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Around nine months of life, babies have more balanced movements, which allow them to crawl, creep or stand up in some cases, because they have more muscle strength. For this reason, when choosing a toy as a special gift for the little one in the house, we must choose those that help them learn and develop their skills and creativity; here we present our recommendations to give you a fun game.

Laduo Pacifiers

If your little one doesn’t fall asleep easily, they may need a soothing toy that provides a calm and restful sleep, such as this cute and soft teddy bear. It is a product that offers up to 10 comforting melodies that encourage the baby to sleep peacefully, since it includes sounds of nature and lullabies.

Similarly, it offers a warm light that gently illuminates the environment. It’s also easily programmable and, to save battery life, has a timer that automatically turns off the music. In addition, the materials used for its manufacture are resistant and easily washable in a washing machine.


It is an excellent alternative to accustom the baby to sleep alone in his crib, since the stuffed animal has different melodies and lighting that favor the child’s sleep and relaxation. On the other hand, its functions are easily programmable and you can also choose between the bear or monkey presentation.

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Nuby 4755

The Nûby 4755 baby book is a very interesting proposal to make bath time even more attractive for any little one. This book has eight pages in total, all of which are made of a soft material that is easy to clean, but without harmful elements in its design. 

This book has various surprises between its pages, such as one of them that “squeaks” when rubbed and another that has a different texture, among other things. All this in a product full of fun images of animals and that adequately supports this use for quite some time.


It is one of those gifts that both children and parents will like, with a quality design and all the necessary security so that it does not generate risks during that bath.

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Fisher-Price Otter Bedtime

The Fisher Price Bedtime Otter is a precious gift that will delight and dream of any baby. This cute stuffed toy has a very pleasant touch and a nice design with which your parents will have all the necessary security to make the rest pleasant. 

This stuffed animal offers up to 11 sensory elements with which the baby will discover his world while playing or resting, also having music and lights with which to enjoy a better rest. A product that is topped off with easy cleaning, which can even be done by machine just by removing the electronic unit inside.


In addition to its conventional educational aspect, this product also helps sleep with its music and lights. But the real novelty is its breathing imitation system, which further relaxes the future owner of this toy.

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Chicco 00005905100000

If you are thinking of a colorful walker as a Christmas gift to help the baby in the house to take their first steps safely, the Chicco brand offers you the Happy Hippy. Due to the thickness of its wheels and its structure, the child will be able to maintain a better balance when using it.

In addition, it can be used in two different ways, as a walker and as an activity center, since it has fun manual functions that manage to entertain the baby. It is made of top quality plastic being resistant to bumps and scratches, with a colorful and fun design.


With this walker the baby will take his first steps and will develop balance, stimulating his independence; it also becomes a game center allowing the baby to develop their manual coordination and does not require batteries for its operation.

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Fisher-Price Sleepy Bear

The Fisher Price Sleepy Bear is a cute double gift that will delight any baby and their parents. This product is distributed in two main elements. On the one hand, we have an efficient projector, with which to generate a beautiful starry sky in dim tones and with the usual support of relaxing music, so that the baby relaxes. 

On the other hand, the lot includes the sleepy bear teddy, which the little one can hug and have as a companion throughout the day, as well as at bedtime. A soft and very pleasant stuffed toy, which can also go through the washing machine.


This interesting product is two gifts in one, both having the usual quality of the brand. In addition, the projector has three automatic timers, at 10, 20 or 30 seconds, depending on what parents need.

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Actrinic Musical table

This colorful table, with multiple interactive sections, can entertain babies for many hours. It is designed in such a way that it adjusts to the height of the little ones, so that they can press and manipulate objects comfortably. Likewise, all the edges are rounded to reduce any type of accident.

Among the activities that the baby can enjoy, there are sounds, buttons to press, rotating objects and animals, so it offers great potential to introduce children to the knowledge of basic concepts in a fun way. On the other hand, it is a light toy that can be carried everywhere easily.


The legs of the musical table are removable and the device can be used by hanging it, thanks to its straps on the back. In this way, the baby can enjoy the toy when going in the stroller, in the crib or directly on the floor. Thus, it is defined as a versatile model with great potential.

