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Carrying the baby helps to strengthen the bond between mother and child, which is why several alternatives have been developed that allow the child to be close and make the most of direct contact. One of them is the baby carrier, a very useful tool that will serve to connect with the child without losing much freedom of movement.


What is the baby carrier?

Baby carrying is a technique in which carrying methods are used that involve direct contact with the child, using either special handkerchiefs, foulards or baby backpacks.

This method has a wide variety of advantages and benefits that are used by both children and their parents, so here we will study what tools you can use to practice babywearing with your baby and thus verify its many benefits.


portering tools

In the following space we will take a walk through the main baby carrier alternatives, so that you know the characteristics of each one and can choose the one that suits you best:

  • Scarf

A carrying scarf, also known as a carrying scarf, is a garment that is worn around the neck. In its version of baby carrier, this garment is much larger and can be tied to the torso , to serve as a support for the child.

It is one of the most popular alternatives in newborn babywearing, as it allows the pressure and position of the fabric turns to be adjusted according to the child’s comfort, guaranteeing comfort at all times.


  • Bag

Another good alternative for those looking for an ergonomic baby carrier is the carrier backpack. In particular, these differ from the common ones due to their design, which seeks maximum contact between the father and the child, to develop the bond and make him feel safer and more comfortable.

In addition to this, the baby backpack can be purchased in different sizes, styles or with special features. Thus, finding an ergonomic backpack for both you and your little one should not be too complicated.

Advantages of baby carriers

As you can imagine, baby carriers provide multiple advantages to both parents and children, which you can review below so you know better what you can get with this charging method:

  1. Freedom of movement

One of the main benefits of starting to use a baby carrier, such as a sling or backpack, is the freedom of movement you can enjoy by having your hands virtually untethered . This will allow you to carry out many tasks with greater ease, as well as move around the street or the house without neglecting your little one.

  1. ergonomic position

An ergonomic carry helps the little one to feel comfortable being in the backpack or the sling, allowing him to adopt natural positions that he had inside the womb . This, in many cases, increases serenity and improves rest.


  1. Direct contact

By developing a bond of direct contact with parents, little ones can grow more confident and able to exploit various areas of their capacity. In addition to this, it has been proven that they can find peace of mind by being surrounded by the aroma and natural warmth of their parents.

  1. Inmediate attention

Something that cannot be overlooked among the advantages of using a baby sling is that, by maintaining constant contact with the little one, you will be able to act immediately in case something happens to them.

  1. back straightening

Although it seems that most of the benefits are focused on the child, it is also true that wearing a sling, scarf or baby carrier can help improve posture when walking . It is mainly due to the fact that the father seeks to carry the child in a comfortable position, which, inexorably, also corrects his own.

Benefits of natural portage

Since natural babywearing has so many benefits for mothers and fathers, those also obtained by infants who can take advantage of it from the first moment they are carried in this way are not less relevant:

  • Maternal-infant bond

One of the aspects that is increased and developed the most is the maternal-infant bond of a mother with her child; including, of course, the parents who participate in the method.

The bodily closeness that this mechanism entails helps the child to feel safe, comfortable and protected from any external element in the environment that surrounds him.

  • Lactation

Something that is also really improved when baby wearing is applied to newborns is the increase in the quality and quantity of milk for feeding.

In other words, it has been scientifically proven that having the baby close can increase the mother ‘s oxytocin levels , which increases milk production.

  • Character

In several studies it has been seen that many infants who are carried in baby carriers and spend more time close to their parents tend to be calmer and more serene , allowing them to calm down more easily in the face of any tantrum or discomfort.

Likewise, it is also noteworthy that children who are carried with baby carriers such as scarves and scarves experience a substantial improvement in the quality of sleep during the night.

  • Socialization

Being in constant contact with one of their parents and, therefore, accompanying them in different tasks that can even be outside the home, will allow the child to receive external stimuli that help them develop social skills later on.

  • Psychomotor development

Last but not least, it is necessary to mention the benefits obtained in the child’s psychomotor development by being in a baby sling. This loading method encourages the little one to find their center of balance , which helps to improve control of their posture to strengthen their muscles.

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