precisely because of the weight you have gained, but because of the lack of oxygen.


As you can see, the six-week pregnancy in which you received the good news that you would have a baby is a long way off. Now, there is little time left and it is a good time to attend to the details and start getting everything ready for the big day. We recommend you take advantage of these moments, in which you still have energy, to enjoy with your partner, go to dinner together and go for a walk.

When it comes to intimacy, there is nothing to prevent sexual activity this week, unless the doctor or specialist says otherwise. In fact, it can help strengthen the bond between the two, something that you will need in the face of the new stage to come, when the baby is born.

What to do this week?

In the 32nd week of pregnancy, studio photos can be a good idea. They will allow you to leave evidence of this beautiful stage that you can remember with your partner and, also, it will be a good topic of conversation to address with your little son in the future.

If you haven’t thought about attending a childbirth preparation session yet, now might be a good time. This preparation will help you deal with anxiety and control some thoughts that can be overwhelming in relation to childbirth and the beginning of your activities as a mother. Thus, acquiring relaxation techniques will be something invaluable, which you will be able to use in a few weeks.

Your rest is also an important aspect. To avoid circulation problems in the lower extremities, you can lie down and use pregnancy pillows, in order to elevate your legs a little. 

As you can see, the difference between pregnancy at week 31 and week 32 goes beyond a more noticeable increase in your weight and height. It only remains to enjoy and continue to be attentive to contributing to your own well-being and that of your baby.

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