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VTech Baby Crazy Steering Wheel

Vtech also stands out in the market for its line of educational toys for babies such as the Crazy Wheel, which consists of a fun interactive board to learn the basics of driver education, as it stimulates the child’s senses through music, voices and lights.

It has a gear lever, the key to start the engine, it has 5 colored buttons through which different vehicle sounds and horns can be identified, all in a manageable size for little baby hands. In addition, it includes songs, melodies and sound effects of engine and tire noises that will greatly entertain the little one in the house.


It has three game modes: driving, animals and musical. This game helps stimulate fine motor skills, visual attention and hand-eye coordination. In addition, the sound can be regulated due to the 3 positions of the ignition key: off, normal sound and high sound.

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Fisher-Price Lumalou Lamp

There are not a few babies who have trouble falling asleep. Because of this, there are products like the Lamalou lamp, which can help little ones feel more secure and relax. In the same way, it favors the sleep routine through the Smart Connect application, in which you can set times to sleep, get up and select the music that the device will play.

Another outstanding quality is that the lamp allows you to display icons that will light up according to the tasks that the baby is carrying out during the day and allows you to create healthy habits, such as brushing your teeth, taking a shower and much more.


The lamp has a beautiful cloud design with a star, and is 35.6 x 20.3 x 4 cm in size, so you can clearly see the light icons. Likewise, it is a product that will be useful throughout the child’s childhood, helping children to acquire the discipline of carrying out activities in favor of their health and development.

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Baby Einstein Mp3

If your baby is restless, it is possible that with the Baby Einstein Mp3 you will be able to distract him in 2022, because with this Mp3 player, one of the cheapest toys, the baby will listen to classic melodies and see fun colored lights that turn on to the rhythm of the music.

It has a caterpillar-shaped handle that is easy for little hands to hold and can be carried anywhere. It also has a power switch and high and low volume control, as well as a large button to select classical music tunes that are heard with good quality. For its operation it needs 2 AA batteries.


It has a fun design and a manageable size, the handle can be used as a rattle and the classic melodies will stimulate children’s intelligence and parents’ relaxation because they are not the traditional children’s songs that end up overwhelming everyone at home.

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Fisher-Price Linkimals Turtle

For babies to have enough motivation to crawl, an activity that is considered basic for their motor development, this cute turtle can be an effective tool. Because it can roll and play sounds, babies will try to chase after it, strengthening their muscles and practicing the movements that will have them crawling in no time.

In addition, the toy contains parts that light up and has a button that activates the movement. Similarly, it is capable of playing up to 35 songs, phrases and sounds that help the little one become familiar with the alphabet, shapes and also numbers.


The little turtle has a colorful design, as well as an appropriate size so that the baby can manipulate it and discover everything it has to offer. It also includes various textures that help develop the sense of touch and, due to its interactive qualities, babies can enjoy the toy in different ways.

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Shopping guide

The game is an essential part in the development of children and the interest in this type of activity begins when they are still very young. However, due to the rapid development that they experience during their first year of life, it is necessary to make a very precise selection of the toys that will be provided to them.

By nine months, his attention span is growing and his desire to explore is growing. For this reason, it is convenient to include in its possibilities some very colorful toys, with sounds and different functionalities, but taking care that they do not have small parts.

Toys that allow them to use a lot of energy are also considered suitable for this age, since from 6 months of age babies begin a process of a lot of movement that establishes the bases for locomotor development that will be carried out later with more muscle strength and confidence.

Therefore, those toys that allow them to hit, shake, push or lift them will be among their favorites, so it will be a good idea to give them the opportunity to meet their demands, making sure that there is no danger.

Another aspect that must be handled with the same importance as the rest is that there is already a wide variety of toys that are aimed at early stimulation. This means that its design and functionality are based on the objective of achieving significant learning through play. For this reason, they include activities that allow babies to develop concepts, notice differences, start learning elements adapted to their age such as colors, shapes, letters, numbers, animal sounds, among others.

