7 data you did not know about the magic world of Harry Potter

The Harry Potter saga written by JK Rowling is one of the most popular in the film industry. And, although many people have seen each movie and read their books, new information and curiosities always appear, either because they happened on the film set or only the author knew, which keep their fans captivated by this magical world.

In total there are 8 films based on 7 youth books where they create a universe full of magic, fantasy and amazing creatures, which manage to attract the attention of children, young people and adults. These films today continue to be so popular among users that there is a market full of products with this theme, from magic wands, Harry Potter Legos; and even an amusement park inspired by this fantastic franchise. Today, Harry Potter fans want to know everything about the filming of the movie and the process of creating the books, so we bring you some information.

1. The Creation of the Dementors

In the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban these ghostly, dark and gloomy creatures appear for the first time. The writer JK Rowling once revealed that the dementors represent her experience with depression in her twenties, triggered by the death of her mother. If you’ve seen the movies, you must remember that these sinister beings fed on people’s happiness, leaving them empty, with feelings of sadness, guilt and despair. In this way the author saw depression, and for this she reflected that episode of her life, in the creation of these gloomy creatures.

2. The great school for wizards: Hogwarts

Inside we all dream that Hedwig will bring us the letter that invites us to belong to the great Hogwarts school for wizards. Now, back to reality, for the creation of this famous castle, technicians and artists invested a lot of time, making sure to perfect every detail; so much so that, if they put together all the hours of work of the personnel in charge of lighting the model and making all the parts of the model, these would add up to more than 74 years.

3. Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley

Many fans were surprised to see how the fictional characters of Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley ended up falling in love with each other, however, this was already coming, since we must say that these feelings were subtly reflected in each film, since, their first signs were clearly seen in the movie “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”, when Hermione smells the magical amortentia potion or better known as the love potion, which makes people remember the things they like most in the world. world; for this reason, she picks up the scents of freshly cut grass, new parchment, a mint paste, and lastly Ron’s hair. From this sixth installment, we see how the romance between these two characters unfolds little by little. Later, in “The Deathly Hallows”, We confirm that these characters are soulmates thanks to their patronuses, which for Hermione is an otter and for Ron is a Jack Russell Terrier, a dog breed known for chasing otters. Something that would cause surprise about this is that in an interview the author of the saga retracted having romantically involved them.

4. Emma Watson and her charisma

The famous actress Emma Watson rose to fame with the interpretation of the character of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter saga, her charisma, beauty and intelligence made more than one actor fall in love with her. Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) and Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) have confessed in multiple interviews that they both fell for the charms of this actress in the first films, however, everything remained as an innocent platonic love.

5. Harry Potter and the toy industry

As we have already mentioned, the Harry Potter movies and books have caused a stir around the globe, generating exorbitant revenues of billions of dollars. Many companies have managed to take advantage of the popularity of this franchise by creating endless toys, articles and products inspired by the theme of this saga. For example, in the market we can find the best Harry Potter lego of the moment (you can find some options to buy at this link); this type of toy is in great demand among users and fans, who want to have a piece of the magical world of Harry Potter in their homes. For this reason, JK Rowling’s franchise has been one of the most commercially reproduced, whether in video games, board games and toys; In addition, this saga is so lucrative that an amusement park has even been created with scenes taken from the film. 

6. Freedoms for adaptation

Although all the films are based exactly on each book written by JK Rowling, the screenwriters and producers of the films took some license when recreating different scenarios in the magical world of this saga. An example of this is the Hogwarts bridge, which is not reflected in any text of the books and that, for its creation, only part of it was physically built, leaving the special effects team to build the rest. via computer.

7. Names and creatures that exist in real life

The striking plants that appear in the movies have names so strange that they seem made up. However, you may be surprised to learn that most of them are taken from real plants from a botanical book called Culpeper’s Complete Herbal. This also happens with some creatures. Author JK Rowling used beings from Greek mythology in her books, such as the abraxan, the acromantula, and the centaur; as well as creatures from Scandinavian and British folklore.

After 23 years we can say that the magical world of Harry Potter is still more alive than ever, since every day the number of fans of this fantastic saga increases, who want to know everything about it and its characters.

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