It should not be a complex task to find the most appropriate product for a certain 9-month-old baby. In the end, most of them are developed by specialists in many areas and handle a very high level of quality to ensure that they are safe enough for the little ones.

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Winfun ColorBaby 44536

Este tambor con forma de hipopótamo incluye varias canciones y melodías que divertirán al más pequeño de la casa. Al tocar la barriga del muñeco se encienden los colores amarillo, verde o rojo y los ojos del hipopótamo son dos negras bolitas que tienen movimiento.

Está fabricado en plástico resistente y tiene un interruptor de tres posiciones para apagar o encender y elegir los dos modos de uso: canciones para escuchar melodías incorporadas acompañadas del juego de luces, mientras que en la posición melodías y tambor suena una introducción musical con luces y sonidos de tambor que estimulan al niño a tocar el instrumento al compás de la música.


Funciona con tres pilas AA que vienen incluidas en el producto, insertadas en un compartimento cerrado con tornillos para mayor seguridad. Este tambor estimula el sentido del ritmo en los bebés y el desarrollo cognitivo, pues el niño va tocando al son de los tambores de fondo e identifica la relación causa-efecto.

Fisher Price FFF37

Si buscas una opción original entre los regalos para Reyes puedes optar por el juguete MiniRobotita de Fisher Price, una compañera de juegos para que la pequeña se mueva y baile con facilidad por toda la casa imitando al juguete. Robotita está diseñada para aumentar la motricidad fina, estimulando los sentidos de los más pequeños con colores atractivos, sonidos y música incorporada que incentivan la curiosidad y deseos de descubrir en los niños.

El juguete se mueve al darle un suave golpe en la cabeza balanceante cobrando vida y encendiendo sus luces, a la vez que muestra divertidos pasos de baile, impulsando la capacidad de razonamiento de la niña mientras baila y se mueve con MiniRobita Robotita, ya que tiene que descubrir cómo debe hacer para activarla.


Tiene un funcionamiento sencillo con un botón de encendido y apagado en el pie derecho, e incluye las pilas para su funcionamiento. Sus dimensiones son compactas por lo que podrá acompañar a la pequeña en sus paseos.

Vtech 80-077022

Este centro de actividades y correpasillos viene con 4 ruedas giratorias capaces de proporcionar el soporte necesario para que los bebés comiencen a dar sus primeros pasos; además, cuenta con dos modos de funcionamiento: el modo aprendizaje y el modo música para enseñar letras, palabras, colores, formas, animales y números junto a diez melodías y efectos sonoros.

Adicionalmente incluye otros juegos, como los rodillos de colores, figuras encajables, ruidos de animales, teléfono, etc. Cuenta con un sistema de frenos en las ruedas traseras que evita que el andador tome mucha velocidad cuando lo usa el pequeño, lo que es ideal para que el niño tenga confianza y comience a caminar sin ayuda.


Está diseñado para ayudar a estimular la inteligencia de los pequeños permitiendo que aprendan varias habilidades, entre las que destacan las letras, los números, los colores, las figuras, así como los sentidos con las luces y la música. Además, el panel de actividades se puede desmontar para los bebés cuando están sentados.

Fisher-Price Mattel Y7759

Entre los juguetes más interactivos, Fisher-Price destaca con la versátil mesa de aprendizaje Perrito, llena de luces y actividades para que el niño pueda levantarse y recorrer cada estación utilizando todos los juegos incorporados.

Incluye un ordenador portátil que se abre y cierra para efectuar juegos de imitación con el perrito y el mono, un teléfono para colgar y descolgar, un libro y un piano; todos los accesorios ideales para que el niño se familiarice con las letras y los números, los colores, las formas y los saludos. Por otro lado, las patas son desmontables para que los bebés puedan tener el panel de actividades a su alcance.


Las diferentes secciones de la mesa mejoran la motricidad fina y gruesa del bebé y con todas las actividades y más de 60 canciones incluídas el pequeño siempre tendrá algo nuevo que aprender. Además, la función especial bilingüe aumentará su deseo de aprender palabras en español e inglés.

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